ever sence i was little i thought our mail man was very sexy. thourgh out the years i talked to him when i can. i found out the we wereone of the last house on his route. i was talking to my mom about him one day. she really thought the same thing. we came up with a plan. it was that the next day she wouldopen up the door and have only a robe on but open and have her bra and g string on under.

the next day hecame up and she opened the door> and she said "hi steve so you want to come over after your route." he said sure chris i will be over in a about 20 min.

20 min later he was knocking at our door. my mom answered and they went to her room. i was spying on them cuz the door wasnot closed all the way. they were talking and my mom said "well you know how my son is bi and all he wants for his birthday is to have a 3some with me and you." he said thats fine with me he is a very sexy boy and for his birthday. i walked in with my speed-o on

i went up to him and pulled off his shirt and he had a nice 6 pack. i started unbutton his pants and pulled them down and started kissing him form his chest down and started sucking his huge juciy cock. then i got up and pulled off my moms robe and he took off her bra and i pulled her g-string off. i was tounge fuckking her has hewas sucking on her nipples. then as i was eatting her out my mom was sucking his cock and he was sucking mine. then he turned me around andsuck his dick up my ass. my mom was sucking my cock

i wanted to see how much jizz my mom can get on her so i jizzed on her and told my 2 b*****rs and my step b*o to come in here and jizz on her facethen the mailman jizz on her also. but he had never seen so many cocks and didnt know what to do. so i told him to relax. one of my b*****r shoved his dick in his ass and my other b*o shoved his dick in his mouth. as my step b*o was sucking his dick and i was sucking mystep bros dick and i started to finger my bros ass hole and my b*o was tounge fucking my ass and i was fingering my mom.

now he comes over with his wife sometimes and we all fuck.
57% (11/9)
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3 years ago
Kinda boring..not enough detail. I didn't even get excited. :(
3 years ago
it could use more of a story line. More planning and more details along with foreplay and previous knowledge. But its a great idea. I would love to see you perfeect it
3 years ago
getting better with the details
3 years ago
Not that gay but great story hope to read more got me ll hot and very hard thanks