It was a Friday and Mom and Dad were going out for the evening. Plans had been made for me to go next door and spend the night with my friend Bobby, and his older s****r Vicky would be home to watch us. I went next door and Bobby and I went downstairs to the basement rec room. We played some games for a while but that soon got boring. Bobby told me he had found some of his Dad's girly magazines hidden away in a box and asked me if I wanted to see them. I said yes and he got up to go get them. He returned with a stack about six inches high and we spread them about on the floor flipping throught the pages of naked women showing thier beautiful bodies. Wow these girls were HOT, big titties, sexy bodies and fantastic hairy pussies. I felt a tingle between my legs as my dick started to get hard as I turned the pages.

I picked up another magazine and began turning the pages. As I looked all the pages the pictures were all men, not a woman in any of them, just guys showing thier cocks. Some of the guys were holding or stroking themselves, others showed two guys playing together, touching each other and rubbing thier cocks against each other. I found a group of photos where a guy was sucking on a cock and licking his balls. "Hey Bobby check this out, this guy is sucking a cock." He looked over at the pictures and said "Wow I wonder what that feels like." I looked up at him and said "What do you mean?" He said "I wonder how a cock would feel in my mouth. Have you ever tried it?" I was a little stunned by his question but in a way it excited me and my cock twitched a little. "No way dude, not me." I said. "Aren't you even a little bit curious? I sure am. You're the first guy I've told this to, and being best friends I didn't think you would mind." he said as he sat near me rubbing himself.

I turned a few more pages as we sat there looking at all the naked men, my cock was getting really hard and was pushing up in my shorts. Bobby was getting hard also as he rubbed his dick through his pants, "MMM, that guy has a nice cock, mine is nearly that big." he said. I looked at him and smiled, "Yeah his cock is nice but it's not as big as mine is." Bobby's face lit up and he licked his lips, "I don't believe you, prove it. Show me how big your cock is, I'll show you mine if you do." I thought about it for a minute then decided what the hell, it might be fun. "OK Bobby I'll show you I'm telling the truth." and I got up on my knees and slid my shorts down letting my boner out for him to see. "Now tell me I'm not bigger than him." He sat there looking at my throbbing cock, then the pictures and back to my cock. With a big smile he said "Yes I do believe your cock is bigger, by almost an inch it looks like." then he raised up on his knees and pushed his pants down. "Is it OK if I touch it? I've never felt another guys dick before, just my own." I shrugged my shoulders more or less in agreement.

He pushed the magazines out of the way and moved closer crawling on his knees till he was right in front of me, our cocks nearly tip to tip. He began by running his fingers around the head and the tip as he explored. My cock jumped at his touch, it felt wonderful and as he wrapped his hand around it I reached out taking his stiff rod in my hand. He moaned and said "Oh I like this, it feels great doesn't it." I smiled and said "Yeah it does feel good, better than I thought it would. I'm so horny right now, aren't you?" He told me to lay down on the floor and take off my shorts. He stood up kicked off his shoes and took off his pants and knelt on his knees beside me. With both hands he stroked my stiff cock up and down. I laid there, my eyes closed as I enjoyed the pleasure of being jacked off. All of a sudden the sensations changed, I could feel both his hands around my cock but now I felt something warm and wet on the tip of my cock. I raised my head and opened my eyes just as Bobby's lips slid over my cockhead. "Bobby, I didn't know you were going to do that, I just thought you were going to jerk me off."

He raised his head and said "I couldn't help myself, I just wanted to feel your cock in my mouth. I love it, can I do it some more. Please?" I nodded my head in approval and laid back to let him suck my cock. Damn, it really did feel good being sucked and I began to imagine what it was like to have a cock in my mouth. For several minutes I lay enjoying the blowjob, then my hand began to wander finding Bobby's leg as I slid further up his inner thigh until I found his cock. I stroked it feeling how hard it was as he continued sucking me. Then the words just flew out of my mouth "Bobby I want to suck your cock." He sat up and said "I was hoping you wanted to try it." He stretched out on the floor getting next to me laying on his side, his head at my cock. I rolled onto my side and took my first taste of cock as he entered my mouth. It was warm and hard, his cockhead swelled as I licked and sucked on it. I slid his cock deeper into my mouth enjoying the feel of his throbbing member as he sucked up and down on my cock.

We lay there on the floor sucking each other for a few minutes, oblivious to the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. Suddenly the rec room door opened and Vicky walks in and before she notices us she said "Just checking on you guys, you're awfully quiet down here..." She froze mid sentence when she finally sees Bobby and me naked on the floor sucking each other. "Holy shit! What are you two doing? she screamed. Bobby sat up reaching for his clothes trying to cover himself, while I grabbed a magazine to put over myself. "We're just fooling around s*s." She looked at each of us and began to smile, "Yeah I can see how you're fooling around. Is this what you guys do when you're together down here?"

Bobby spoke up explaining "Well, no s*s. We normally just look at the girly magazines and jerk off but when we saw the pictures of these guys sucking each other I got curious. Dan said his cock was bigger than the guy in the magazine and I told him to prove it." Vicky sat on the sofa and said "Show me the pictures you were looking at. I want to see for myself." Bobby looked around for the magazine then realized I had it in my lap. "Show her the pictures Dan, you have them in front of you." I held the pages open to show her. She reached out for the magazine "Let me have a closer look at that." and she snatched it from my lap. My cock had deflated quite a bit and hung limp as I covered myself with my hands. Vicky looked at the pictures for a moment then looked at us. "I don't know, it's hard to say from where I'm at. You guys get up and stand over here where I can see you better."

