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My weekend at the beach was great, partying and enjoying the ocean and most of all the hot babes. I hooked up with a couple honeys who were sharing a place and we had fun, drinking and smoking. We watched some porn and started getting horny and soon we were all naked. One girl reminded me of Barbie a little. With the memory of our encounter still fresh in my mind, I relived it as we spent the night having sex. In the morning we hung out together most of the day on the beach or at the arcades and such before going back to thier place for another evening of hot 3way fun. The next morning, sadly our weekend was over and it was time to head home.

As I drove along I thought about the pleasures of the weekend, and was eager to visit Barbie to share the details with her. Between the thoughts of the two girls and Barbie I soon had a nice boner. I pulled the leg of my shorts up letting my cock out to masturbate while I drove. I hit cruise control and slid the seat back, enjoying the ride as I slowly stoked my stiff cock. Time went by quickly and I was home before I knew it.

I took my things inside and sat down with a beer alone in the house. A few minutes later the phone rings, I answer it and was surprised when Barbie said "Hi how was the beach?" I told her it was a lot of fun and thanked her again for helping me with gas money. She said she was glad to help me, then told me she had a problem. She was trying to make some iced tea but had no sugar and wondered if she could come over to borrow some. I said sure, we have plenty, come get what you need.

Soon she knocked on the door. I let her in and we went to the kitchen. I reached up into the cabinet for the sugar, Barbie walked up behind me and reach around sliding her hand into my shorts. "What I really need is some of this." she said as she grabbed hold of my cock. It began to swell immediately, I was good and horny from the ride home playing with myself in the car. I turned to face her putting the sugar on the counter. She pulled my shorts down and told me to sit on the counter. My cock throbbed hard as she stroked me then went down on my shaft. I watched her as she slid her hot mouth along my pole down to my balls, licking and sucking.

I knew if I let her continue much longer I would blow my load soon and I wanted to cum inside her pussy. I told her we should go to the TV room, and got off the counter leading her by the hand. Before getting on the sofa I took off her sun dress and panties rubbing my hand between her legs. Her pussy was nice and wet already and sliding a finger inside her she began to moan as I teased her clit. I pushed her back onto the sofa and began eating her pussy and stroking my cock with one hand. I felt a few drops of precum on the tip of my dick and spread it over the head. I moved up between her open legs guiding myself into her succulent cunt and drove my aching cock deep into her and started pumping hard with a steady rythm, trying not to cum too soon. After five minutes I couldn't hold it any longer and blasted a huge load of cum in her hot pussy as she clamped down around my shaft.

When we finished she said she had been so horny all weekend waiting for me to get home. I told her how I had masturbated on the way home thinking of her, and the fun I had that weekend. She told me she wanted to hear all about it and invited me to come to her house later. She took the sugar and went home to finish the tea, I told her I would be by later after I showered. I jerked off in the shower and dressed, finished my beer and walked to her house to tell her about my weekend at the beach. I knocked on the door and moments later she opened it, standing completely naked smiling as she let me in. My cock began throbbing again, and as I told her of my fun at the beach, she said "I'm so glad you had a good time. It looks like you're ready for a little more fun." I told her I would always be ready for fun with her. In the bedroom I got undressed and we romped and played on the bed for hours fucking and sucking each other till we were exhausted.
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4 years ago
very good but tell some more details of the 3-some
4 years ago
Very nice part 2. Thanks