I have two Aunts who live nearby and they were in need of some help painting thier house. I was finished with school and didn't yet have a summer job lined up so I welcomed thier generous offer to come stay with them for two weeks to do some painting, I could really use the money they offered. I packed a bag and drove up to thier house, it was only about thirty minutes away. Upon arriving I greeted Liz and Betty and we sat with a cold drink and talked for a while catching up, I hadn't seen them in nearly a year. They were both in thier early 30's and quite attractive, slim bodies and from what I could see, fairly nice tits too. Liz began telling me what she wanted me to do to help out. She explained that neither of them were able to paint the higher parts of the house because they didn't like being up on the ladder. I told her it wouldn't be any problem for me and I would get started first thing in the morning. We had a nice diner and relaxed watching TV for a while. Liz excused herself and went to take a bath and get ready for bed. Betty had gone to clean up in the kitchen so I started flipping through the channels looking for something to watch.

As I did I came upon several adult selections and began watching as this guy with a big cock was fucking a woman with a nice hairy pussy. I love hairy pussy and was getting pretty horny as I watched and my cock was growing harder by the minute. It was getting a bit uncomfortable for me as my cock pressed hard against my jeans. I decided to go change into a pair of loose shorts. As I walked down the hall to my room I passed the bathroom where Liz was. Ther door was open about two inches and I could see in the mirror my Aunt Liz drying herself off. I watched as she stood naked drying her tits and belly, then down each leg before putting the towel down and reaching for her robe. I was getting a nice view of her and as she turned I got to see her beautiful pussy, covered with a well trimmed patch of dark brown hair.

My young cock throbbed harder reminding me I needed to change clothes. I went on to my room just before Liz came out of the bathroom. I took off my jeans and underware, putting on a pair of loose shorts and a tank top. A few minutes later I was ready to go back out and watch TV before going to bed. As I walked through the kitchen Betty said good night as she headed off to shower and go to bed. She stopped and said "Oh by the way there is something wrong with the bathroom door. It doesn't seem to latch properly, maybe you can check it out while you're here." I told her I would look at it the next day. I sat down on the sofa and watched the porn movie for a while, then the thought hit me that maybe I could get a peek at her as well in the bathroom. I walked toward the bathroom quietly and sure enough the door was ajar. I heard her turn off the shower and pull back the curtain as I peered in at the mirror seeing her lovely naked body dripping wet as she began to dry herself.

She too was slim and had great tits, her nipples were brown and hard like erasers. Her pussy mound was covered with reddish brown hair and it looked soft and curly. She quickly put on her robe as she stepped out of the shower. I was now super horny after spying on both of my Aunt's and headed back to the TV room with my boner in hand. I sat stroking my hard cock as I watched the movie for about twenty minutes before blowing my load. I turned off the TV and lights and went to bed. All night I greamed about my naked Aunts and awoke the next morning with a raging hardon. I put on my bathrobe and went into the bathroom to wash up and pee. My boner subsided and I went to the kitchen for breakfast. As I entered I saw Liz wiping the table from the far side. As she leaned over the table her robe slipped open a little and I could see her tits jiggling underneath. I said "Good morning Aunt Liz, you're looking nice this morning."

She looked up at me and said "Good morning." with a puzzled look on her face. "I can't look that good, I'm not even dressed yet." I walked over beside her and said "What I can see looks very nice to me." as I reached out putting my hand inside the top of her robe and squeezed her soft tits. She didn't have time to react as I lifted her robe above her naked ass and started rubbing my swollen cock between her legs. "How would you like some sausage for breakfast?" I said and pushed her down on the table as I slid my dick into her pussy from behind. She moaned then said "Oh my God, you shouldn't be doing that to me. What's come over you?" I said "I can't help myself Liz, I'm so horny this morning. I saw you naked in the bathroom last night and I've had a boner ever since."

I held her against the table as I thrust in and out with my hard cock, she didn't resist much and quickly started to moan more and said "Oh God that cock feels so good, I haven't had sex in a long time. I can't believe the feeling of your young hard cock in me." I pumped her slowly for several minutes then lifted her up and turned her facing me and laid her back on the table. She lifted her legs as I moved in between them to her soft wet pussy and drove my shaft deep inside her. "How do you like my sausage Liz?" I asked as I thrust my cock in and out rapidly shaking the whole table. She said "I love it, I love it. I've never had such a good fucking, give me more. You're going to make me cum baby." As I continued fucking her sweet pussy with my throbbing hard cock she let out a cry and I felt her muscles tense up as she orgasmed.

Just then Betty walked into the kitchen. She froze standing at the side of the table watching my cock slide in and out of Liz's cunt. I looked up at her with a smile and said " Morning Betty, you're just in time for breakfast." and pulled my hard cock out of Liz's pussy. Betty smiled and said "Did you save something for me?" I said I had plenty to give her, holding out my cock as she sat down in a chair in front of me. She took my cock with both hands and began stroking it slowly. "My you are so big and hard." she said then leaned over sliding her mouth down the length of my shaft.

I thought I must have died and gone to heaven, I just fucked my Aunt Liz and now Aunt Betty was giving me a blowjob, could this get any better? Betty sucked and sucked for ever it seemed, then she stood up, dropped her robe to the floor and said "Fuck me like you fucked Liz." and she laid down on the table. I slid my hand down across her hairy pussy and stuck two fingers inside her. She was already wet and her cunt felt so hot. I stepped closer rubbing my cock between her pussy lips and with one push it was inside her. She moaned loudly as I hit bottom and started thrusting hard. I confessed that I had seen her through the open bathroom door the night before, just as I had seen Liz. She said "I have a confession to make also, I came out to the kitchen after my shower and saw you on the sofa playing with your big cock. It made me so horny and I wanted to jump you right then but was afraid to. I just went to bed and fingered my pussy till I came."

I said "Well I'm happy to give you what you wanted." and I pounded away on her pussy till she began to squirm and squealed "I'm cumming, fuck me harder." I drove my cock deep into her several more times and felt my balls tighten and the cum began to flow as I shot my load of cum with more f***e than I'd ever experienced before. Cum gushed from my cock over and over again, I know it must have been five or six times before I was done. My legs were shaking as I pulled my cock from her pussy with a loud sucking sound and our juices squirted from her pussy. I sat in the chair and started licking the cum from her hot cunt. When we were all done I said I think we could use a shower don't you? They agreed and we went to the bathroom playing and enjoying ourselves under the spray of the water.

After a short bite to eat I went out to begin painting. At lunch time they called me in, greeting my fully naked and hungry for more cock. I took turns fucking each of them side by side on the table till my dick was sore. As the days went by I managed to finish the painting, which left me free for nearly a week before I was to go home. We spent the rest of our time together romping around the house naked, having fun in the shower and fucking ourselves crazy. I can't remember when I had so much pussy in such a short time. I made a special effort to visit them more often whether they need any work done or not. To this day I get a massive boner when I think of them.
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nice story
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wow! i love your aunts
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Awesome story.
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anymore ???xxxxx
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nice story! :)
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wow awesome story.. i love it and favorited it! so hot!
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very hot story.
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I need aunts like those.
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If you ever need help with painting or whatever, call me. Great story. Thanks
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it fuckin made me cum.
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