Learning to masturbate was such fun

I was an early bloomer I guess you'd say, puberty came at the young age of 11 and my hormones ran wild. Every morning it seemed I would wake up with a boner. I would shower and pee after which my boner would go away. I wasn't yet sure what was happening as my body began to change, hair began to grow on my chest and pubic area. As the months passed I noticed that my dick was getting bigger and the boners became more frequent, sometimes when I least expected it. I would go swimming with some of my friends at the pool, we would talk about the pretty girls we saw as we played in the water. I soon noticed my buddy as he held onto the edge of the pool with one hand, the other hand under water. I couldn't tell what he was doing, when he saw I was watching him he pulled his hand up out of the water. He was grinning as he stood up in the waiste deep water, I could then see that he had a boner. He said "I get so horny when I see all these hot girls." I said "What do you me you get horny?" He said "You know, I get a boner, my dick gets hard. It feels good to play with it." I said "I get boners all the time but I've never played with it before. What should I do?" He told me how he would rub his dick and feel his balls. I told him I wasn't sure how to do it. He said we should go into the shower room and he would show me, as soon as his boner went down. In a few minutes we were in the shower naked. There were a couple guys just finishing up and soon left.
He turned to me and said "Watch what I do." as he got soapey and rubbed his cock making it hard. He stroked it with both hands and as I watched him my dick soon got hard too. I rubbed and stroked the way he was doing feeling my cock begin to throb harder. He said "Now you're getting the idea, keep going." This was feeling good, I wish I had learned about this sooner. In a few minutes I felt my balls get tight and I shot my first load of cum in my hand. Wow what a feeling that was, only a couple little squirts but it felt great. I looked over and saw him as he shot his cum on the wall.
We finished our shower and got dressed. As we walked home we talked about it and he told me it gets better the more you do it. We got together often to "practice" and I was soon quite the expert. It was years before I learned how to really control myself and enjoy much longer periods of masturbation. To this day it's one of my favorite ways to pass time when I'm alone.
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11 months ago
Still learning now!
3 years ago
Learned 64-65
3 years ago
very good but i learned on my own before 10-11