I went to the gym the other day for a little workout. It was a Tuesday afternoon and the place was nearly empty. I hadn't been there very long when a young guy came in to use the bench press. With no one else around I offered to spot for him. He pulled off his shirt and began his workout as I stood watching him. He had a nice firm body and as he got warmed up his nipples began to get hard and I was begining to get turned on. I noticed that he also had a nice bugle in his shorts and it seemed to be getting bigger. I felt my cock begin to throb and soon it became obvious to him that I was aroused and I saw him look up at me several times. I'm sure he could see up under the leg of my baggy shorts, and saw him grin a couple of times. He finished his workout and said he was ready to hit the sauna and asked if I would care to join him. I said sure I'd like that and we went to the locker room to undress and get some towels. When he pulled off his shorts I saw his cock before he wrapped a towel on his waiste. It was at least 7 inches, nice and fat even though he wasn't fully hard. I quickly got undressed, put on my towel and we entered the sauna room.

We sat silent for a couple of minutes as we relaxed then I said to him, "You sure are in good shape." He said "Thanks, you're not bad yourself from what I could see, I was getting a good view while you were spotting me and it was making me horny." My cock throbbed and started getting hard under the towel as he rubbed on his bulge then opened his towel. "Do you feel like a little workout of a different kind?" he asked. He was now quite hard and his cock had grown to 9 inches with a big mushroom head and was standing straight up in the air before me as he stroked it. I said "I'm always ready for some sex-ercise." and I pulled my towel aside setting my pulsing cock free as well. We sat side by side as we slowly masturbated together and soon we were feeling each others cocks. I leaned over putting my lips on the tip of his huge cock and gradually slid my mouth down his shaft as far as I could go. My mouth was full and there was still a couple inches left in my hand. I sucked up and down his long hard boner and played with his balls for about 5 minutes then he nudged me to sit up and let him suck me. I sat back as he skillfully worked on my throbbing 7 inch cock, which looked so small compared to him. It felt so good having him suck me, feeling his tongue lapping around the tip of my cock. I held his head in my hands as he repeatedly made my shaft disappear into his hot mouth sending waves of pleasure through my body with every stroke. I shuttered as he inhaled my cock and paused at the base licking my balls with his tongue. My body went rigid and I told him I was ready to cum very soon. "Don't hold back, I love having my mouth filled with hot cum." he said as he sucked harder and faster making me explode with a huge load of cum, squirting in his mouth several times. He sucked me dry and swallowed every drop.

As soon as he finished me off I had him stand in front of me to fuck my mouth. I felt his long hard cock throb several times as it slid in and out and I knew he was about to blow his load, but I wasn't prepared for what he gave me. When he stiffened his body and started cumming I couldn't believe how hard he gushed again and again, his cum hitting the back of my throat filling my mouth till it overflowed. I swallowed his hot juices as I continued to suck on his engorged cock playing with his balls and seconds later he was cumming again and filled my mouth once more. I let some of it drip onto my cock and stroked like crazy till I came again shooting cum all over his legs. We relaxed for a while as we fondled each other then went to the showers to wash up. We soaped each other up and played rubbing our bodies together under the water spray for a few minutes, then heard someone else in the locker room. We finished our shower and got dressed, and made plans to meet the same time next week. I hoped that with more practice I might be able to deepthroat his huge cock as easily as he did mine. The anticipation is going to be difficult, but well worth the wait.
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3 years ago
Very sexy story, so damn HOT!
3 years ago
hott story - thanks for posting