My s****r gets a surprise

My s****r used to sneak into my room when I was asl**p to "borrow" money or get into my stash.
One night I decided to see what happened if she found me naked in bed. I got undressed and had just the sheet on up to my belly, and pretended to be sound asl**p. When she came in, I tossed around a little, kicking the sheet off.
As I lay naked on my bed I watched with my eyes bearly open as she walked quietly to the side of the bed. My cock was semi hard and I flexed my muscles making it move and grow a bit. She gently touched it with her fingers feeling around the head, which made me get real hard. My cock was now standing up in the air as she closed her hand around me and began slowly sliding up and down it.
I continued to appear in a deep sl**p, having a dream as I spread my legs a little and moved my hand down to rub my balls. I started to move my hips like I was fucking in my dream. She was stroking my stiff cock as I tossed about and moments later I started to cum shooting my load on my belly and chest.
I heard her let out a little squeal as the first stream shot from my throbbing cock. When I stopped cumming she left the room and quietly closed the door. I grabbed my cock and started masturbating furiously, I was so excited by what I had just done and took no time at all till I came again.
I got up going to the bathroom to clean up and returned to bed. I dreamed about it that night and awoke with a raging boner next morning. When I saw her in the kitchen at breakfast she didn't say anything, but when she looked at me she just grinned. I didn't let on that I noticed, but as I sat across the table from her I couldn't help getting a hardon knowing what she was thinking about.
I always slept naked after that in the hopes she would come in and play "while I slept". LOL
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2 years ago
3 years ago
My sister and I took turns pretending to be asleep. Hot times.
4 years ago
4 years ago
You should follow my example and fuck the horny little slut...
4 years ago
Too bad you didn't get to fuck the horny little slut.