Bobby and I looked at each other, still a bit embarassed from being caught then laughed and did as Vicky told us. Standing side by side naked in front of her she smiled as she compared us to the pictures. "Well boys, the first problem I see is that your cocks aren't hard. Something needs to be done about that don't you think?" I turned to Vicky and said "You could help make us hard again. Why don't you let us see your titties and play with our dicks.That should give us a boner." Bobby spoke up saying "Yeah s*s come on, show us your boobs. I'm starting to get a boner already and Dan looks like he is too." My cock had indeed begun to get hard again and I reached down to rub it as it grew stiffer. Vicky watched as our cocks came to attention as she unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders, then unfastened her bra and slid it off setting her gorgeous tits free. I reached down to touch them and Vicky pushed my hand away, "Oh no, you can't touch yet. I want to play first." she said as she reached up and took our cocks in her hands and began to stroke. "My you boys are nice and hard now. Let's see how you compare with the guys in the magazine." She stroked our hard cocks as she looked at the pictures then at us, "Bobby, I think you are right, Dan's dick is bigger and it's thick too."

I thought I would explode any minute as I looked down at Vicky's tits and her hand on my cock, precum had begun to drip from the tip of my cock. She took some of it on her finger and put it in her mouth to taste. "MMM Dan your cum tastes sweet, I want some more. Do you mind if I put my mouth on you?" I looked down at her smiling face and just shook my head as she leaned forward. I watched in delight as my cock disappeared into her hot wet mouth. Wow, this was even better than when Bobby was sucking me earlier. Vicky had obviously done this before, it was amazing feeling her tongue slide around the head of my throbbing cock. Up and down the length of my shaft she went again and again until I lost control shooting streams of hot thick cum into her mouth. She swallowed my load then licked every drop of cum from me.

Vicky now turned her attention to Bobby as I sat down next to her watching as she sucked on his cock. Her full round tits bounced as she moved up and down on his stiff dick. I reached over with one hand rubbing her big tits while I stroked myself with my other hand. It wasn't long before Bobby started cumming filling her mouth with his hot juices. She swallowed his load as she had done with mine and sat back smiling, "Well boys how did you like that? We both told her it was great and felt so good and we hoped we would get to do it again soon. She said she enjoyed it also and maybe we could play more another day. She told us it was time for us to go to bed and sent us upstairs. We picked up our clothes and started to gather the magazines. Vicky said she would take care of them and sent us upstairs.

Bobby and I went to wash up and got in bed, the memories of Vicky sucking us off fresh in our minds. We lay there talking for a while and soon drifted off to sl**p. About an hour later I awoke and went to the kitchen to get a drink of water. As I passed the doorway to the basement I saw the lights still on in the rec room and heard some faint sounds from below. Quietly I walked down to the rec room where I saw Vicky laid back on the sofa naked, one hand rubbing her tits and the other between her legs playing with her pussy. I stood there peeking around the door watching her, my cock grew hard at the sight of her luscious naked body and I pulled my cock out and began jerking off. I must have made some noise and Vicky looked up and saw me watching her. She motioned with her hand for me to come in putting a finger to her lips indicating for me to be quiet. I slowly walked to the sofa and she pulled my shorts down then spread her legs apart. In a whisper she said "Oh Dan I'm so horny. I need some cock in my pussy, can you help me?"

I got on the sofa between her open legs as she took my cock in her hand rubbing it into her wet pussy. With one thrust my cock sank into her and she let out a little moan as I began pumping in and out with my throbbing hard cock. She wrapped her legs around me drawing me against her. "Oh Dan your cock feels so nice inside me. Fuck me nice and slow, make me cum for you." Trying to maintain control as I gave her every inch of my meat with a slow rythm I worked my cock in and out savoring the incredible feeling of her wet pussy wrapped around my hard cock. Amazingly I was able to hold on for nearly ten minutes until she said she was going to cum. My balls began to ache and I felt the first stream of cum squirt into her, followed by several more. When I was finished I collapsed on top of her and we kissed passionately for a while, my pulsing cock still inside her. She relaxed her grip on me with her legs and let out a big sigh saying "Oh Dan I really needed that. Thank you, you're such a nice boy. I hope you will be visiting Bobby more often." With a huge smile on my face I told her she could count on it.
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8 months ago
Just the way my sis and I started. You show me yours and I'll show you mine. Next it was touching then fucking.
1 year ago
Hot story for sure!
2 years ago
We Wish!
2 years ago
Very hot story, my brother and his friends did a lot of jerking in our basement to mags they had found or stolen from their fathers. My Dad had quite a few plus a lot of VHS tapes that got a lot more use than he knew about.
2 years ago
Great Story... got me sooo Hard that I had to unzip my pants and when my Erect Cock shot free, it straight Up in my Lap... Twitching & tingling Ready to be gripped amn Stroked til I Spewed StckyCum down the sides and onto my fingers... I licked it Off!
I'm Johnny & if you click this, you can mett my Cock:
2 years ago
Shot my load over that hot story.
2 years ago
hot story - love bi stuff x
2 years ago
wooow nice
2 years ago
AMAZINGLY HOT story. Saved.
2 years ago
Hot story.
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
2 years ago
Holy shit, this is hot! Thanks.
2 years ago
Very HOT!