While swimming at the YMCA the other afternoon I noticed one young guy in particular, about 18 years old who had quite a bulge in his trunks. Each time he got out to go on the diving board I watched him adjusted his trunks before diving in, he seemed to have difficulty as his bulge got bigger each time. I moved a little closer to the ladder and said "Nice form you have." as he climbed out. He said thanks and made another dive. He swam over towards the ladder but didn't get out this time, instead he rested at the edge near me. I had been playing with my cock as I watched him and had a raging boner in my loose fitting shorts pitching quite a tent. As the water settled it was easy to see how excited I was, and he said "You seem to have a pretty good form too." as he looked down at me, "My name is Richard, my friends all call me Dick." I laughed and said "Thanks Dick, it's nice to meet you. I couldn't help getting horny watching you and trying to imagine you naked." He said "I've had enough swimming for one day, how about you. If you are ready we can hit the shower together if you like." I said it sounded like a good idea to me, lets go.

Fortunately we were close to the shower room and it was easy to keep anyone from seeing our excitement. Once we were alone in the showers he peeled off his trunks exposing his big young cock and it began to grow harder. I pulled my shorts off and we began soaping up. It was really amazing to see how big he was fully erect, I know his cock was at least 10 inches. I felt like a dwarf next to him being just about 7 inches. I was so horny and wanted to feel his stiff cock. I asked him if I could touch it. He said I could if I wanted to so I reached over with one hand and rubbed up and down his stiff cock. I was amazed by how big he was and it was so hard. My hand barely reached all the way around his shaft and the head was so fat. I said "I would love to feel that monster in my mouth." I had just started to bend over to suck on it when I heard someone entering the showers.

I told him it might be better if we went to my house for a while, and I'm sure my girlfriend's daughter will be home. "She's a real hottie and I know she would love to have some of your huge cock too. We can have a great 3-way if you are interested. She's always horny and craving cock. I'm sure you will like her." He liked my suggestion and we dressed quickly and headed to my house. I prayed that she would be home as I drove, trying to imagine the hot time we would have. As I turned into the driveway and saw her car my heart and my cock jumped with excitement. Dick and I walked into the house and I offered him something to drink then went to see what Lisa was doing. I knocked on her door and it swung open a bit just as she dropped the towel that was wrapped around her. She had just showered and stood totally naked before me. I said "Hi honey, looks like I got here at the right time. I have a surprize for you." She said "You are so nice to bring me something, what is it?" I said "It's not a what, it's a who. I met a hot guy and brought him home with me. Come on out and meet him."

She put on a pair of shorts and a tube top and in a few minutes she joined us in the living room. Dick and I were on the sofa and I had my hand on the bulge in his pants. Lisa said "Is this your new playmate?" I said "Yes, I want you to meet Dick my new friend." He stood up to shake her hand and his massive cock throbbed in his jeans and was impossible to not notice it. We sat on the sofa together as I massaged his boner. "Wait till you see the size of Dick's cock Lisa. It's really nice." I undid his belt and opened his pants pulling them down. His huge cock stood up at attention, I stroked it with one hand as I undid my pants with the other. Lisa's eyes lit up and she licked her lips, "Oh my, that is nice. We'll have some fun with that for sure." she said. I got my clothes off then finished taking Dick's pants off and began sucking on him as I jerked on my cock.

Soon Lisa said "I want my turn now." and she told me to sit back and let her have some. She stood up removing her shorts and top and went to her knees in front of Dick. She stroked him with one hand and me with the other, then slid the tip of his cock in her mouth. Dick moaned as she sucked more of his pole into her mouth and he reached over stroking my throbbing cock. I stood up on the sofa in front of him and pushed my pulsing cock in his mouth. Lisa got up, turned around and sat down on his shaft sinking it deep in her pussy and began pumping up and down on it. Dick sucked me hard and fast till I shot my load of hot cum in his mouth. In another minute he exploded, his cum gushed filling Lisa's pussy till it was running down his cock onto his balls. Lisa got up and I dove onto his cum covered cock to taste the mix of thier juices. She moved over and started sucking on me and in seconds I started cumming again. She swallowed every drop and licked me clean. I leaned over taking hold of his cock and sucked and stroked Dick's hard shaft and made him cum once more.

We fell back on the sofa gasping for air. After a short rest and a few drinks we were ready to go at it again. We spent the rest of the afternoon fucking ourselves silly in every way possible before taking a group shower. We planned Dick's next visit before he left. It will be hard having to wait till then but it will be worth it for sure.
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nice story...
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That is a HOT story. I want to be Dick!