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During the months following my 13th bday and the experience I had with Lisa my sitter popping my cherry, my Mom began to wonder why I always wanted her to call Lisa whenever I needed a sitter. She asked me why Lisa was my favorite and no one else would do. I tried to explain that Lisa was so good at entertaining me and she was always happy to play any of the games I liked with me. Mom said it was nice to know we were able to have so much fun together and that we got along so well, she must be a very good sitter for me.

If Mom only knew the truth I think she would have flipped out if she learned that her little boy was actually fucking the shit out of his sitter and learning all about sex.

It had been two weeks since she had been here last. As the weekend drew near I was getting eager for Lisa to sit for me again. So eager in fact that for the two days prior to her coming over, I had her on my mind constantly and that caused me to get very frequent boners. I'm not certain but I think my Mom may have noticed I was making frequent trips to the bathroom, where I would whip out my boner and jerkoff for some relief. On the night Lisa was to come over I was on pins and needles waiting for her to arrive. Mom said "What's wrong with you tonight, I've never seen you act this way before." I brushed her off saying it must be the full moon or something. When Lisa arrived I ran up to her and gave her a big hug pressing my head against her chest.

My folks left and were not expected back till midnight. Lisa and I walked to the f****y room hand in hand and settled onto the sofa. I snuggled up next to her with my head resting on one of her tits and my arm around her waiste. Lisa asked how I was doing tonight. I told her I feeling great now that she was here, and I took her hand putting it on the bulge in my pants. "Oh yes I can see you're all ready to start something aren't you. I have something new for you to try tonight." I looked at her smiling and said "I can't wait, tell me about it." She said "First I want you to unbutton my blouse, then take of my bra." I sat up and began undoing the buttons one by one, then slid her blouse off her shoulders. She leaned forward to let me unhook her bra. I fumbled with it for a bit before I figured out how to get it undone and pulled it off.

She sat back and told me to start playing with her tits. They felt great as I rubbed and squeezed the. "Now I want you to gently suck on my nipples." I did as she told me and I felt them get hard as I sucked on them. It made me so excited and my cock grew rock hard. I started to unfasten my pants. "Not so fast boy, you're not done yet. Now unzip my skirt and take it off." I followed her orders and tossed the skirt aside. Now all that was left were her panties, I reached to pull them off. She stopped me saying "No hands allowed, you can only use your mouth and teeth to get them off." I put my face down on her belly trying to get hold of them. It was a bit difficult but I finally got a grip on them with my teeth, tugging and pulling till I finally had them down to her knees and they fell to the floor.

"Very good." she said as she spread her legs open. "Now you are going to learn how to eat pussy. Put your face between my legs and lick me with your tongue." As I moved in closer I could smell the pungent aroma of her cunt. I started licking around her pussy lips. She told me to stick my tongue between the lips and lick up and down the inside and find her clit. I said "Whats a clit?" "You'll see soon enough, I'll let you know when you find it." She helped a little by spreading her pussy open with her fingers. I licked until she jumped a little when I hit one spot at the top of her pussy. "That's the spot right there, be gentle with it, its very sensitive." I moved back for a moment to have a look and saw this little pink nub sticking out. "Is that your clit?" I asked. "Yes it is, suck on it very gently and flick your tongue across it." I put my lips around it and sucked. I felt almost like a nipple getting hard. She started moaning and wiggling and pushed against my mouth. "Ooh yes that feels good, don't stop." Soon I noticed her pussy was getting very wet. "I'm going to cum soon." she cried out, "Push your tongue inside me quick." When I did sweet juices began flowing from her pussy into my mouth as I licked and licked. With a sigh she went limp. "Now you know how to eat pussy boy, you did very good. Get your pants off and put your cock in my mouth."

I stood up ripping off my pants and underware, my stiff cock stood out in front of her. She grabbed my ass with both hands pulling me toward her open mouth sucking my shaft down to my balls. She bobbed on my cock for a minute making it all wet. She laid down on the sofa and opened her legs wide. "Now get on top of me and shove that cock all the way in my pussy and fuck me hard." This is what I'd been waiting for and I mounted her quickly thrusting deep into her hot wet pussy and started pumping my cock in and out. "Faster, harder." she ordered. I picked up the pace and she was moaning loudly with every thrust. In a couple minutes my body tensed up as my cum erupted into her, my cock pulsed hard with every squirt till there was no more. She pushed me up and told me to eat her pussy again. I buried my face between her legs and licked as the mix of our juices flowed out getting my first taste of my own cum. "How do you like that?" she said. I said it tasted good, I like it a lot.

Lesson over we went into the bathroom and showered together then got dressed. We snuggled on the sofa and I soon fell asl**p, with a big smile on my face. The next thing I knew Mom was shaking me to wake up and go to bed. I stumbled to my room and into bed falling into a deep sl**p. All night I dreamed about Lisa and woke the next morning with a major boner. I went into the bathroom and jerked off blowing a huge load in minutes. I washed up and went out to have breakfast. Mom asked me if I had a good time with Lisa while they were gone. I smiled and said "Yes, we watched TV and play some games together. She's the best sitter ever."
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3 years ago
very nice she is hornie
3 years ago
3 years ago
very hot!!
3 years ago
Thanks all, too bad I dont need a sitter these days :)
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
great story and well written..keep us up to date please//
3 years ago
If only every boy could have a baby sitter like this.
3 years ago
she sure is the best