Slumber Party Fun and Games

It was Friday night, my parents were going out and my s****r was having a slumber party. It was my job to make sure they stayed safe and behaved themselves while Mom and Dad were gone. I sat watching TV while the girls were in my s****rs room. After a while I went to check on them quietly standing outside the bedroom door to listen. I heard one of them say to the others "Have you ever seen a guys dick?" I heard a couple of them answer no and they giggled a bit. Then I heard my s****r tell them that she had seen my cock several times. One girl said "I don't believe you." My s****r said "I swear I have. I even touched it too." They all laughed.

I went back to the f****y room and watched the tube a while. A few minutes later the girls walked in. My s****r said "My friends don't believe that you let me see your cock. Tell them it's true." I was a little shocked being put on the spot like that. I couldn't let them think she was a liar, "It's true." I said, "She has seen it several times and even played with it once or twice." They looked at my s****r who was grinning ear to ear, "See I told you so, now do you believe me." One girl spoke up and said "I'd like to see it for myself." The other girls began agreeing with her and dared me to show them. I told them it would only be fair for them to show me something in return. "Show me your titties and I'll show you my dick."

Almost at once they lifted thier nighties for me to see. My cock began to get hard at the sight of so many sweet young tits, some small and some plump and jiggly. My cock was now stiff and stood up in my shorts. I reached into my pants and pulled the tip of my cock above the waiste band teasing them before slowly pulling my shorts down to my knees. I rubbed my balls and stroked my throbbing dick, "Who's brave enough to touch it?" I asked. After some hesitation my s****r said "I'll go first, show them how to do it." She sat next to me and ran her fingers around the head and along the shaft. My cock pulsed as she toyed with me making me grow even harder.

Before I knew it all the girls crowded around me and started touching me. I reached out and started playing with thier tits one after the other. "Who's going to let me suck on thier titties?" I asked. Instantly one of them volunteered and took off her nighty leaning over so I could reach her puffy little tits. Her nipples were brown and soft, as I sucked them they grew hard and pointy. Soon she moved over letting another girl take her place. One by one they let me suck thier tits as they played with my hard cock.

After 5 or 6 minutes I was ready to explode. "Are you ready to see me cum girls?" They said yes and I began stroking hard on my cock as they watched. I raised my ass off the sofa pushing my cock up in the air. Seconds later I let loose with my first shot going nearly 3 feet into the air, followed by four more hard squirts landing on my belly and chest. I was covered in cum. "Well girls did you enjoy the show?" They gave me a round of applause as I held my aching cock in my hand.

"Someone get me a towel please so I can clean up this mess." One of them went in the bathroom and returned handing me the towel. I cleaned myself off and said "Thats all for now girls, maybe later one of you can try sucking me if you've got the nerve." They ran giggling back to my s****rs room saying they would think about it. I washed up and returned to the sofa rubbing myself till I was hard again hoping one of them would come back to suck me but no one did. I jerked off until I came thinking about those girls all the while.
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2 years ago
lol.. don't lose hope.. they might change their mind.. lol.. Nice story!
3 years ago
very nice story, thanks
3 years ago
Very NICE!
3 years ago
Lucky you i must say ;)
3 years ago
one of my favs so far
3 years ago
Nice one. I'm sure there'll be a part 2 soon with you fucking a couple of them, and hopefully your sister as soon as they've all gone home.
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
3 years ago
Don't worry, they'll be back sucking you and then fucking you.
3 years ago
good story part 2 soon?