Kissing Cousins Part 2

I woke up alone in my bed, Mo had gone to his room. I wanted to crawl in his bed so that he could hold me more, but I knew that it was wrong and what we did was a one time thing and it could never EVER happen again.

There was a light knock on my door, “Are you going to school today?” My mom asked through the closed door, she respected my privacy and always knocked before coming in.
“No, mom I don't think so, today is my bullshit day, just two art classes and study hall.” Senior year for me was easy I had taken all of my necessary courses early in school so I could get an advanced diploma.
She opened the door,“Alright, I'll write you a note to take to school on Monday, Daniel is charge while I'm gone, what he says goes.”
“Mom, first of all I'm 17 I don't need a babysitter. Second of all where are you going, and how long will you be gone? Also you know he hates it when you call him that.”
“See this is why you need a sitter, you don't listen. I'm going to a conference in Sacramento for two weeks. And that is the name his mother gave him.”
“That's why he hates it, mother.” We were getting pretty loud at this point, my mom and I yelled at each other everyday, not because we didn't like each other that's just how we communicate in our f****y.
“What is all the yelling?” Mo asked from the hall.
“Your cousin doesn't listen to a damn word I say.” My mom told him.
“She called you DANIEL.” I sang trying to get her in trouble but to no avail.
“I think I can handle this auntie,” Mo said as he brushed past my mom and sat on me.
“Mom make him get off!” I wiggled and squired but he had me pinned.
Mom just shook her head and closed the door, “Keep her out of trouble DANIEL.”

Mo moved around and laid on top of me, I tried to escape but he pinned me by placing a hand on each wrist and putting his hips on top of mine. He looked me in the eyes and smiled, he then tried to kiss me. I turned away.

“Baby cousin, I just want to have fun.” He placed his lips on my neck. I could feel his breath coming out hot and slow.
“My mom is still here, we're cousins and I'm a virgin.”
“I know all of that but only two of those things are true.” he whispered into my each letting his tongue gently graze it.
I shuddered, then I heard the garage door.

Mo moved his hips making sure I could feel his full erection, it was a magnificent feeling. His whole member pulsed against me, I was instantly flowing, ready for...ready for what I don't know. But I do know that I wanted him to touch my clit, because it was pulsing too.

He let go of my hand, I left it where it lay. He moved his own hand to his pajama bottoms and started playing with his cock. When he let go of my other hand he used that hand to rub his balls, I took off my top, I don't know why but I did. He reached up and grabbed one of my 36c's and started squeezing. I was overwhelmed it felt so good I almost passed out. I wanted to do something more, I lived a very sheltered life, next to hearing my mom get it on with dudes. I didn't actually know what was going on behind the door, I understood that they were fucking but what did that really mean? I knew that I had a vagina and it was used for three things: peeing, babies, and sex. Knowing that I used it for sex, made me explore it often that's how I found out about my clit, I discovered it around age 7, at first it felt like an electric shock but then it felt so good.

I moved my hand towards my bottoms, Mo watched me, I got nervous and stopped.
“What is it?” he asked.
“I've never touched myself in front of anyone.” I said weakly.
He stopped stroking his cock and looked at me“That's alright baby cousin, you don't have too.”
“I want too.” I said as I pulled my pj's off.

I moved my hand slowly down, as my fingertips came in contact with my swollen clit, I got that electric feeling again. As I played with myself, I matched my rhythm to Mo's, he came within minutes.

“Thank you,” he said, “will you rust me and let me show you something?”
I nodded still rubbing my self.

He moved his mouth up to my chest, he looked me in the eyes again, I nodded again. His mouth found my nipple and I rubbed my clit faster as he nibbled and flicked his tongue. I came he played with the other one I came again. He moved his mouth down, kissing my stomach as he went along.

“Cousin, I meant to ask, where is your pubic hair?”
“Mom takes me to get a full body wax because she said I got daddy's gene's when it comes to hair.”

He laughed, I never met my dad so I assumed it was true. He moved his mouth closer to my clit as the heat from his mouth moved down me, I started to move my hips toward him. He stuck out his tongue, I pushed my hips forward and fell off the bed as his tongue made contact with me. I giggled like an idiot but got back into bed, where he put his tongue back on my clit and held it there while I slowly moved my hips around. It felt so good.

“Is this fucking?”
He pulled his face away, “ No baby, no it's not I'll show you fucking some other time.”
“Am I still a virgin?” I asked stupidly knowing the answer as soon as I asked.
“Let me check,” he moved his finger inside of me and pushed, it felt good, until I winced in pain, “Yes, only sex makes you not a virgin.”
“Sex is fucking?”
“Yes and no, I'll explain everything I promise, do you want me to lick you some more?” he asked.

He moved his mouth back town to my clit, he swirled his tongue around, and sucked it like a piece of candy, I kept coming. He kept licking. I think I passed out at some point because when I awoke I was tucked in and had my pj's back on.

Was it all a dream, I opened my door and went down the hall, Mo was sound asl**p in his bed. My mother was no where in sight so I climbed into his bed, and fell asl**p.
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2 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
3 years ago
Nice. Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
check my prof. for part 1
3 years ago
Great dream baby,,but what an ending,,hop there is more,,,where is part one