I had just gotten home from school one afternoon and was alone in the house. I got out my porn magazines and flipped though the pages getting horny real fast. I had just undone my pants and was rubbing my boner when I heard a knock on the door. I quickly stuffed my cock back in my pants and put the magazines under the bed and went to see who was knocking. It was Jesse one of my s****rs girlfriends. I told her she wasn't home yet, and she asked if she could come in and wait for her. I let her in and went back to my room. I sat back on my bed with my magazines and soon had my pants undone again and my cock in my hand. Then there was a knock on my door as she asked if I was busy and the door swung open. It didn't always latch good unless I pushed it real hard.

There I was with my throbbing cock in my hand as I looked up seeing her looking at me. I grabbed a magazine trying to cover up. Jesse said "What are you hiding there? I want to see it." as she entered my room and stood next to the bed. She reached down lifting the magazine away exposing my hard cock. "Your s****r told me you had a nice cock. I've wanted to find out for myself for some time, could I help you with that." she said and ran her fingers over it. She took my hand placing it on her breast, "Do you like my tits?" she asked. "Would you like to see them?" I said hell yes I would. She pulled up her shirt and bra and shook them side to side. I rubbed each one and her nipples hardened. I leaned over kissing them tenderly and sucked on those beautiful nipples as she stroked my cock. She said " How would you like a blowjob? I give real good head." I told her I was so horny and she could do whatever she wanted to me. She sat on the bed and began licking the tip of my cock, then slid her lips down my shaft. Up and down went her mouth making me throb harder with each stroke until I exploded shooting my load in her hot mouth. She took every drop of my cum and swallowed.

I said "Damn, you do give good head, I bet you fuck even better." She smiled coyly as she stood up and began rubbing her pussy as I lay there stroking my throbbing hard cock in front of her. "When will your s****r be home?" she asked. I told her I didn't know for sure, it may be a while yet. She unfastened her shorts and let them fall to the floor. I could see her dark bush through her tiny pink panties. She slid her hand inside them and played with her pussy and said "Is this what you want?" I sat up on the edge of the bed and pulled her panties down. She held her hand over her mound teasing me as she slid a finger across her pussy lips rubbing her clit. I pulled her hand away and sucked on her fingers tasting her sweet juices. "Lay down on the bed, I want to eat your beautiful pussy." She laid back as I spread her legs open and buried my face in her bush, licking her juicy pink cunt darting my tongue in and out. I spread the lips of her pussy open with my fingers and flicked my tongue across her clit as she moaned softly. She was now very wet and ready for my hard cock. I stood up between her legs and rubbed the tip of my cock across her juicy cunt then with a gentle shove drove my shaft into her, and began pumping. My balls slapped against her ass with every stroke. Her moans were getting louder as I fucked her harder and faster. We fucked for nearly ten minutes and my balls were aching, ready to explode at any moment. She cried out "You're going to make me cum! Keep pumping your cock deep baby." I pounded her pussy harder and felt my load building rapidly. She began screaming "Oh yes baby give it to me. Make me cum. I love that big cock." That was all I could take as I felt the first stream of my hot cum shoot into her, followed by several more hard squirts as I pushed my cock deep into her cunt and held it there.

I pulled my cock out slowly and was slapping it on her dripping wet pussy when my s****r walks into the room. She looked at us and said "I knew one day I would catch you fucking one of my girlfriends. I only wish I had been here to watch from the beginning." We laughed a bit and then got cleaned up. Later as we talked things over I told my s****r that I'd love to let her watch if she wanted to and suggested that maybe she could even join in the fun in some way. "I think it would be so hot if you would suck my cock, make it nice and hard and you could guide it into her pussy for me. Then you can lick our juices of it when we're done fucking." She smiled and said it sounded good to her, let's do it Friday after school. I said it's a deal, I'll be ready and waiting. The next two days were agony, and I got home early on Friday and lay naked on my bed waiting for them, fighting back the urge to masturbate.

When I heard the front door open and they said we're here, my cock began throbbing with excitement. Just as planned they came into my room, stripped naked and we began our fun. I learned that my s****r was just as good at giving head as Jesse was and it gave me such a thrill to have her play with my cock. When she took my cock in her hands and put it inside her girlfriends pussy I thought I would pass out with pleasure, but I maintained my control and fucked her passionately while my s****r watched us till we finished. As soon as I pulled my cock from Jesse's pussy my s****r sucked it into her mouth and started licking me clean. Suddenly without warning I started cumming again filling her mouth as she stroked my balls. She swallowed my load and said "I really like the taste of you cum big b*****r. Maybe next time I'll let you fuck me too." I told her I would love that, we can have a hot 3way.

Several weeks passed and I couldn't get the image of fucking them both out of my mind. Everytime I thought about it I would get a raging hardon and lay on my bed jerking off. Finally the day came when she decided to go for it, and the three of us had the best sex ever. I'm damn glad that I hadn't masturbated for a couple days before and was able to give them both a really good fucking.
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holy shit have 2 go fuck the shit out of my wife now so dam hot
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Good story
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