True story - my fantasy about Laura comes true

I had always fancied Laura. She was a sexy girl and her big 36DD breasts always got me hard. I used to masturbate about her a lot; I would find a picture of a sexy girl in a lads' mag and jerk off onto it imagining it was Laura in a tight bikini or bra showing her cleavage.

We met up with friends one night. She had recently split up from her boyfriend of 2 years and was looking very beautiful; tight jeans, heels, nice low cut top and simple but effective make-up. Her dark eyes looked gorgeous. She was very touchy-feely with me all night, putting her hand on my leg if I said something funny, and giving lots of hugs randomly. I thought about all the wank sessions I had about Laura and my mind was running wild with dirty thoughts.

As it was late when we decided to go home I offered to drive her home. I secretly hoped she would said yes, and she did. We went into her house and had a drink. We got talking about relationships and she confessed that she had fancied me for ages and had always wanted to know "what it felt like" to be with me. Suddenly the conversation turned dirty and Laura said "I think we'd be really good in bed together." She asked if she could kiss me so I let her. Within a few seconds our hands were all over each other, findling and fumbling.

I put my hands on her big chest at last, feeling my cock grow in my trousers as I realised I was finally touching Laura's double Ds. She tugged at my trousers and unzipped them as I stripped her to her underwear. Her bra was white and straining with her breasts heaving in them. We were on the sofa and I made her lie on her back as my hands wandered. Her hand delved into my boxers..."Oh god, that is huge! You kept that quiet!" she said, smiling as she kissed me hard.

I felt up her gorgeous tits and let my left hand wander below her waist; I felt how wet she was already. She was breathing heavily, so I just went for it. I gently rubbed her which made her moan softly. Then I used my thumb to rub a bit more firmly "Oooh yes, I like that, keep doing that," said Laura in her sexy voice as she stroked my erect dick very slowly, teasing me. I throbbed my cock in her hand which made her even more wet. I slipped two fingers inside Laura and masturbated her slowly. It wasn't very long before she had her orgasm, she tensed up and then as she relaxed started to rub my penis a bit faster. "Oh wow, that was good," she said, staring at my cock.

I kissed Laura's breasts and neck which made her even wetter, so I slipped a 3rd finger in and went faster. She started panting and moaning, then had a second longer orgasm. She kissed me passionately then led me upstairs to her room. I had my hands on her boobs all the way up the stairs.

I touched Laura's tits again and loved how big and firm they felt in her bra. She moaned as I kissed her tits. She made me lie on the bed and she knelt in front of me, her big boobs hanging in her bra, and she kissed my stomach and moved towards my dick. I closed my eyes as I felt Laura's lips around my shaft. She sucked me long and hard, for about twenty minutes, licking and using her tongue to great effect, flicking her tongue on my bellend, then cupping my big swollen balls and kissing my shaft. She then used her hands on me and commented, "Wow you're so big, I can get two hands round it!" She jerked me faster. It was like wanking about her. I told her I wanked about her lots. She loved hearing about how naughty I was; she always thought I was a good boy!

I got her to swap placed with me, so she was on her back. She undid her bra and let her 36DD breasts loose. I pounced onthem, I pushed her boobs together in my hands and kissed them and licked them. "You bad boy" she said, as she realised I was slipping my dick between those melons.

I rocked my cock slowly back and forth first, feeling how warm Laura's double-D cleavage was. I loved every second of it. Then I started thrusting harder, and before long I was pumping Laura's big busty 36DD boobs with my hard cock.

"Cum on my boobs," she said. I thought about all the times I had jerked off to Laura and all the times I wanted to do this. I thrusted into her big deep cleavage one last time and I unloaded all over those wonderful 36DDs. The load was thick and messy and sprayed out in long thick strands, first on her boobs then on her neck. Some even went in her hair and on her cheek.

"Wow that was a lot!" Laura said, looking at the huge mess I just made on her body.
I let my still-erect dick throb on her boobs a little longer, then we cleaned ourselves up. It was 3.30am by the time I left her house.

That was the first and, sadly, the last time I saw Laura topless and touched her big boobs. I will never forget that night; it was one of my ultimate fantasies come true. Laura was just as she was in my fantasy - a naughty brunette with a lovely heavy pair of 36DD boobs!

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