My friends step-mom is a horny perv

My friend Alex and I were both 20, he had started college and lived at home, and I worked in a computer shop. He told me he was having trouble with his computer. He said it had really slowed down lately and wasn't sure how to fix it and asked if I would come by to look at it. A few days later I went over to his house to see what I could do. His step-mother answered the door. I told her Alex wanted me to work on his computer, and asked if he was home. She told me he had gone to the store and shouldn't be very long, and invited me to come in.

I went to his room and began checking his PC, and soon found the problem. I rebooted and decided to see what kind of porn he had. I found lots of pictures and videos and started to play one of the movies, two guys and a girl. It was running just fine but no audio was playing. I found the audio was muted and turned it on, not knowing the volume was a bit high. At that moment the woman being fucked in the movie was moaning loudly, "Fuck me harder baby. Oh yes, give it to me." Before I could get the volume turned down Alex's step-mom heard it and came to see what was going on.

She walked in and stood behind me as one guy was fucking the woman as she sucked the other guys cock. She watched silently for a minute, then I heard her begin to make little moaning sounds and breathing heavily. I turned to look at her and saw that she had one hand up under her dress. "Are you enjoying the movie?" I asked. She looked at me and said "Yes I am, it's one of my favorites I downloaded from the internet." "Oh really, I thought it was Alex's porn." I said. She told me that she would use his computer when he wasn't home and loved to watch porn and play with her pussy. "Alex's father works long hours and it's been so long since we had sex. I've been extremely horny for a while." she said. I stood up rubbing the bulge that was growing in my pants, "I'm all done with the computer. Is there anything I can do to help you?"

She unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She wasn't wearing a bra or panties and my cock was throbbing hard at the sight of her beautiful naked body. I took off my clothes as fast as I could and pulled our bodies together. We fell onto the bed as we groped each other wildly and kissed. She got on her knees beside me and started sucking on my cock as I played with her tits and pussy. A couple minutes later she was on top of me with her tits swinging in my face as I toyed with her pussy, rubbing my cock back and forth over her clit. I slid the tip of my cock between the lips of her pussy and she pushed her hips down, taking my shaft deep inside her hot wet pussy.

She wasted no time and rode up and down grinding her clit against my cock with each stroke. I looked down to watch as my cock disappeared inside her. As she leaned back a bit I saw her rosey pink clit was almost an inch abd a half long, sliding back and forth on the top of my shaft. It looked almost like a small penis poking out of her hairy pussy. I rolled her off of me and got between her legs, licking her pussy lips gently as she moaned. Using both hands I spread open her pussy exposing her clit and began sucking on it. It was so swollen and hard just like a little boner, and I was giving her a blowjob. She screamed "You're going to make me cum! Put your cock in my pussy and fuck me good!"

I pulled her to the edge of the bed lifting her legs into the air and pushed my cock in as deep as I could. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as I thrust in and out pounding her hard and fast. My balls were aching and soon I could feel the cum building up, ready to explode any second. I slowed my thrusts, pulling out slowly then slamming deep into her four or five times. She clamped her pussy down on my cock and I began gushing hard until my cum filled her and was oozing out of her. I pulled my cock out of her and bent down licking the juices as they ran from her swollen pink pussy and sucked on her throbbing clit till it was dry. She sat up and licked my cock clean.

We had just managed to get our clothes on moments before Alex returned from the store. She went into the bathroom and Alex came to see how I made out with his computer. I told him that it was much better now. He asked if he owed me anything for the work. I told him "No, your step-mom took care of everything." and I proceeded to tell him all about it. He could hardly believe I had been so lucky, and said he had wanted to fuck her too for a long time. I suggested that he should try setting it up by playing a porn video and making sure she would notice, then just go for it. There was a good chance she wouldn't be able to resist the temptation.

A couple weeks later he told me he tried my idea and I was right. She gave in to her lustfull desires and fulfilled his fantasy. Now we plan to work on a tag team session with her doing both of us.
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nothing like good customer service
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Awesome mate. Thanks.
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very good but could have told us about him & her
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That's great
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ha thats a good 1
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I guess I should get into computer repair if you get paid like that!!