Skinny dippers surprise

I lived near a lake and one day was wandering throught the woods on a trail that lead to a small clearing at the edge of the water. There was a make shift tent about 10 yards away. I looked around but didn't notice any people anywhere so I went inside the tent for a look around. There were several blankets and and two pair of shorts and tee-shirts s**ttered about. Looking further I found some gay porn magazines in the corner. I sat down browsing through the pages. I was getting horny and started to rub my growing boner under my shorts as page after page I looked at the photos of naked men giving blowjobs and jerking off together. After a few minutes I undid my pants and started mastubating as my cock grew harder.
Suddenly two guys appeared at the opening of the tent, dripping wet and totally naked, they had been skinny dipping in the lake. When they saw me in thier tent one guy said "Hey, we've got company." and they both entered as I lay half naked with my boner in my hand. "Hi, are you having fun?" said the taller one. "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know anyone was around here. I didn't bother your stuff, I'll leave you guys alone." and started to fasten my pants and go. "Hey man, It's OK you don't have to leave, you can stay if you want. We don't mind a little company."
I was a bit nervous as they crawled inside and sat down, I was afraid they might be mad and beat me up or something. They introduced thmeselves and we began talking. I felt a little uncomfortable at first confronted by two naked guys but soon I started to relax and felt my cock getting aroused again. "Do you guys come here often?" I asked. "Yeah we like to camp out and swim, it's pretty secluded here. Not many people come around this part of the lake." he said, "It's a good place to enjoy being naked in the woods and have fun." both of them were smiling as the looked at me. "You seemed to be enjoying yourself and our magazines, do you like guys too?" I said "I'm really into girls mostly, never thought much about guys but I did get turned on by the pictures."
I looked over and saw they both had hard-ons and felt my cock begin to stiffen as well. "We would love it if you would join us, your cock looked very nice when we first saw you. Take off your clothes and enjoy the freedom of being naked, it's OK and it feels great too." They began rubbing thier stiff cocks and showed me some of thier favorite picture in the magazines commenting how beautiful the cocks looked. "Have you ever touched another guys dick before?" he said. I said "No, I've only seen my buddies in the shower at school." Jack said "Would you mind showing us yours again?" By now I was throbing very hard and was feeling excited as I slid my pants off and pulled off my shirt. Once I was naked I must admit it did feel good being naked in front of them. We all relaxed as we stretched out on the blankets playing with ourselves, the warm breeze flowing across our bodies. Bill, the tall one, had a slim body and a long cock about 8" with a large mushroom head. Jack wasn't quite as big as Bill but his cock was fat and had big balls hanging between his legs. I watched as they started touching each other. "Come feel what it's like to hold our cocks in your hand." Bill said, so I reached over to explore as they rubbed thier cocks against each other.
We huddled closer and our hands roamed over our bodies for a while as we enjoyed the pleasures we were having. It was quite a thrill stroking thier amazing rigid shafts, and feeling another guys hand wrapped around my young hard cock. One of them said "Have you ever had a blowjob before? I mean from a guy, not a girl." I said "No I haven't, not even from a girl." Jack moved next to me, his head at my crotch and said "Let me show you what it's like." as he slid my cock inside his mouth gently sucking on my whole dick. WOW did it feel great, his tongue swirling around as he bobbed up and down on me. Bill now had Jack's cock in his mouth and was sucking hard. I was stroking on Bill's big cock as we continued playing. In a few minutes Jack said he was ready to cum, Bill went all the way down on Jacks shaft as he stiffened his body then unloaded his hot cum into his mouth. Jack was sucking and licking on the head of my cock as I began to moan and thrust into his lips. He said "Cum if you're ready, I want to taste you on my tongue." I exploded with a huge load as he licked and sucked up every drop. When I finished, Jack sat up making room for me to move toward Bill.
I knelt beside him and started slowly licking on his huge cock as I stroked it with both hands, I knew there was no way I'd get the whole thing in my mouth so I just worked on his fat mushroom shaped head. I felt it as it throbbed in my mouth and the first bit of precum started to flow. It had a salty sweet taste and I liked it. Seconds later Bill moaned as his arched his back upward pushing several inches deeper in my mouth as he erupted, shootimg a massive wad of hot sticky cum into my mouth. It quickly filled my mouth and began running down his cock covering my hands and onto his balls. I sat up as I continued stroking his long shaft covered with his cum and seconds later he came again shooting more cum than I'd ever seen all over his belly.
Jack was jerking on his hard fat cock as he sat watching, I turned to him and put my mouth over the tip and slid down as far as I could go nearly taking it all. My jaw was aching as I strained to get his fat dick inside, barely able to move my tongue at all. I sucked him as best I could without gagging until he came. His cum tasted a bit different than Bill's, more salty and it was really thick and gooey.
Afterwards, we all ran down to the water and dove in and swam for a while then got out and laid naked in the hot sun on the shore.
We bacame good friends that day and met there at the lake many times again enjoying nature in our nakedness, and enjoying our new friendship as well.
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3 years ago
Fantastic story hope to read more of your work thanks
3 years ago
Very nice!! Nothing like that around here!! more please!!
3 years ago