My Mom's HOT friend

It ws the Forth of July weekend and a couple of my friends had come over to swim in our pool and cool off during the afternoon. We had been enjoying the water and playing around for a while when my Mom and one of her good friends, Carol Jo walked out from the house to sit on the patio and relax and catch some sun. They sat in the lounge chairs by the side of the pool, after taking off thier robes while we continued to play in the water for a while longer. My Mom is an attractive woman with a full figure and large round breasts and she wore a modest two-piece swimsuit. Carol Jo on the other hand is a real knock-out, about 5'6" with shoulder length blonde hair, a slim curvy body with slender toned legs and firm round 36-D breasts. She wore a rather skimpy bikini that really showed off her body well. About 20 minutes later my friends left leaving me alone in the pool. I swam for a little while longer then stopped to rest at the side of the pool near Carol Jo and my Mom. I was casually gazing at Carol Jo lying in the sun as I began to visualize her naked, her tanned body glistening in the sun. I felt my young cock begin to throb and soon had a massive boner. I moved a few feet to one side getting in front of the water jet shooting from port in the wall enjoying the feeling as it beat against my stiff cock.

A moment later the phone rang and Mom got up going inside to answer it. She came back outside and told us that she had been called in to work to fill in for someone who had called in sick and she had to get ready to go in to work. She appologized to Carol Jo for having to leave us to fend for ourselves for the evening and she would be home sometime the next morning. Carol Jo said it was alright and they would have the rest of the long weekend to catch up on old times. Mom went in the house to change and soon we heard her leave in her car. I lingered at the side of the pool for a bit longer as I thought about Carol Jo's sexy body. A couple minutes later Carol Jo got up from the chair and said "I think I'll take a quick dip in the pool to cool off before I go inside."

Suddenly I remembered, as she sat down at the edge of the pool looking down at me in the water that I had a raging hard-on that I could not hide. She slipped off the side of the pool and into the water next to me. When she bobbed up from under the water her eyes were wide open and she was smiling. She looked at me and said "So tell me what you've been doing lately, you seem to have grown a lot since I last saw you." I was caught a little off-gaurd and didn't quite know what to make of her comment. I replied "Oh you know the usual stuff, just messing around." As we stood there facing each other only a few feet apart, the surface of the water calmed and she glanced downward and I knew she could see the huge bulge in my shorts poking out towards her. "I'm actually glad we have some time to spend together...alone."

I was speechless, I couldn't think what to say as she slowly stepped towards me until she was able to reach out and take my throbbing cock in her hand, rubbing it through my shorts as she positioned my hand on one of her gorgeous tits just at the waters surface. Uncontrollably I made a loud moan then said "Oh my God Carol Jo, what are you doing....? Do you think we should be doing this...I.." She cut me off in mid sentence "Don't you like this? I've seen the way you look at me, and don't think I haven't noticed how turned on you get. That big cock of yours is not easy to hide." She pulled the strings that were tied in a bow between her breasts and let her top float away. Her nipples were just at the top of the water and were beginning to grow hard as I ran my hand over them. My cock was throbbing soo hard as she reached into my shorts and pulled it out. She slid her hand up and down the length of my shaft as she gently pushed me backwards to the steps in the corner of the pool and told me to sit down on the second step. I did as she told me, looking down to see my half of my cock sticking up above the water as she stroked it, moving closer until she was up against me with her tits rubbing them on my cockhead.

She pushed her tits together surrounding my aching hard cock and began to titty fuck me. I leaned back on the steps as I thrust my hips upward driving my dick between her perfect melon sized mounds. After a few minutes she stopped, leaned down and slid her mouth over the pulsing head and several inches down on me. She sucked up and down for a minute then looked up at me and said "I think we had better take this into the house before someone catches us don't you?" I nodded my head in agreement and quickly grabbed for a towel as I got out of the pool, my cock standing at full attention. I handed Carol Jo a towel and we walked inside.

I can't begin to count how many times I dreamed of something like this and I really wasn't sure if I was just dreaming or it was really happening. A few steps into the house and Carol Jo turned to me dropping her towel as she put her arms around my neck and started kissing me as she rubbed her tits against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly pressing my stiff cock against smooth belly as our tongues dueled with each other. My hands slid to her hips untying the strings and let her bottoms fall to the floor. Her ass firm and tight as my hands explored every inch. She broke off our kiss reaching down to push my shorts to the floor and I stepped out of them. I put my arms around her and lifted her up as she swung her legs around my waist and I carried her into my bedroom down the hall.

I sat her down on the edge of my bed as I looked upon her totally naked body for the first time, and at that moment I realized how beautiful her pussy was with a small patch of curly soft hair above her puffy pink pussy lips looking like rose petals glistening with morning dew. As I stood in front of her she took my cock with both hands stroking it gently from tip to balls. "I bet you're the envy of all the guys at school and you must give the girls quite a thrill. It sure was a thrill for me when I saw your huge cock, it must be nearly 9 inches long. Very impressive for a young man only 16 1/2 years old."

I felt my face blush as I said "Yeah, I've heard that everyone says I have the biggest cock in the whole school, and actually it measures over 9 1/2" long and 5" around. A few weeks ago Mom walked in as I was about to shower and saw me naked for the first times in years, she was so embarassed but couldn't take her eyes off my cock for about 10 seconds till she backed out and closed the door. Later she came to me to appologize for bursting in, and told me she was proud to see I was so well endowed and that I probably wasn't finished growing yet." "I'm sure she is right, it can almost feel you growing bigger right now. I bet you masturbate alot, don't you? You must be horny all the time. Do you ever think about me when you jerk-off?"

