For some time I've had a FANTASY of meeting up with a hot chick and bringing her home to have sex. After relaxing with a bottle of wine and getting aquainted we make our way to the bedroom. Turning the lights down low we beging undressing each other slowly as our passions rise. I lift her slinky dress over her head, she unfastens my pants letting the fall to the floor. I playfully touch her breasts covered by a lacy bra watching her nipples grow hard as she slips her hand inside my boxers. My cock begins to throb growing harder as she fondles me. I unsnap her bra and pull the straps off her shoulders revealing her firm round breasts and hard brown nipples. I tenderly kiss them sucking each nipple in turn as I let my hands roam over her smooth body. She pulls off my shorts as she kneels to suck my stiff cock. I lay down on the bed, she crawls up beside me and we kiss as she rubs my cock and balls. I reach down to put my hand in her panties to rub her pussy never expecting to find she has a massive hard cock instead. It throbs hard when I touch it and grows rapidly straining against the panties. Chills run down my spine as my mind tries to process the vision of this beautiful woman next to me, with her firm breasts, smooth slim body and a cock that any man would be proud of.
I get up to pull off her panties and have a good look to be sure it's real. Indeed it is real, perfectly shaped and standing strong. I begin to stroke it and soon precum is oozing from the tip as I lower my mouth over it sucking all the way down the shaft. Licking and kissing it all over as I play with her balls my cock pounds with excitement. I pull her to the edge and rub my cock against hers stroking them in my hand then lay beside her 69.
We suck each other intensly until we expolde simultaneously filling our mouths with hot cum. "I want you to fuck me." she says as she gets on top of me and guides my cock into her tight hole bouncing up and down as her cock slaps on my belly. I thrust hard against her ass then shoot a load of cum deep inside her. She gets up standing at the edge of the bed and pulls me close lifting my legs into the air. She leans against me pushing her hard cock into my cum covered asshole and it slides in with ease. Waves of pleasure wash over me as she fucks me and jerks on my dick. Thrusting deeply I feel her balls slap on my ass again and again before she moans loudly as she cums, filling me with her hot load. Now that's sexual gratification! :0
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3 years ago
awesome love the T-girls too
3 years ago
I love this story my favorite fantacy, only I'm cross dressed to both of us in panties black stockings garter belts and high heels. We do all the same things I enjoy swallowing her sweet cum and feeling her shoot another load in my ass hole as we both moan.
3 years ago
straight into my favorites!