Dude your mom is hot

I went over to visit my friend one hot summer day. We laid in the back yard soaking up some rays and getting high. As the buzz set in on us we began talking and soon the subject turned to hot girls we knew. We talked about this one and that one and how we would like to fuck them as we got horny. I turned to my friend and said "You want to know who really turns me on?" "Who?" he said. "Your Mom, dude I think she hot." "Oh yeah?" he said, "I guess she is pretty hot isn't she." I said "I'd love to see her naked." He sat up and said "I found some pictures of her that my Dad took, you want to see them?" I said "You bet I would." We got up and went inside.

I waited on the sofa while he went to get the photos, my cock started growing hard in anticipation. He returned carrying a shoe box and sat down next to me. When he opened the box there must have been dozens of pictures in it. He handed me some of them and as I looked through them my cock was throbbing in my shorts. "Damn she has great tits and I love her hairy pussy." I said. "Here check this out." he said as he handed me one showing his Dads cock about to enter her pussy. "Damn I wish that was me." "Here's one of her sucking my Dad's cock." We looked through the rest of the photos and I was so horny I could hardly stand it any longer.

"Hey man, I've got to go home and jack-off I'm so horny." He said "Why go home, you can stay here if you want. I'm horny too, we can jack-off together." I said OK and we got naked sitting side by side on the sofa stroking our cocks as we looked at the pictures for a while. I picked up the one of her sucking his Dad and said "I'd love to have her suck my cock like that." He said "Close your eyes and imagine how it would feel." I leaned my head back, eyes closed and let my imagination take over, a few seconds later I felt hot lips slide over the tip of my cock and down my shaft. Wow I thought, it almost feels real. Then I opened my eyes and looked down, realizing that my friend was sucking me, and doing a very good job too.

He looked up and asked me how it was. I told him it felt great and he was going to make me cum soon. He put my cock back in his mouth and sucked up and down fast. A minute later cum was gushing from my cock, into his mouth, on his face and on my chest. He wiped me off with a towel then I pushed him back on the sofa, legs spread open and his hard cock standing up in the air. I got between his legs and started giving him a blowjob returning the favor. A few minutes later he shot his load. He got up and went to the bathroom to wash up. While he was in there I quickly picked out several photos and put them in my pocket. As I got up to leave he handed me several pictures, "Here take these, my Dad won't miss them I'm sure." I thanked him and said "We'll have to do this again sometime." and went home to enjoy my even bigger collection of his Mom's photos.
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2 years ago
Friends!! thanks!
3 years ago
wow very nice
3 years ago
That's too hott!! LOVIT!!
3 years ago
i agree...VERY hot.
3 years ago
Very hot.