My First Freak Nite

I had gotten a cotract to fix the furnace / ac unit at this bar in cleveland. I had to wait to fix it till the bar had closed and then begin my repairs. I had informed the bartender that I would be repairing the unit and it would take some time. He said: no sweat he would inform the nite cleanup I was downstairs. I went to work and heard the crew at work and then geting quieter as time drew on. I was in a pinch and had to reach behind the unit and from underneath loosen some parts. It was a tight squeeze and i had gotten stuck too. I then noticed someone coming into the room. They were all plastered to say the least. She was a gorgeous blond very petite and he was a black guy who was very large. They came into the room taking off there clothes and she was giving some amazing head. He was no slouch either. He must have been 13 in. long and it was fat. I had given a low key cough ,but no one had heard me. He was really plowing away at her pussy too.It wasnt long and they were both panting and screaming in their throes of passion. First her then him. It was very hot indeed.I had again made my noise and was asking for some help to get unstuck from the position i was in. She stumbled over and looked at me like I was a martian and asked; How log I had been there? I answered long enough and would they be so kind to help me get unstuck. She called him over and he asked what I was doing and i told him repairing the ac unit. He asked how much i had seen and was I going to tell? I said none of my buisness so please carry on ,but get me out of here. She then called me a freak and said i should be treated like one. She sat on my face and told me to suck her pussy clean.I tried to avoid it but she was holding me in place.I began to eat her up and clean her out.She had alot of cum in her.She then said I had done a good job and she wanted more. He straddled my face and shoved his cock into my mouth and commanded me to suck it. I began sucking and really liked it too. He fucked my mouth well and he was going to pull off and she said No and to feed the freak. I drank all his hot thick cum and then asked if he would help me out. He moved the part that had dropped on me and told me not to tell. To this day I have not told anyone of the story, but would love to meet them again..
91% (11/1)
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2 years ago
what bar was that?
2 years ago
Wow,so that job was actually a bonus.... lol
3 years ago
How log I had been there? log???i dunno, how many minutes went by? lololol. u'll b
3 years ago
I'm not into women at all but would like to suck cock all night...
3 years ago
wow- we should all be so lucky!
3 years ago
I think you just told me and everone else, but that's OK I won't tell anyone. By the way I would like to meet them also.