It was early summer and the temp's were already near 90's. Luckily my neighbors had a pool and invited me to come over for a swim anytime. Julie and her two young daughters were enjoying themselves in the water when I got home. I got into my trunks and went over to join them. I dove in and swam around, it was refreshing to cool off and escape the heat. Julie asked me to keep an eye on the girls while she went inside to get us some cold drinks. Tina, the oldest one was almost 17 and Lisa was 15. They were both growing up fast and thier young bodies had started to fill out nicely. As we played in the water Tina swam up next to me and asked me if I liked her new bikini. I told her it looked great on her. It was a pale pink color and her little brown nipples were showing through the thin material. I felt my cock begin to stiffen as she swam around in front of me. She said lets play tag and stretched her leg out tapping me with her foot, you're it she said and swam off. I swam after her and tagged her and swam away. She tagged Lisa who them came after me.

As Lisa swam over to me she bumped against me brushing her leg between mine rubbing across my boner. She giggled as she swam over to Tina and whispered something to her. They turned and swam to me standing on either side of me smiling. Tina said "Lisa says you have a boner. Can I feel it?" I was a bit surprised by her question but told her she could if she wanted to. With one hand she reached down and grabbed hold of me and squeezed. My cock throbbed hard as she felt it under my shorts. She told Lisa to feel how hard it was and took her s****rs hand putting it on my stiff shaft as they rubbed the front of my trunks. I reached down and pulled my cock up out of my shorts letting them get a good feel. Tina slipped under the water and began kissing the tip of my dick. She came up and told Lisa to give it a try. Lisa dipped down and kissed it several times before coming up for air. I thought I would explode as the girls played a bit more until Julie walked out of the house with our drinks. The girls got out of the pool as I stuffed myself back into my shorts and swam to the ladder. I climbed up the ladder and walked over to get my towel and a drink.

As we sat sipping our drinks Lisa and Tina were talking back and forth and giggling. I looked over to Julie and saw her eyes were fixed on the bulge in my shorts as I sat in the chair next to her. I finished my drink as we sat basking in the hot sun chatting. Julie got up and said she was ready for a dip in the pool and asked me to join her. She dove in and swam under water to the far end, I dove in after her catching up to her as she surfaced. When she stood up I saw that her strappless top had slipped down exposing her beautiful round tits. At first she didn't notice but when she saw my eyes staring at them she looked down at herself. She laughed and said "Oh this top never does stay up very well. I should just take it off. It won't bother you will it?" I said "No, not at all Julie, swim naked if that's what you want to do." She unsnapped it and tossed it to the edge of the pool. I knew from past conversations with her that she seemed to be very open minded about sex and nudity but I had never imagined a moment like this would happen. My cock was straining under my shorts getting harder as we splashed around in the pool. She swam up to me and stood just in front of me, her breasts bobbing at the surface of the water. She said "It feels so much nicer without my top. I feel so free in the water." She stepped closer holding her firm round tits in her hands rubbing her nipples. I stared at her watching her nipples grow so hard as she rolled them in her fingers. I looked at her and said "Julie you have the most beautiful tits I've ever seen. Its hard to believe your husband left you for another woman. I would never do that." She said "Oh thats so sweet of you to say. I'm glad you like my body, I try to stay in good shape. Here, feel my breasts and tell me what you think."

I jumped at her invitation putting both hands on them. Ther were perfectly round and firm, the size of large navel oranges. Her nipples were as big as my pinkie and nearly half an inch long. I said "These are absolutely perfect Julie, I'd love to suck on your nipples. You're making me so horny I can hardly stand it." She said "Go ahead suck on them, I'd like that. It makes me horny too." I picked her up just a little drawing her close to me and sucked gently on each of her nipples back and forth as my boner pushed hard against my shorts. "Oh my you are horny aren't you, I feel your big cock rubbing against me." She reached down pulling my shorts off setting my raging boner free them wiggled out of her bottoms. "See doesn't it feel better to be naked in the water." she said. "Yes it's much better." I said as I pulled her body against mine. My hard cock poked at her belly as we rubbed against each other.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss as she put her legs around me letting my cock slide between her legs and across her pussy. She moved her ass back and forth grinding her pussy onto my dick teasingly. In a sexy voice she said "I bet you want to fuck me don't you? Come on be honest. I know you want to shove your big hard cock inside me don't you." I said with a laugh "You must have ESP Julie, that's exactly what I was thinking." With one hand she reached down between our bodies to my cock and guided the tip to the lips of her pussy rubbing it up and down across her clit then into her open pussy. It slid into her tight hole as she pulled us together with her legs driving me deep inside. She was in full control as she pumped on my shaft, the resistance of the water keeping her movements slow and rythmic. The feeling was incredible as her pussy glided along on my rigid throbbing cock. "I think I could do this for hours Julie, your pussy feels amazing." I said. She looked at me smiling and said "We have plenty of time, let's take our time and really enjoy it."

All this time I hadn't paid any mind to her daughters being poolside. Moments later Lisa and Tina had gotten in the pool and swam over to us. They were on either side of me watching as thier Mom continued to fuck me. I was really getting a thrill being surrounded by them. I looked at Julie as I reach to untie Tina's top, she smiled as if giving her approval. I slipped Tina's top off and tossed it aside exposing her sweet young tits. I turned to Lisa and removed her top as well. I used one hand on each of them feeling thier young titties as Julie pumped on my cock. I pulled Tina beside me and ran my hand down her belly and between her legs rubbing her little mound. With my other hand I did likewise with Lisa. I slid my hands under the material of thier bottoms to thier pussies and bagan finger fucking both of them. Soon everyone was moaning and writhing about in the water, my cock was so hard it hurt and my balls began to ache as I neared the point of losing all control. Julie smiled and said " Are you ready to cum for me big boy?" I nodded yes and she drove her pussy down hard on me and squeezed with her muscles as she milked my huge load out of me. I came so hard, shooting again and again into her till I nearly passed out.

Julie dismounted me and we all moved toward the shallow end near 4' deep. I stood up and leaned against the wall to catch my breath, my still hard cock bounced just at the surface. I could hardly believe it when Lisa and Tina got in front of me taking turns sucking on the head of my cock right in front of thier Mother. Julie watched then said "Looks like I've taught my girls pretty well so far, I hope you're around when it's time for them to learn how to fuck." I said "So do I Julie, so do I. We could do a live demonstration for them too, out of the pool. I'll be happy to be your teaching assistant anytime."

By the end of summer Julie and I had let the girls watch as we fucked on numerous occasions and Tina was now 17 and was eager for some cock for herself. She had talked it over with her mother and with Julies blessing I was invited to deflower Tina as Lisa and her mom watched us. Just goes to show it's best to LOVE THY NEIGHBORS ! :)
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Good story
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I Love This Story FYB
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Very entertaining and well written!
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That was a lot of fun to read.
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lucky man!!!!
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Good neighbors
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Very nice, well written
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So fuckin' hot. Hope you will tell the story of each being deflowered. Thanks.
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