It was an early summer afternoon, I had come home from the pool and was stretched out on a lounge chair relaxing and enjoying the warm sun. As I lay there in my trunks I spotted my neighbor as she came out to water her flowers. She picked up the hose and turned on the water and began spraying the flower beds. Suddenly the water was spraying everywhere from a leak at the nozzle and she was getting soaked. I saw that she could not get the leak stopped so I went over to offer her some help. I shut off the water then fixed the loose connection for her. While I took care of the hose I noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra and under her wet cut-off tee shirt, nearly transparent from being wet, I saw her beautiful round 34C breasts with hard brown nipples standing high and firm. Immediately I felt my cock begin to throb as I savored the view. Quickly I gave her the hose and returned to my lounge chair before my boner became too obvious. As she finished watering I watched her bend over to pick something up, her short shorts rode up on her ass cheeks giving me quite a nice view. My cock throbbed begging for attention as I closed my eyes fantasizing about fucking her. A minute later she called out to me thanking me for my help and asked if I would like to have a cold drink with her in the house. I accepted and followed her inside, where she told me to sit down and she would get us something cold.

I sat watching her from behind as she got the drinks, she had a slim body medium brown hair and great legs. When she turned around with the drinks I saw her sweet tits again up close and my cock jumped in my shorts as it grew harder nearly poking out from the leg of my trunks. She said we should go sit on the sofa where it's more comfortable. I followed her pushing my cock down as I walked, then sat down crossing my legs hoping she didn't notice my arousal. We talked for a few minutes sipping our drinks before she turned to me and said "I'd like to thank you again for helping me today". I said it was my pleasure, don't mention it. She took the glass from my hand setting it on the table next to hers and said, " As your reward I want to show you something." Then she lifted up her shirt to let me see he sweet breasts.

" Do you like these?" she said, " I saw you looking at them outside." Now there was no hiding my boner from her as it stood up under my shorts, I said " Your breast are absolutely beautiful." She took my hand placing it on her breast "Do you like the way they feel?" she asked, as I gently squeezed her firm round tit and pinched the nipple. "I love them" I said leaning over to suck on a nipple, "They are so nice and hard." She slid her hand under the leg of my shorts rubbing my cock, "Thats not all thats hard." as she smiled. I pulled off her shirt fondling each of her sweet breasts and nibbling those hard nipples as she stroked my stiff cock. "Why don't you take off these shorts and get more comfortable." We both slid out of our shorts, now totally naked she pushed me back and began sucking on my throbbing cock, "I've been so horny lately and I'm glad you came over. I haven't had a good fuck for some time." She continued sucking and stroking me for a while, rubbing her pussy with one hand as she did. I stood up turning her around to lean over the end of the sofa and slid my cock into her hot wet pussy, slowly easing in until I had all of my cock in her.

I began to pump in and out feeling her tight pussy gripping my shaft, her soft brown bush wrapped around my cock. Thrusting it deep inside her my balls slapped against her with every stroke. After several minutes of pounding her hot pussy she said "I want to ride your hard cock." I sat back as she climbed on top of me and guided her pussy onto my cock. Her gorgeous tits bounced as she rode up and down on me, I pulled her close sucking and flicking my tongue on her nipples. Soon we were both ready to cum, my cock throbbed as she pumped her pussy faster and faster on my young hard cock. She arched back burying my cock inside her hot wet pussy as I felt my cum squirt again and again filling her till cum was oozing down my cock. She collapsed on top of me, her pussy squeezing my throbbing shaft. She got up then licked my cock clean, " I love the taste of your cum baby." she said. "I hope you will come visit me again soon, I really enjoyed your young hard cock pounding my pussy so good." I promised her I would visit her as often as she liked, "You are the hottest 30 year old babe I know and we can have lots of fun together." We walked to the bathroom and got into the shower together, which is another story in itself, LOL. Goes to show you never want to ignore an opportunity to lend a helping hand and get to know a woman who is a little older than you.
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