Kissing Cousins Part 3

I awoke again around noon, I was still in Mo's bed, and he was not. I smelled breakfast cooking so I went downstairs, and there he was standing at the stove making scrambled eggs.

“Do you want cheese?” he asked without turning around.
“Sure, was this morning a dream?” I asked grabbing a plate and sitting down.
“Nope.” He answered with a smile.
I was relieved.
“Your s****r called, she wants to know if you're coming to visit soon.”

My twin s****r had opted to go to military school in lieu of my mother sending her to fat camp.

“I don't want to go see her, I call her back later.”
“Why didn't your b*****r come over to watch you?”
“Because I hate him, and he doesn't drive”

My b*****r and I never really got along, my mom always took special care of him and made sure no one ever hurt his feelings. Mommy's boy to a t.

“You don't hate him.”
“Yes I do.”
“What ever you say baby cousin.”
“I'm not a baby anymore. You should know that.”
“I do, but that doesn't change the fact that you are my baby cousin.”
“Why did you ask about fucking?” Mo asked as he sat breakfast down in front of me.
“Because I used to hear it being said. 'Fuck me harder', so what were we doing?”
“Foreplay. There are a lot of different ways to have sex, there's foreplay-what we have done, making love-it's more sensual, there's more of a connection, and then there's fucking which is just getting down having sex fast and hard.”

As he was explaining each experience I felt my self getting wet, right here at the table.

“Does it hurt?”
“For guys no, but for girls the first time will hurt, and after a while it won't hurt as much. Also with every guy it will be different, there are guys who have thicker cocks than mine, and longer. So you have to go slow.”
I hung my head a little, “Will you teach me?” I asked sheepishly.
“Are you sure baby cousin.”
“Yes, I want it to be you and only you.”
“OK, we'll do it I promise, but not right away.”

I finished my eggs, and sprawled out on the couch and turned on the tv, another Law and Order marathon. I fell asl**p again, I woke up to Mo rubbing my shoulders. It was dark out, I must have slept for another eight hours.

“Now?” I asked.
“Now.” he answered.

I followed him upstairs to his room, he changed out his bedding, to solid black. I looked at him, he said that I would understand later. He handed me a drink, and a pill, it was E, he said that it would help. I nodded and swallowed the pill. He helped me onto the bed, I undressed and lay there not knowing what to expect.

“What now?”
“Foreplay. I'm ready we just need to work on you.”

He proceeded to run his tongue all over my body, it felt like ho wet silk. Gliding over every inch of my my nipples stood fully erect. He pinched one and I screamed , he let go.

“That's what it's going to feel like. Except further down, are you sure you want to do this we can stop”

I nodded, he moved his fingers and traced my wetness. He let his fingers play on my outside lips, he pushed his middle finger in slowly until he hit my hymen, I sucked in my breath it hurt so much.

“No,” he said, “you have to breathe, let the endorphins flow.”

I released my breath, he put on a condom and rubbed his cock around my dripping pussy. He started to slide in, slowly, I felt his head pass and it felt so good but it hurt too. My body pushed back against him, my body tried to prevent further entrance.

“You need to relax baby cousin, remember breathe.”

I started breathing again and I felt my body release and allow him more room, he pushed in further until he hit my hymen again. He stopped there for about five minutes. Letting my pussy get used to the feeling. He suddenly thrust, without warning, there was a searing pain, but it subsided after a while and he pulled back, not all the way but enough to give my swelling pussy some relief. He began a nice rhythm, I could feel myself responding to him, picking up what he wanted me to do. He came I didn't but that was ok, my first time was over I made it through, and I only wanted more.

81% (10/2)
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3 years ago
all ur stories r so hot, i love them
3 years ago
thank you there is more to cum, it just takes me a while to gather my nasty memories
3 years ago
Hot story!!
3 years ago
I want to fuck a virgin girl b'coz i m virgin still but only indian teens
3 years ago
I want to fuck a virgin girl b'coz i m virgin still but only indian teens