It was summer 1974, I just graduated, yahoo. Ready to hit the beach, but I'm a little short on cash. For the past year or so I was often asked to watch the k**s for a lady down the street when she went out. Hmm, I should check with her, an odd job or so could help with the funds department. So I walk to Barbies house, rang the bell, the front door is open, just screen door. She says who is it from inside, down the hallway and I reply its me, Jack. "Oh, hi Jack how have you been, come on in I'll be just a moment." I let myself in, "I was wondering if you might need any help round here, gonna head for the beach, sure could use a few bucks for gas. Hey do you mind if I use the restroom?", I say as I walked down the hall.

I turned into the open bathroom door unaware Barbie was in there. To my surprise she stood at the sink naked except for a lacy bikini pantie. We stood looking at each other, sort of frozen in time, her tits pointing straight at me, so firm, 34C and the hardest nipples I had ever seen. My pants began to bulge, I saw her eyes undressing me, then she let out a little sigh. I told her she looked really hot, (my hormones at full tilt) I couldn't stop looking at her. She asked if I was OK, looking down at my groin area. I had subconciously been rubbing my cock through my pants and had a raging hardon, a magic moment. I came out of my stuporous state a little embarassed, cock throbbing hard. Barbie stepped closer her hands reaching out as she smiled sexily, "I've been hoping we might somehow have an encounter like this, I've been a bit lonely since my divorce, your timing couldn't be better. Just promise you won't tell anyone."

What else could I have said? "Of course, I promise it'll be our secret Barbie, cross my heart." She led me to her bedroom, helping get my clothes off. Damn she was so horny, like an a****l in heat. My cock stood at full attention, making her work to get my underpants over my cock but it finally sprang free. Barbie immediately took my pulsing shaft in her mouth fondling my balls with her hand. I pulled her up after a couple minutes laying her back on the bed, pulling of her panties to expose her tight pink pussy covered in reddish brown hair, so neatly trimmed. I gently licked around her sweet pussy lips, darting my tongue in tasting her hot juices. Exploring further I found her clit, peeking out of her succulent flower, I flicked my tongue back and forth making her gyrate wildly. I licked my way up her belly to her tits, sucking each of her hard nipples in turn as she took my cock rubbing it across her juicy pussy then held it as I slowly drove it deep inside her.

My first stroke sent an electrifying charge up my spine to my brain then right back to my cock. I felt the muscles in her pussy tighten around my young hard cock as it slid in and out, my balls tightened with each stroke. She locked her legs around me pulling me against her, her tender pussy taking my cock deeper, as she thrust her hips up to me. Arching her back as she squeezed me with her legs I exploded shooting a huge load of cum, squirt after squirt into her tight pussy. It felt like I came forever as my cock throbbed repeatedly. Barbie relaxed her grip on me, giving me freedom to continue pumping my still hard cock in and out slowly.

I began pumping faster as my balls tightened once again, I pulled my cock out of her pussy, sat across her chest pushing my cock into her waiting mouth before I unleashed another load of cum. She sucked me dry and licked up every drop of my cum. We lay on the bed nearly exhausted, our hands carressing each others sweaty bodies. After resting for about 10 minutes Barbie said she wanted to do it again, but she was taking control as she mounted me 69 sucking my cock hard again as I devoured her dripping pussy. She turned and sat on my cock, ramming it deep grinding back and forth on my shaft. Stroke after stroke she took me on a long sensual trip of exstasy for the next 30 minutes, working both of us into a fucking frenzy. We seemed to be in full synchronization as we climaxed simultaniously.

After cleaning up and dressing she said "Jack, don't worry about doing chores today. Here's $40.00, that should take care of your trip to the beach. Have a great weekend, and be sure to come visit me next week, tell me how the beach was." as she smiled and gave me a wink." "Thanks Barbie, I appreciate the help with my funds, but I seriously doubt my trip to the beach will come anywhere close to being as good as today has been." I turned to leave, at the door she grabbed my ass and squeezed, "Don't forget about next week!"

"Barbie, there is now way I'll forget, I'll be thinking about it all the time till I get back."
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3 years ago
nice lady to share with you
3 years ago
Love this story. I graduated in 74, but my summer didn't start any where near this good!Things have sure picked up through the last 37 years, though!!!
3 years ago
Hot story. Every man should have an older woman at some point in their life.
3 years ago
No, sadly she passed away about 2 years ago...I saw her in the late 90's, and she still looked damn hot for 50 yrs old. Wish I had had the chance to bang her then.
3 years ago
short but so damn hot got a raise out of me is she still around???