My GF's daughter brings me a surprise

This past weekend my GF's daughter, Maria, came home from college. She called Friday night to let me know she would be home Saturday morning sometime, and told me she was going to bring me a surprise. I said OK I'll see you when you get here, and sat for a while trying to imagine what her surprise was.

Saturday morning I had just showered and put on a robe before going into my den to watch some porn vid's. Around 10 AM I heard Maria come in as she went to her room. A short while later she walked into the den and said Hi, I said Hi baby how was school this week? She said it was OK, how have you been? I told her I wasn't too bad, I found a few new videos for us to watch and I was getting horny waiting for her to get home, then opened my robe to show her how ready I was. She said "I see you are ready for me, I brought your surprise like I told you. I hope you like it." She stepped aside as two of her classmates entered the room.
"This is Mary and Donna, I told them about you and they wanted to meet you. I hope you don't mind that I brought them along. They're going to spend the weekend with us." My mouth dropped open when I saw these two beautiful young girls standing before me smiling at me as I sat in my open robe with a massive hardon. I couldn't speak for a moment as I looked up at them, thier eyes fixed on my throbbing cock. Finally I said "Hello girls, I wasn't expecting this but you are more than welcome. I guess you've come to party and have some fun." They both nodded thier heads and Donna held up a baggy with several doobies, "I hope you don't mind if we get high?" I said "Sounds like a good time to me. Let's get started." She lit one of the joints and passed it around. When we had finished it they left going to Maria's room, saying they would be back in a few minutes. I sat letting the buzz carry my mind to thoughts of what was to come as I waited watching the videos.
A few minutes later they returned, each of them had changed into see through teddies, and no panties. They danced around the room teasing me with an occasional peek at thier tender round asses and flashing me with shots of thier pussies. Maria with her black hair was such a contrast to Mary who was blonde and Donna, a redhead. My cock was throbbing hard as I watched while Donna cupped her full round breasts. "What do you think of these?" she asked. I said "They are gorgeous, can I touch them?" She stood in front of me lifting her teddy over her head and tossed it to the floor. I took them in my hands squeezing and playing with them leaning up to kiss her nipples. Mary was on my left and Maria was on my right as they began playing with my cock and balls. I slid one hand down to Donna's pussy feeling the soft curly red patch between her legs, then inserted a finger into her tight little pussy. Mary was now sucking on the tip of my cock as Maria ran her hand along the shaft.
It was suddenly very hot in the small den and I suggested we should go to my room and get comfortable on the bed and smoke another joint.
We sat naked as we smoked, touching and exploring our bodies together. I laid back on the bed and Donna sat on my chest sliding up close to allow me to lick her wet pussy, Mary was between my legs giving me a blowjob as Maria took my hand rubbing it over her cunt. Mary got up and was fondling Maria's tits as Donna moved down over my cock rubbing it into her pussy. She slowly sat down driving it deep inside, I could feel the heat as she wiggled around. Mary got on top of me facing Danna shoving her blonde pussy against my mouth. It tasted so sweet as I licked across the lips darting my tongue in and out. As I devoured her sweet pussy her clit began to grow and poked out under the little patch of silky hair. I flicked my tongue across it then gently sucked it with my lips as she squirmed on my face. I had two fingers in Maria's swollen pussy and she was moaning as finger fucked her.
My head was spinning, my cock was throbbing and my balls ached. Thank God I had developed my stamina with frequent masturbation and long edging sessions over the years and I wasn't even close to cumming yet, and I had also taken some Viagra in preperation of Maria being home expecting to have a lot of fun with her. But I never expected being put to the test like this.
Donna bucked up and down on my rod until she came. Her hot juices coved my crotch. Mary soon took her place, mounting me with her ass towards my face, reverse cowgirl style and rocked back and forth as I pushed a finger into her tight asshole. Maria snuggled up beside me and gave me a big wet kiss and said "Do you like your surprised I brought you Daddy?" I kissed her again and told her "It's the best surprise I've ever had, Thank You so much baby!" Donna lay next to me up on one arm with her tits within reach of my mouth as I licked and sucked on them while she played with Maria's hard nipples. They leaned over me and kissed flicking thier tongues like they were sword fighting.
Mary was going wild thrusting hard on my cock and finger and soon came. She got up turning to join Donna and Maria giving me a little 3way girly show. I sat watching and lit up another joint. Passing it to one of the girls I took her place in the 3way, kissing and fondling the others. As they each took thier turn with the joint we continued playing and it eventually came back to me. I finished it off and put it in the ashtray then told the girls to get on thier knees doggy style at the edge of the bed side by side. I stood up behind them and fucked them each in turn, moving from one pussy to the next every few strokes. As Donna and Mary had both had an orgasm already I concentrated on Maria a little bit more.
By now I began to feel the stirring in my balls as I built up to the point of no return as I slowly pumped deep inside each wet pussy. I reached Maria's pussy and ever so slowly eased myself inside till my cock was buried to the hilt, I felt it begin pulsing hard as I quickly began pumping her hard and fast. When she reached back grabbing my balls I exploded. The cum gushed from my aching cock, I nearly passed out it was so intense. I pulled my cock out of her and stood gasping to catch my breathe for a moment as the girls turned and sat at the edge of the bed facing me.
Between the pot and the Viagra I was still rock hard, and three beautiful naked girls in front of me helped too. LOL I began stroking my hard slippery wet cock as they watched me masturbate for them for a few minutes until I had worked up another load, spraying my cum on thier tits. When I was done all three began licking my cock clean. We had a group shower to clean up after which I dressed and went to the store to get some munchies for us to eat.
The rest of the afternoon was one big naked playtime together until it was time for my GF to get home from work. The girls went to Maria's room and I laid down to take a nap.
When my GF came home finding me snoozing, she said "Looks like you,ve been working hard today and must have worn yourself out." I smiled at her and said "Yes, Ive been busy and it's really drained me, I needed some rest. Tomorrow will be another hard day too I think." She showered and laid beside me in bed and soon fell asl**p. I love her dearly and we have great sex, but that day I was relieved that she wasn't up for it.
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2 years ago
Fuck me Freddy,man that is one hell of a weekend and Maria is one very sweet girl.
3 years ago
one extremely lucky guy
3 years ago
If I could get so lucky... Great story
3 years ago
Some guys have all the luck. Thanks
3 years ago
See this clip I found, looks just like fucking my GF's daughter.
3 years ago
good 1
3 years ago
damn good story
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Hot stuff. Great story
3 years ago
What a great way to spend the day...
3 years ago