It's mid July and school is out and to earn a little extra cash I have begun tutoring a few students in need of help. So far I have been working with three students, two girls and one boy. They come to my home for two to three hours on different days to get help with thier studies. Today is Wednesday and Marcie is scheduled for the afternoon for help with her anatomy class. She has been here three times so far, but she's running late today. When she arrived I showed her in and we were getting ready to begin after I poured two glasses of iced tea for us. She appologized for being late explaining she had car trouble, the A/C had quit and she had to have it serviced. I told her not to worry about it and we should get started.

We worked for about an hour and then we took a break, refilled our glasses and continued working. As we made our way through several chapters we reached the section on reproduction. She seemed a bit shy asking questions about the male sexual organs and how they worked. I did my best to explain what the text book showed of the male genitals. Then she ask me "What causes a man to get an erection?" I thought to myself surely she must already know about sex but I began explaining that when he is stimulated the brain send signals to the nerves and and the heart pumps more bl**d to the penis causing it to become rigid. She said "What kind of stimulation would cuase that to happen?' I said "It can take several forms, it may be visual, it may be from physical contact or even just the scent of a female." She looked at me and said "You mean if a female looks sexy and smells nice that is all it takes?" I said "Yes that often gets things going." I was beginning to think she might be leading me on for fun.

By now I had a nice bulge in my pants from the discussion, not to mention the fact that she was a very attractive and shapely young girl. We finished up the chapter and sat talking for a few minutes, then to my surprise she turned to me and said "Is this the kind of visual stimulation that would give a man an erection?" and she lifted her shirt above her breasts exposing her braless chest. Her firm round tits were just perfect with tiny dark nipples right in front of me. I swallowed hard and said "Yes Marcie, thats definitly stimulating." as my cock grew noticably harder. She glanced down to my pants then reached over with one hand and rubbed the inside of my leg and said "Does it take much physical contact?" as she ran her hand along my stiff shaft. Now I was certain Marcie had an agenda and knew exactly what she was doing. I wanted to stop her but was unable to find the strength to do so. I said "Marcie it's obvious that you already know about sex." She grinned and said "Yes you're right, I do. I just wanted to learn more from someone with experience. Someone like you." and she gave my cock a squeeze. I said "Well since you are clearly eager to gain as much knowledge as you can, I suppose it's my duty to teach you as best I can." and I leaned over sucking and fondling her tits and nipples, I felt her nipples get hard as I swirled my tongue around them.

She rubbed my aching cock even harder until it was ready to rip through my pants. I lifted her shirt over her head and tossed it aside. She was fumbling with my belt unable to get it unfastened. I quickly helped her with it then together we undid my pants and zipper, pushing them down my legs. My underware was perched up high like a circus tent with my throbbing hard cock underneath. Slowly she slid her fingers under the waist band and down between my legs cupping my balls in her hand, then with a tender grip she began stroking up and down the length of manhood. I pulled at her skirt and panties till they were at her ankles. While my hand slowly making it's way up the inside of her thigh until I reached her warm furry pussy, Marcie had worked my underware down over my cock and past my knees. She looked at me and said "I sure am glad I chose you to be my tutor, you certainly have good credentials." and giggled. I said "I glad also, it's a pleasure to have a student so willing and eager to learn."

I pushed Marcie back on the sofa spreading her legs as I licked my way down the inside of her thighs to her wet pink pussy surrounded by a sweet soft patch of redish blonde fur. With my fingers I gently spread open the lips of her pussy and drove my tongue inside licking everywhere. Soon I found her clit was poking out from under it's hood as it became excited at my touch. "Look Marcie, you're getting an erection too. Your clit is getting a boner. HaHa" She just moaned as I sucked and licked her "Girl penis" till it was rosy red. She sat up and said "Lay back, now it's your turn. I want to suck that hard cock of yours." and with a push I was flat on my back. She crawled between my legs and started licking my balls as she stroked my cock, then slowly licked her way up to the tip and wrapped her lips over the head. As she bobbed her mouth up and down the head she flicked her tongue back and forth across the tip, driving me crazy and making a few drops of precum ooze out onto her tongue. Expertly she lowered her mouth onto my shaft taking all seven plus hard inches of me and began sliding up and down.

Several times I nearly blew my load but somehow managed to maintain enough control for several more minutes. I lifted her head up from my cock and planted a wet kiss on her as I pulled her on top of me. She sat up and took my cock in hand guiding it to the mouth of her pussy rubbing the tip across her clit. Then with one graceful movement she plunged her pussy down over my cock and started rocking back and forth. I grabbed her ass with both hands taking control of her thrusts making her bounce up and down as I thrust my hips upward driving my cock in as deep as I could. Marcie got up and turned around sitting on my cock and started bucking her ass up and down so fast she was just a blurr. I held out for about two minutes before shouting "You're going to make me cum Marcie, I can't hold it any longer." She said "That's good, Ive already cum twice." I reached up grabbing her tits and pulled her down on me as I started squirting my hot cum in her over and over again. I thought I'd never stop cumming. She layed back on my chest with my still hard cock inside her as I continued to slowly pump it into her, making our cum juices flow out of her and down my cock to my balls.

After a few minutes we got up and washed ourselves and dressed. As Marcie was getting ready to leave she said "I have a little problem, I hope you won't be upset." I said "What is it Marcie?" She looked at me and said "I told you about my car troubles. I'm afraid I spent all my money to fix it and I don't have anything to pay you with for the tutoring session." I smiled at her and said "Don't give it a thought Marcie, consider it paid in full. And I'm sure we can come to an agreement for future tutoring as well." She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me and said "Thank you so much, I was sure you would be understanding. Next week I'll be on time too." I told her "I will be looking forward to our next lesson." After she left I went back to the sofa and reflected on the afternoon as I breathed in the scents we left behind and felt my cock growing hard. I quickly undressed and laid back on the sofa stroking my cock for nearly half an hour till I exploded shooting cum all over my chest. Next week can't get here quick enough!!!
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Great story.
3 years ago
that war great, really rexy
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Nice. She could have got her A/C fixed the same way, I bet.