It was Saturday morning and I woke up as usual, horny with a hard-on. I thought about jerking off as I showered but decided not to since I was going to go see my girlfriend soon. She was always ready to fuck and I could hold off till we were together. I arrived at her house and rang the doorbell. In a few moments her mother opened the door, I said "Hello Mrs. Brown, how are you this morning? She said "Hi Roger, I'm doing OK. How are you?" I said "I'm good, I'm here to see your lovely daughter Janet. Thought we would go out for lunch and maybe a movie." She invited me inside and closed the door behind me. "Have a seat and relax. I sent Janet to the store to get a few things I needed. She shouldn't be gone more than an hour or so." I sat on the sofa to wait for Janet. "Would you like something to drink while you wait?" she asked. I said "Yes thank you, anything will be fine." She went to the kitchen and soon returned with a glass of iced tea. "Here you go, I just made this fresh this morning." she said as she placed the glass on the table in front of me, bending over a the waiste. I looked up at her as she bent over and I could see down the top of her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra and her breasts were in full view for a few seconds before she stood back up. She must have noticed that I was looking at her as our eyes met, I quickly looked to the glass and thanked her. I felt my cock begin to stir in my pants and crossed my legs hoping she wouldn't see the bulge that had begun to grow.

She went back to the kitchen to get herself a glass of tea and returned, sitting on the sofa a few feet from me. We sipped our tea, then out of the blue she said "Roger, I want to ask your opinion about something. Do you find me attractive?" I nearly choked on my tea. I said "Well Mrs. Brown you are a very beautiful woman, I'm sure that men are attracted to you." She looked over at me and said "I wasn't asking about other men, I was asking about you. What do you think of me, be honest." I tried to think of the right thing to say, I didn't want to offend her or seem to forward. "I think you have a nice figure and a very pretty face." She smiled and said "You don't think my ass is to big do you, I've tried to keep in good shape." and she stood up turning around so I could get a good look at her. I said "Honestly, there's nothing wrong with your ass. There's no need to be worried about that." "What about my breasts, do they look OK?" I felt my cock growing harder as I recalled the view earlier. "From what I see I guess they are OK." I said. "You guess they're OK, I want you to be sure." and she lifted her blouse and jiggled her fine tits in front of me. I nearly dropped my glass but managed to set it on the table with my eyes fixed on her. "Wow Mrs. Brown they look great. I can't see anything at all wrong with them."

She sat down next to me with a grin on her face still holding up her blouse, "Why don't you give them a feel, give me your hands on opinion." I hesitantly put a hand on one feeling how firm it was, and felt the nipple stiffen under my touch. My cock was throbbing so hard as I moved my hand to the other breast causing that nipple to grow hard too. She reached over running her hand up my leg to my bulging cock and squeezed. "Judging by the way this feels I do get you excited don't I. You poor boy, let me see if I can do anything to make you feel better." I sat frozen in place as she unzipped my pants and reached inside pulling my cock from under my shorts and slid her hand up and down my shaft. "I know just what you need." and she leaned over taking my cock in her mouth. As she sucked on it I undid my belt and unsnapped my jeans pushing the down to my knees. She pulled my shorts over my cock pushing them and my jeans down to my ankles. I laid back closing my eyes as she held my balls in her hand and continued giving me a blowjob for several minutes. "Oh Roger I'm getting so horny, I want your big hard cock inside me." she moaned.

She got up and pulled off her panties and lifted her skirt as she leaned over the arm of the sofa getting in a doggy position. "Come here and fuck me hard, my pussy is on fire." I kicked off my shoes and got out of my pants and climbed onto her shoving my dick between her legs. She reach down grabbing my cock and guided it into her hot wet pussy, letting out a loud moan as it slid deep inside her. Damn she was so tight. I pumped my cock in and out like a wild dog with a bitch in heat. We fucked like mad for about five minutes till I couldn't hold back any longer, "I'm going to cum any second!" I groaned. She grabbed my balls and yelled out " Yes baby cum for me, I want to feel you shoot your hot load in my pussy!" I thrust my cock as deep as I could into her and exploded filling her with a huge load of cum as she squeezed my balls hard. When I stopped squirting I was nearly exhausted and fell back on the sofa gasping for air. That was the most incredible fuck I'd ever had. She turned around, spread her legs open and pushed her fingers into her pussy then stuck them into her mouth. "MMM it tastes so good baby." she said, then put her fingers back in her pussy then held them out for me to taste. I sucked the juices from her fingers tasting my salty cum mixed with her sweet pussy juices. She leaned over sucking my wet cock into her mouth and licked me clean. We washed up in the bathroom and got dressed just minutes before Janet returned home.

Janet and I left to go have lunch, but I had to make up an excuse that I had to help my Father when we were finished, and told Janet I would come by later that evening. There was no way I could muster the strength to fuck her until I had some time to recover from fucking her mother. I drove her back home, her mother was outside when we pulled in the driveway. I walked Janet to the door and kissed her goodbye. As I walked to my car Mrs. Brown said "It was nice visiting with you Roger, I look forward to doing it again soon." I said "Yes maam, it was quite a pleasure and we'll have to find time again soon." with a big smile on my face.
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3 years ago
very good a part 2, 3....
3 years ago
very hot and naughty, a real turn on
3 years ago
Sounds as though there may be a threesome sometime in the future. Great story. Thanks.