I hesitated for a moment not sure if how to answer, then said "I get horny so easily and yes I masturbate often. Since your last visit this past summer I think of you all the time." She laughed and said "I remember the day when I dove into the pool and my top came undone. You should have seen your face when I stood up in front of you, not realizing I was topless. I watched as you scrambled out of the pool and ran inside holding a towel in front of you. You didn't come back out for over an hour." Nervously I laughed and said "Yeah that was an afternoon I'll never forget and so is this one. I ran to the bathroom and jerked off shooting a big wad in no time, but my cock just kept throbbing hard. I kept stroking and thinking about your gorgeous tits for 15 minutes until I came again. It sure felt great, it took 5 minutes before my boner finally went down."

With a big smile she said "Let's see what we can do to get a repeat performance. Slide that big cock between my tits, I want to see you cum on my chest." Slowly I began thrusting back and forth as she squeezed her tits together. I looked down watching my cock as it pushed up then slid back down out of sight then reappeared on the next thrust. With her head leaned down the tip of my cock entered her hot mouth with every push I gave. Very soon I started going faster as I felt the tension building in my balls, I arched my back and my body went stiff. As I let out a loud groan Carol Jo was flicking her tongue rapidly back and forth across my slit and thick hot streams of cum squirted on her face and tits and into her mouth. When I had finished she was covered with cum. She licked her lips with her tongue as I leaned down to kiss her. I stood up and she took my cock in her hand rubbing it all over her tits, spreading my creamy cum everywhere. She held my cock to her mouth licking and sucking it clean.

"OK, now you have to lick me clean, start with my face and work your way down...all the way down!" I looked down and saw my cum running down between her tits and across her belly to that patch of hair between her legs. I laid her back on the bed and climbed on top of her putting my knees on either side of her and began licking her face. I had never given a tongue bath before and it was an exciting new sensation. My cock, still hard as ever pressed against her as I moved around. I worked my way down her chest past her beautiful tits to her belly, sucking my cum from her belly button then down to her mound of fur. I followed the trail of cum until I reached her hot wet pussy. As I licked all around up and down each side she began moaning, softly at first but soon got louder as I flicked the tip of my tongue between her lips and into her pussy. She spread her legs open wide and held the back of my head with her hands guiding me to her majic spot. I knew I had found it when she squealed and took a deep breath and moaned "Oh yes baby right there, just like that don't stop. You're going to make me cum!!!"

She threw her legs across my back and drew me into a leglock as she tensed and screamed out "I'm cumming don't stop..." I felt her pussy begin to convulse as I licked on her clit and sweet juices flowed out. She released me from my headlock and cried out "Give me that big hard cock, put it inside me now and fuck me good. I want to feel every inch of it deep inside me."Rising to my knees I moved up on the bed until I was against her between her open legs and rubbed the tip of my cock between her swollen pink pussy lips until it was well lubed, then with a firm but gentle push my cockhead slipped inside. I looked down and watched as I slowly continued pushing as my entire cock disappeared. I paused for a moment looking up at Carol Jo. The expression on her face told me there was no need to ask if she was OK. I started rocking back and forth sliding my cock in and out of her hot tight pussy and enjoying the greatest fuck of my life. Till this day I think she was the best I've ever had.

It was so hot to see her juicy pink pussy lips wrapped around my cock tightly as it slid in and out. My cock was throbbing and my balls were aching as I thrust my young body against her for another 5 minutes before having to surrender to that moment when you are no longer in control. I thrust hard driving my cock deep as it began to explode, I felt paralized, except for my cock squirting each time it throbbed relentlessly. Finally after 6 or 7 big squirts I slowly withdrew my cock from her pussy rising up on my knees and rubbed my cock a few times until with one last throb I shot another stream of cum on her belly. I laid down beside her and wrapped my arms around her as we kissed.

After resting for a while I suggested that we should clean ourselves up and asked her to join me in the shower. We lathered each other up from head to toe and enjoyed discovering each others bodies. By the time we finished "showering" I was so worked up again with another raging boner. We toweled off but didn't bother to get dressed, and went to the kitchen for a cold drink. Neither of us had noticed that we didn't fully close the inside door when we came in earlier, until the moment, standing naked in the kitchen, there came a knock on the storm door and we looked up to see one of my friends looking straight at us, his eyes bulging and his mouth open. Embarassed but excited, I leaned over and whispered in Carol Jo's ear, "He has a really nice cock nearly as big as mine, shall we invite him in for a while? I think it could be fun don't you?" She shook her head yes and I walked to the door and greeted my friend telling him of our idea. He siad it was a great idea and quickly stepped inside.

After making Rick comfortable on the sofa sitting between Carol Jo and I we were all smiles as collectively we undressed him. Exchanging glances and a few teasing touches his cock was rock hard. "See Carol Jo I told you he had a nice big cock, I'm glad to finally get a chance to play with him, Ha-ha you know how curious young boys can be sometimes. In my gym class there's 5 or 6 guys who always like to play in the shower and we have fun sometimes jerking each other off. For several months I've been getting the urge to find out what it's like to suck a cock. Do you think that's normal?" She smiled and said "Yes I think it's perfectly normal for young boys to be curious, don't be afraid to explore new things. How do you feel about it Rick, are you willing to try new ideas?" Rick smiled real big and said "I sure am, let's get started..."

We all laughed together and....
Fill in as you like for now, till I find time for more.

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2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
omg i cummed twice please write a part 2!
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Those "older" women will do it every time--one man is never enough.

Very steamy until his friend appears at the door