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One rainy afternoon stuck indoors I was tired of watching T.V. and went to my room looking for something to do. I was flipping thru the usual magazines and comics passing the time, there was music playing in the next room. Then I heard some subdued sounds coming thru the air vent on the wall. I pulled a chair under the vent and got up to have a peek, since the vent went straight thru the wall to a vent in the next room and could see whats happening on the other side. Wow, there was my cousin Bobby and his GF Gina, naked on the bed. They were enjoying some foreplay and I watched as he sucked on her gorgeous titties and rubbed her pussy.

Man was I getting hot, my cock grew rapidly as I continued to watch silently as Gina began stroking Bobby's hard cock, licking and sucking on it, then tittie fucking him with her big 38 D's. I slid my hand into my shorts as they continued, rubbing my cock as I watched, when my s****r Lisa tried to open my door. The chair I was standing on had the door blocked, I quickly got down and opened the door, whispering to my her to be quiet and let her in, then told her what I had seen, putting the chair back under the vent so we could look some more. We took turns looking for a few minutes as they continued to play with each other. Lisa was up on the chair watching them as I stood behind her stroking my cock waiting for my turn. I didn't notice that she had turned her head and was looking at me standing there with my hand in my pants, she stepped down and and said she wanted to see what I was doing. I felt embarrassed that she caught me rubbing my dick but she just smiled and told me to show her. I knew she was getting excited too as I could see her nipples getting hard under her shirt, she had started developing nicely a couple years ago. I slipped my shorts off and held my hands over my throbing cock, she pulled my hands aside and began touching the tip of it with her fingers then down the shaft to my balls holding them in her hand before she began stroking my pulsing cock with both hands.

I thought I would explode any second, I made her stop and asked her to show me her tits. She hessitated then slipped her shirt up over her head, damn her tits were hotter than I imagined. Her sweet tits were about a 34c and her perky little pink nipples stood straight out like pencil erasers. She said I could touch them if I wanted to, it felt like a jolt of electricity went thru my body as I took one in each hand feeling how silky smooth they were, then teased her nipples watching them get harder as we played. We laid on my bed touching and exploring each other like we saw Bobby and Gina doing, soon I was sucking and licking on those sweet little tits rubbing my hands all over her. She started rubbing my cock and balls again as I laid back on the bed, my cock standing striaght up in the air as she played. Suddenly to my surprise she bent down and started licking the tip of my cock, taking the head into her mouth like a lolipop rolling her tongue over it. I told her to take more of it in her mouth and see how far she could get down my cock. She did pretty damn good for her first blowjob even though she wasn't able to take it all.

I felt the cum starting to flow as she bobbed up and down, my body tensed and I shot my load in her mouth before I could warn her. She froze right there with my cock half way in her mouth, letting my cum run down to my balls. Damn that felt good, better than any of the times I jerked off. I kissed and sucked on her nipples for a few minutes before we stopped to clean up and got dressed. Months went by and I hoped we'd get a chance to repeat our play session again. A few days later Lisa came to my room and we started to talk about the fun we had last time. She was telling me how much she liked it and wanted to do it again, but there was a catch, she had told one of her girlfriends what we did. Her GF had come to visit with her and was waiting outside, Lisa asked me if it was OK for her to come in too. I said sure she could and a few minutes later we re-enacted the whole thing for her and convinced her to join us in our playtime fun. Wow! I had 2 hot girls sucking my cock. What great memories they gave me of those blowjobs, and I learned to eat pussy with Lisa and Peggy, over the next few months and eventually got to fuck Peggy's tight little pussy. We stayed good friends and fuckbuddies for the next year before she moved to Florida. That young pussy sure was sweet! I never got to see much more of Peggy but I'll never forget her or the great fun we had.
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3 years ago
why not your sisters cherry too
3 years ago
great two for one