The week that followed my exciting night of babysitting with Cathy and Steven seemed to pass very slowly and I thought about the things we had done that night frequently. The memories were vivid in my mind and they made me so horny. When I was alone in the house I would get naked and masturbate as I imagined Cathy stroking and sucking my hard cock as Steven watched.

As the weekend drew near I hoped and prayed that Mrs. Waters would call for me to babysit again. Finally on Friday the phone rang, Mrs. Waters asked if I was available to watch her k**s that night. I told her I had no plans and would be happy to sit with them. She told me that Cathy would be having one of her friends sl**p over if it wasn't too much trouble and that she would pay me a little extra. I told her it would be OK with me and I would be there at 7pm as usual. When I hung up the phone I began to think there probably wasn't going to be much fun that night with Cathy's friend being there. As it turned out later nothing could have been further from the truth.

When I arrived Mrs. Waters told me there was plenty of things for the k**s to eat in the fridge, Steven was downstairs watching TV and Cathy was at her friends house and would be home soon. I told her not to worry I would take good care of them and she said goodbye. I grabbed a soda from the fridge and went downstairs to join Steven and waited for Cathy and her friend to get home. I sat silently watching TV with Steven for a while. A few minutes went by and he said this movie was boring and asked if we could find something else to watch. I said it was fine with me and started flipping the channels. He looked at me with a smile and said "Can we watch some dirty movies like we did last week?" I smiled back at him and said " I guess we can, at least until Cathy gets home."

We found a hot movie with two guys and two young girls going at it real good giving the guys a blowjob and stroking thier long hard cocks. After a couple minutes I glanced over at Steven, he had his hand on the bulge in his pants rubbing back and forth across it. I laughed and said " Steven you must be super horny, judging by the look of your bulge." He smiled and said " Yeah I am horny, since last Friday all I can think about is playing with your cock again, stroking it and sucking on it till you cum. I loved how good it felt when you sucked my cock too." He rubbed on his bulging pants harder. I was excited by what he said and my cock began grow, throbbing hard pushing against my shorts. I put my hand on my bulge, " I really enjoyed the things we did last Friday night too. I can hardly wait till you s****r get's home with her friend. We might be in for some really hot fun tonite. You should go upstairs and change, get out of those jeans and put on your PJ's. I'm sure you'll feel a lot more comfortable."

Steven got up, his boner strained against his pants making it difficult for him to walk as he went up the stairs. I turned my attention to the movie, getting hornier as I watched. I unsnapped my shorts and slid the zipper down. I reached into my underware and pulled my cock free and began slowly stroking it, feeling it in my hand as it swelled and grew harder with each stroke. In the movie one of the guys was now sucking on the others cock, I laid my head back and imagined Steven between my legs with my dick in his mouth. A few minutes passed and I was eager for him to come down the stairs and join me. When I heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs I blindly call out " Hurry up Steven, you're missing the movie and I have a nice boner for you to play with." As soon as I said that Cathy walks into the room with a huge smile on her face. I was a little surprised to say the least.

I looked up at Cathy in the doorway and smiled at her, " Hi Cathy, uh, I didn't expect you to be home so soon. Looks like you caught me with my pants down. Ha Ha" as I tried to pull up my shorts. " I want you to meet my best friend Ashley." Still with my pants below my cock, Ashley walks around the corner and into the room, her eyes immediately locked onto my stiff cock as I strugled to get my pants up. Finally able to stand up I said Hello to Ashley and shook her hand, " I appologize for the way I looked when you came in." Ashley smiled and said " That's OK, I didn't mind. Cathy told me about you and I see she wasn't k**ding when she said you had a really nice cock."

I looked at Cathy, frowning a bit at her, "Cathy you weren't supposed to tell anyone about what we did." She held her down and said " I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself. Ashley and I were talking and she told me how she saw her b*****r naked the other day playing with his boner. I just had to tell her about all the fun I had playing with you and Steven. That's why I invited her over tonight, she would like to have some fun too." I was a bit stunned yet extremely excited at the same time and my mind began to race as I thought about the possibilities that lie ahead for the evening. I offered them a seat on the sofa with me to watch some of the movie. They sat on either side of me and I put my arms around thier necks and let them rest on thier shoulders as we watched the sexy movie play on.

I began rubbing my hands around as I worked my way further down thier chests until I had a breast in each hand. Squeezing and teasing them a little as they squirmed alongside me. They both wore a light sun dress which had a stretchy elastic top and neither of them wore a bra. I slid my hand under the top edge of the fabric down to thier soft suple tits underneath. My cock had hardened once more and pushed up hard in my shorts. Ashley and Cathy took notice and asked if they could help in any way. I told them they should undo my shorts and take them off of me. They complied and soon had my shorts off and started exploring, running thier hands up and down my shaft and feeling my balls. I began tugging the top of thier dresses off thier shoulders sliding them down below thier tits. Ashley had gorgeous titties, like ripe peaches perched upon her chest. Her small brown nipples pointed straight out as they hardened from the teasing of my fingers. Cathy's breasts hung slightly being somewhat softer than Ashley's, and they curved upward her nipples forming two little peaks on top.

I heard Steven as he walked down the stairs finally and stepped into the room. His face lit up and his mouth dropped open when he saw the three of us on the sofa half naked. " What took you so long Steven, come join us." He stood there for a moment just looking at us as his his young cock stiffened at the site before him. " Come on over here Steven you look like you could use some help with that boner." I said as I pushed the coffee table with my feet making more room in front of the sofa. He stepped closer, standing in front of us with his cock pushing out against his PJ's. I took my arms from around the girls and reached out pulling down his PJ's letting them drop to the floor. I said " MMM I bet you would like to have your dick sucked wouldn't you." and leaned forward putting my lips over the tip and around the head. The girls giggled with delight as they watched me take his whole cock into my mouth and bob up and down on his shaft. I just a matter of a couple minutes Steven was ready to explode, I tasted his precum as it oozed out onto my tongue. I pulled his cock from my mouth and said " Do you girls want to see Steven cum for us?" and I jerked his cock rapidly with one hand until he shot streams of hot cum all over me.

I sat back between the girls and said " Now I think it's my turn, who's ready to help me?" They both took turns stroking me as Steven got on his knees in front of me watching. When he saw a big drop of my precum form on the tip of my cock he leaned down and licked it off. Soon another drop appeared, he slid his lips over my cockhead and sucked and licked up my juices. My body stiffened and my balls were aching to unload. " I'm going to cum !!!" I moaned as streams of hot thick cum shot from my cock squirting onto my chest and legs. When the last of my cum gushed out I fell back onto the sofa to catch my breath and said " Who's going to clean up this mess?" Steven got up and walked to the laundry room returning with a couple of towels handing them to the girls. They wiped me down until I was clean, then Ashley said " Well what are we going to do now?"

I said " I have several ideas in mind for the rest of the evening, let me tell you about them."..................


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hey this is great series - my cock's out now and seriously hard x
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Hot stuff!
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wow you have to make this carry on!
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great series
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very hot series.
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good start to this story.cant wait till pt .2.6.2012@4.45am