I got Detention and my erection got me extra credi

School was almost over for the year and everyone seemed be acting a little roudy in the classroom, especially today as we had a substitute teacher. Finally she had put up with as much as she could take and sent several people to see the principal. There were several rude comments made about her being too harsh, we were just having some fun. She responded by giving myself and another student detention after class. We settled down and finished our studies till the bell rang. The two of us that were given detention tried to slip out with the others as they left hoping she wouldn't notice.

Just as we reached the door Miss Bush said "Where are you two going, you have detention. Sit down and get your books out. You have work to do." She told us where to begin reading as she straighted up her desk and the classroom. Miss Bush was about 24 and very attractive, this was her first year being a substitue teacher. She walked around picking up some of the paper wads that had been thrown during class, stopping in front of me she bent over. I looked down at her as she did. She was wearing a silky flowing low cut blouse which hung open when she bent over and I was able to see her tits easily as she wasn't wearing a bra. As I stared into her blouse my cock quickly began to swell. When she raised up she looked at me and I said you missed one under your desk. She bent over reaching to pick it up, I leaned forward a bit hoping to get a better view down her blouse. She looked up at me and said "Do you see any more?" I said no and quickly turned my eyes back to the book.

The other guy had finished his reading and Ms. Bush told him he could go now. She told me to continue with my assignment, she was going to the teachers lounge for a few minutes and would return shortly. My boner was throbbing so hard in my pants, when she left the room I quickly unzipped them and reached inside rubbing my cock as I fantasized about her. A few minutes later I heard her coming down the hall and barely got my pants closed when she walked in the room. I tried to act calm as she walked up to me and asked if I was done yet. I turned the last page and read the remaining paragraph.

When I finished she said "I hope you learned something from todays lesson." I told her that I did and she said I could go. I collected my things and stood up to leave not realizing how obvious the bulge in my pants was. She smiled and said "I'm sorry I had to keep you so late and you missed your bus, can I give you a ride home?" I said "Thank you Miss Bush I would appreciate that if it's not out of your way." She said it was no trouble, she just had to make a quick stop at her house first. As we walked to her car to leave a breeze lifted her skirt in the rear and I saw her black lacey bikini paties. My cock throbbed when I saw that and I had to put my books on my lap when I sat down in the car to hide my excitement. It was a short drive to her house, she said she would be a few minutes and invited me to come in rather than sit in the hot car.

We went inside, she offered me a cold drink and went to the freezer to get ice and poured tea in the glass. When she turned around to give me the tea my eyes were feasting on the sight of her nipples poking out under her slinky blouse, hardened by the cold air from the freezer. I was staring at her tits and my boner was getting bigger. She said "Is everything alright? You seem to be off in space somewhere." I broke my gaze frot her chest and took the glass of tea, "Thank you for the tea, I guess my mind was focused on something else." She laughed and said "Uh huh, I think I know where your mind was. I'm not blind you know. I saw you looking down my blouse in class, did you like what you saw?"

I was bumbfounded and embarassed, didn't know what to say, I tried to deny looking at her but my hard cock told the truth. With a grin on her face she stepped closer and wiggled her shoulders making her titties jiggle around under the soft material. "Would you care to have a closer look?" and she lifted her blouse above her firm perky tits, her brown nipples stood up high on her perfect martini glass shaped breasts. I sat frozen, mouth hanging open as I stared at her.

"Well, say something why don't you. Haven't you ever seen a womans tits before?" I pulled my tongue back into my mouth and swallowed hard. "Miss Bush you have the most beautiful breasts I've ever seen. I think they are absolutely perfect." I thought I was going to cream in my pants right then and there. She reached over taking my left hand pulling it up to feel her breasts. "Do you like the way they feel?" she said as I gently squeezed them and played with her nipples. "Put down that glass and use both hands." she said. I did as she told me and she squeeled when my right hand touched her, it was cold from holding the glass of iced tea. Her nipple stiffened more as I ran my fingers over it. "Ooh that feels good." she said "Take an ice cube from the glass and rub it on my nipples, I like them the be nice and hard when they get sucked on. The same way I want your cock to be when I suck it." "Bring the ice and come with me."

I could barely stand up straight, my cock was aching hard in my pants as we walked to her bedroom. "Your jeans look very uncomfortable and tight, take them off, I'm sure you'll feel better." I unfastened them and slid them off as I watched her pull her top over her head, her arms up in the air and her tits pointing at me. She slid out of her skirt and sat on the bed. Putting two fingers under the elastic of my shorts she pulled them out over my stiff dick and they dropped to the floor. "Give me the ice cubes." she said and began rubbing them on my cock and balls making me jump as she ran the ice around the head and across the tip. Then she rubbed the ice on her nipples till the were all wet. "Come here and suck on my tits, I want to feel your hot tongue on them." she said as she laid back on the bed. Her firm tits stood up in the air topped by those sweet nipples. I leaned over and started kissing and licking her breasts before taking one nipple in my mouth and teased the other with my fingers.

"MMM that feels good, your mouth is so hot after feeling the cold ice on them." As I went from tit to tit with my mouth she reached down and rubbed what was left of the rapidly melting ice cube on my cock. When the ice was gone she pushed me up, "Let me show you how it feels." and she took my throbbing cock in her mouth and began sucking. The sensation was incredible as her hot mouth met my cold cock head and she swirled her tongue around it. I had never felt anything like it before and my cock was pulsating hard as she sank my shaft into her mouth bobbing up and down for several minutes.

I pushed her back on the bed and pulled off her panties going down on her pussy, flicking my tongue between the lips and across her clit. Soon she was so hot and wet, her pink pussy lips glistened in the light. After eating her cunt a few minutes longer I couldn't wait any more and crawled up between her open legs and drove my aching cock into her hot tight pussy pumping furiously as I sucked on her tits. It felt like it was a thousand degrees inside her.

She wrapped her legs around me and was pulling me against her as I thrust in and out, driving my shaft deep on each stroke. She started moaning and grinding against me saying "Come on baby work that big hard cock real good in my pussy, make me cum all over you." I pumped as fast as I could till she screamed "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" I felt the hot juices flowing in her pussy and it made a slurping sound as I went in and out. Her muscles tightened around my cock and it sent me over the top, my cum exloded from my cock with such f***e squirting again and again, I thought it would never stop. She milked me with he pussy like milking a cow till every drop was out.

I collapsed on top of her, my cock still throbbing inside her and planted a big wet kiss on her mouth, she shoved her tongue in my mouth and toyed with mine as we lay there for a moment. When I got up off of her and slowly pull my cock from her pussy a river of cum ran out of her. She put her hand down there sticking two fingers inside then put them into her mouth sucking the thick cream off.

"You certainly did well today, I think you deserve to get extra credit for your efforts. You have two weeks of school left and there's time for you to improve your grades more if you feel like doing a little extra work." I said "Miss Bush I'm willing to do all the extra work you can give me anytime you want." Needless to say I had really uped my grades by the time school was done and I really enjoyed working so hard to do it. My parents were very pleased with my grades. I told them it was a lesson well learned and it really paid off putting out some extra effort.
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Damn I wish I had teachers like that when I was in school....
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Wow, this is HOT!
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Gracias Que rico, it was a pleasure to read!
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Great story, i wish i had a teach like this
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What an great story