I was in my mid teens in the 70's and as my hormones kicked in hard the year before I experienced a lot of changes, in my body and my mind as well. My pubes had grown in nicely and my cock was now a modest 6 1/2" and I seemed to have a perpetual boner. A simple glance at a girl was often enough to get me hard. I spent a lot of time masturbating and was getting to the point that I could stay hard and not cum for almost 30 minutes.

My birthday was coming up, on the next Wednesday and I had decided to skip school that day as a treat. Mom and Dad went to work as usual while I slept in for a while. I was wakened by the sound of the sweeper running in the other room, then I remembered my Mom had hired a woman to come in to do cleaning and dusting on Wednesday's. I had never met her before since I was in school when she came to the house. I was curious, and crawled out of bed to go have a look at her. Wearing only the Gym shorts I slept in, and not paying attention to my usual morning boner, I walked into the other room. I said hello to her as I walked by, stopping at the fridge for some juice. When I turned around I saw her kind of unconciencously looking at me while she worked.

I went to the f****y room and turned on the TV, sitting on the sofa with one leg propped up like I always did. Soon she came into the room to dust, and as she worked her way around the room I noticed she would look at me from time to time. She was a fairly attractive woman about 30, with a slim build and dark hair. I couldn't tell anything about her tits due to the cloths she wore. She was soon dusting the coffee table in front of me, and I lifted my leg up to let her dust and when I did my semi hard cock fell out of the pant leg. She was standing almost in front of me when it happened and I saw her eyes fixed on the display I had presented. She cleaned the table spending some time working on a few places that needed it, all the while glancing up at me ever so often. I was getting turned on quite a bit by this time and my boner was impossible to hide. She said she needed to take a break and asked me if I would mind is she sat down. I told her I didn't mind at all, and she sat down on the sofa about a foot away from me. I tried to relax in the hopes that my cock might not be so obvious poking up under my shorts but it was no use. It just throbbed and throbbed in my pants, I was so horny and I needed some relief fast. I hadn't noticed when she sat down that she had removed the smock she had been wearing as she worked.

As I gave her a closer look I was able to see how nice her tits were under her shirt. Her tits stood out under her shirt even though she wasn't wearing a bra, and they jiggled just a little when she moved. She caught me staring at her tits and smiled, "Do you like what you see? Would you like to see more?" I snapped out of my daze and said "Yes I like what I see. I'd love to see more. I'm so horny I could bust." She said "I can see how horny you are. Your cock looks so hard under your shorts. It's been almost 2 years since I had a good fuck, and I'm horny as hell myself." She slowly began unbuttoning her shirt teasing me with a little peek as she undid the last one. With one hand she reached over rubbing my inner thigh working her way closer to my throbbing cock while I slid my hand into her shirt and fondled her tits. With a little tug I had her shirt off and finally got to see her beautiful tits which were so firm and and turned upward, her nipples pointing towards the sky. I felt her hand as it slid under my pantleg and up to my dick giving it a nice squeeze and a stroke. I leaned over sucking on her fantastic hard nipples, back and forth I went between them a few times. She tugged at my shorts and told me to take them off. Without hesitation I pulled them off and tossed them aside and began stroking my cock while she took off her skirt and panties.

When she turned to face me she swayed from side to side displaying her smooth flat belly leading down to her well trimmed bush gracing her pussy. I slowly looked her over from top to bottom admiring her shapely body, my young hard cock throbbed hard as it stood straight out between my legs. She stepped closer and I reached my hands out rubbing along her thighs up to her hips than around to her firm ass cheeks. She smiled at me and said "Do you think I have a nice body? I try to keep myself in good shape." I looked up at her and said "I think your body is fantastic and I want to lick you all over. Can I start with your pussy?" She stood in front of me putting her legs on either side of mine arching her back slightly, her pussy was right in front of my face. I leaned forward and began licking my tongue across the pink lips darting in and out. She moaned and said "Oh that feels so good you're making me so wet. I can't wait to get your big young cock inside me."

After a couple minutes she sat down on my lap and began rubbing my cock against her pussy teasing me rubbing the tip of my cock between her hot moist pussy lips. She raised up slightly and guided her pussy down on my cock taking it inside her as far as it would go and began rocking back and forth. She leaned down and gave me a kiss, my hands caressed her beautiful breasts. She leaned her head back and said "Suck on my titties while I ride your hard cock." I sucked gently on her hard and pointy nipples moving from one to the other making her moan loudly. She began bucking her hips up and down on my shaft wildly and cried out "I'm going to cum all over your cock, will you cum with me, I want to feel your hot load squirting deep inside me."

That was all the encouragement I needed as she drove her pussy down on me. My balls tighten and my cock throbbed hard as I began shooting hot thick streams of cum into her, over and over again. We both had a fantastic orgasm together, and she collapsed on top of me. I could feel my hot juices oozing out of her pussy down my cock. After a moment she caught her breath and raised up off of me and bent down sucking our juices from my cock. After licking me clean she stood up and said "We should get dressed now before your mother comes home and catches us." We pulled on her clothes and straightened ourselves up, and she finished up her dusty chores just minutes before my mother arrived.

My mother walked into the f****y room and said "Hello, I see you've met the new maid I hired, what do you think of her? Is she doing a good job?" I looked up at mom and smiled and said "I think she's very nice mom, we've been getting acquainted this afternoon, and I think she does excellent work. I hope you're thinking of keeping her around a while, I'm sure that she'll be keeping everything in tip top shape." Mom said "Good I'm glad to hear she is able to take care of everything so well." I grinned and thought to myself, yes she certainly did take care of me.

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sounds like a good time. I remember the 70's well
2 years ago
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
I'm an older man with an attractive younger cleaning lady. But I'm way too shy to try anything like this.
2 years ago