I Want to Used and Very KInky

I am just the average woman my age. At least that is how I look at it. If I want something I just ask and if it offends you grow up. I have some very kinky fantasies and I am hoping to have one come true.
I want to be handcuffed, blindfolded and transported in a Large Dog crate to the destination of my humiliation. I have no idea where I am being taken and am both excited and scared. I can hear voices but not understand what they are saying. After a medium length ride we come to a stop. I hear the people exit the vehicle and then the back opens where I am. My crate door is open and I am uncufed and told told crawl out on all fours like a dog. A collar and leash are placed on me and I am lead inside. I am taken to a room and tied and told to shut up no talking and wait. Again I am excited and scared also. After a short period I her a door open and approaching footsteps. A firm and clear voice says" Welcome". You are in a room that was constructed for sexual pleasures and it has everything to pleasure, torture, abuse, and use you. Scream all you want as it is soundproof also. Your freinds have left you to teach you a lesson about be careful who you tell about you deviant fantasies cause they may come true.
My clothes are cut and ripped off until I am naked. I am then examined and probed and poked.
Then I feel something enter my asshole and I realize it is some type of hose and I am having a very hot liquid filling my rectum. It is becoming a bit uncomfortable and I whimper slightly and a hand grabs my stomach and pushes hard and a voice says take bitch you getting full. Hold it cause if you lose one drop we start over and each time the liquid gets hotter and hotter. I am then poked in the belly whipped and made to lose a trickle. My leash is yanked and am humiliated and told " Let it out sissy bitch" Do over time and it is gonna hurt. Again my ass is being filled with a very hot enema liquid and I have to bite my lip to stay quiet. I hear voices saying things like Slut take it , hurt the bitch, claen that asshole good so we may use it up.
I manage to hold the liquuid and finally am allowed to release it. I then am move to another table or what ever and then the name calling and ass fucking, degredation begins. I am told I am only to be ass fucked or in my mouth. Never my pussy and I even hear them discuss sewing it up or staples and I am terrified. I am positioned with my ass and awaiting asshole looking right up as if it is want to be used.
For hours I am gangbanged anally by 35 men till I am so full of cum and then I am punished for being so nasty trashy and slutty and told there punishments coming. Suggestions are being shouted from I am assuming an audience as I am still blindfolded. They are things such as whip her good and hard. Use e-stim on her till she pisses on the floor and then make her lick it up and be cathed so she pisses no more on the floor.
I am then told there is more and am placed back in the van and crate. I am then taken to a place where I am sold and left for 3 hours and they can do as they please to me. I have been left a a gay club and the dykes and tough ladies are using me hard and also they have gotten a woman and man gangbang of me and I am then used again anally till I am whimpering please stop. I am slapped and told "shut the fuck up cause you are bought and paid for". I am penetrated with all sorts of kinky objects, fist fucked, they tried two fists up my ass but I sissied out and they did just enough to make it sore and I was told I better open my ass more and practice stretching it cause I am gonna take two fists anally. I am then picked up and transported to another location where I am told " Welcome to your new home and life". Your belongings and cats are here and you are now are permanant sex toy and slave. You are to always be naked and to do as told and if not the consequnces are painful. I am going to also be trained to make my pain into pleasure and take more and more. I am theirs' and better get used to it. The real pain,kink, and trainging will really begin now. Once again. Be careful what you wish for and enjoy the pain.
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1 year ago
hi queen i think u enjoy the great bdsm.hey y can tell us how much enjoy u gain with bdsm.
i want to friendship with bdsm girls.goodby
1 year ago
I look forward to more of your stories too.
What's the minimum number of guys you'd want for your anal gangbang? Setting up 35 won't be easy.
1 year ago
Very well done; looking forward to more.
1 year ago
would love to help you out get in contact please
1 year ago
so fucking kinky, twisted, and hot. how about we work on the anal gangbang?
1 year ago
Hopefully, You will tell that story more slowly over 3 or 4 parts, because it will be very hot.
1 year ago
I have cum all over my fist right now having read your story. I wish I was one of the 35 men who shot their hot sticky loads into your tight slutty asshole.
1 year ago
omg thats fucking hot