I was just 16 years old, still slim and quite flexible. I went through puberty early at 13 and as my hormones went into overdrive a lot of things started changing, My pubes grew in and my cock grew out, I would get a boner every time in the showers after GYM class surrounded by all the other guys in my class. My best friend at the time was also in a similar way. He live a block over from me and we would often camp out in my tent in the back yard. I kept a stash of girly magazines for us to look at and we had fun talking about girls and getting horny. We we're not shy about getting naked and masturbating together before going to sl**p.

One night as we lay in the tent playing with our boners he asked me if I had ever tried to suck my own cock. I told him I hadn't tried yet, had he? He said yes and he was able to get his mouth over the head of his cock, and asked if I wanted to see him do it. I said sure I'd like that, it sounded like it was fun. I watched as he stroked his dick making it good and hard then he bent over and put his lips around his cock and bobbed up and down on it a few times. I said WOW thats impressive, I have got to learn to do that. He told me it took him a little bit of practice before he could do it, start by stretching and limbering up with some sit-ups leaning as far forward as possible. I tried it then but only got close to licking the tip.

After weeks of practice I finally was able to put my lips on the tip and lick around the head. In a couple of weeks it got much easier and I could get 2 inches down on my cock, boy did it feel good. I practiced ever chance I got till it was very easy for me to do and it got better as my cock grew bigger and longer. One afternoon after school I was in my room naked on the bed jerking and sucking myself when I heard my s****r come home. She called out for me to see what I was doing. I yelled to her I was in my room, come here I want to show you something. I pulled the sheet up over my body and she walked into my room. "What do you want to show me? she said. I said " I've learned a new trick, watch this." I threw the sheet off and held my throbbing cock in my hand. She looked at me and said "So you've got a boner, I've seen it before." I said yeah but youve never seen this before, and I bent over and sucked my cock into my mouth. She said "Holy shit, you can give yourself a blowjob. Thats really cool, how'd you learn to do that?" I laughed and told her my buddy showed me how. Come sit down and watch me for a while and I'll cum for you. She sat on the bed as I stroked on my dick and sucked it several more times, her eyes were big as walnuts as she watched. In a few minutes I was ready to cum and laid back as I jerked off shooting my load on my belly. She said she couldnt wait to tell her girlfriend about it, then left the room.

A few days later she came home from school and brought her friend with her. I could hear them in the next room talking and giggling. Then there was a knock on my door, I said come in. She opened the door and introduced me to Gina and said will you show us your trick? I said sure, close the door and sit down as I slid my pants off. I had let my s****r watch me masturbate before but I'd never done it with someone else watching, I was getting excited fast and soon had my cock hard and slowly stoked it as they watched. Gina said she had never seen a guy jackoff before, I like this. I told her to watch close, and leaned down taking my cock in my mouth. Gina let out a squeel as I slid my lips over my cock, "OMG that amazing. I bet you really like they way it feels don't you." I said "I sure do like it, it feels great and it makes me cum soo hard." She said "Does it feel better than when a girl give you a blowjob?" I lauhed and said "I don't know, it's been a while since I had a BJ. I need something to compare it to I guess."

She grinned and said "Well, if you ask me real nice maybe I'll suck you and then you can judge for yourself." I smiled and looked at her, "Oh Gina that would be so sweet of you. Please tell me you will suck my cock, I would love it if you would. Please Gina, I'l buy you something nice if you do." She said "Alright, since you asked so nice. Lay back and let me see what I can do for you. Your cock is pretty big so I'll have to go slow." I said OK and closed my eyes as she started licking up and down my shaft, pausing at the tip to run her tongue around the head and across my pee hole. With her hand she stroked along my cock making it throb in her hand as she first put her lips around the tip and began sliding down it a little further, an inch at a time until she had nearly 6 inches in her mouth. Slowly she moved her hot juicy mouth up and down, and got into a good rythm. Damn did it feel good, I never wanted her to stop. I lift my head to look down at her between my legs and the thoght hit me as my cock dissapeared into her mouth, I was only able to get about 3 inches in my mouth, she was taking so much more. I asked her to just suck the first 3 inches the way I did, then I have a good comparison. She did as I asked, no problem. Then I noticed something felt different, her tongue was on the bottom of my cock, it should on the top. I told her she needed to turn around with her ass towards me.

She complied and with her legs on either side of me, her pussy was just inches away from my face. I could smell the aroma coming from between her thighs. I flipped her short skirt up on her back exposing her round firm ass cheeks, her lacy panties let her pink pussy lips and fury bush show through. My cock throbbed harder as I slid my finger under her panties and pulled them aside and started licking that sweet young pussy. She began moaning and getting hornier, wiggling her ass around as I work on her clit. Every time she went down on my cock she would moan, I could feel the vibrations when she did. It was driving me wild and I knew she was going to make me cum soon so I worked her clit over real good and she got more aggresive with my cock. I told her to suck the whole thing and play with my balls and I would shoot my load for her. Down she went on my aching shaft as I thrust my hips upward to meet her with each stroke. I flicked my tongue rapidly across her swollen clit and darted it into her pussy lips then back to her clit causing Gina to moan so loud and hard, the vibrations rippled through my cock to my balls. My whole body stiffened as I started cumming, squirting a huge load deep in her mouth. I came so much it was running out of her mouth and all over my cock and balls.

When we finally stopped and caught our breath I told her hat she gave me the most incredible blowjob I'd ever had. I said "I'm not sure I can make a fair comparison just yet. We might have to do this again soon to be sure, and laughed. She said OK no problem... I'll see you tommorow if you'll be ready when I get here. I promised her I would be very ready for her, see you then Gina. The girls left and I laid back on the bed enjoying the scene in my mind over and over while I stroked my cock making it hard again. When I bent over sucking my cock into my mouth I cud taste my cum she left behind and I liked it. Later that night before I went to sl**p I replayed it in my head again as I masturbated and sucked myself till I came in my mouth. Next morning I woke up with the biggest morning woody ever. I barely had enough time to take care of it before going to school. The day seemed to pass very quickly and I was glad of it. I rushed home to get ready for Gina, and as promised she showed up and was eager to get started, so was I LOL. I'll never forget Gina and the fun we had.
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nice story
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super story
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Must be nice!
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damn man sounds like she really knows how to work a cock
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Awesome story!
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Great story thanks for sharing
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great story thanks
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that is good but did you do the deed??
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great story

i like to selfsuck too
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mmmmm hot story, was there other encounters then mmmm