Kissing Cousins Part. 1

I had been very sexual from a very young age. I could remember listening to my mom mess around with the guy that I called “dad” for 9 years. I would sl**p on the couch in the living room with the Cartoon Channel on, while she was in the other room fucking this guy's brains out.

I was the youngest of 3, well technically it's a tie because I'm a twin, bu I'm the youngest twin. My mom was the oldest of 6 making us the oldest cousins in our f****y, except my cousin Mo, who was about 2 months younger than my older b*****r.

Mo was my oldest cousin, he stood up for me at every turn, if someone in the neighborhood was picking on me he would promptly go over and kick their ass without a single question. He always called me his baby cousin, although I was by far not the youngest. My mother always took care of the f****y, she took Mo in for about a year, while his mother worked out her craziness.

I was having issues at school because I was a 17 year old sophomore, not because I failed but because of stupid cut off dates, late birthday. I told my cousin what was going on so,Mo came back, he was 3 years older than me so he had already graduated. He walked into the lunch room and stood and the table and shouted, “This girl is my baby cousin, if one person fucks with her, I'll fuck with you.”

A pretty solid threat coming from him, everyone knew he held the record for the most suspensions in one school year. I loved him with all of my heart for doing that for me.

Later that week he came by my house to see how everything was going.

“Hey Cousin, how are things?” he asked plopping down on my bed.
“I don't like high school.” I sighed.
He sat up on his elbows, “Is someone messing with you?”
“No.” I said meekly.
“Do you want to tell me about it?” He asked raising and eyebrow.
“Not really” I trailed.
“Come here,” he said as he beckoned me towards my bed.

We had shared this bed for as long I could remember, especially when I was scared or upset, he would crawl into bed with me wrap his arms around me and tell me everything would be OK. I lay down on the bed next to him, his strong arms enveloped my tiny 5'5 frame.

He placed his chin on my head, “Now tell me whats wrong?”
“No one likes me,” I started to cry and tell him how no one would talk to me because they were scared of him.
“Cousin, I'm so sorry. I never meant for that to happen.”

I started to cry, he unwrapped his arms and placed them on my small waist, he started to tickle me. I couldn't help but laugh and squirm all around, when I could breath he finally stopped.

“Thank you, I needed that,” I said as I turned and nuzzled into the crook of his arm, he smelled fantastic. I started having bad thoughts about pushing myself towards him, but he was my cousin, my mother's nephew, my aunt's son. That's when I felt him pushing against me although I don't believe it was on purpose, I could see he was blushing even through his dark complexion.

“I'm sorry, you were wiggling around's not on purpose I swear.”
“Maybe you should sl**p in your room.” I told him quickly standing up.
“Cousin, I'm sorry.”
“Also I think we might be to old to be sharing a bed still.” I didn't want to say these things, I could see the hurt of a broken heart in his eyes. He went down the hall to his room and closed the door.

I pulled the covers off of my bed and lay in the middle of my floor, I was so ashamed of what had happened in my bed that I didn't want to sl**p in it.

As I fell asl**p, I thought I heard someone in my room but I was to tired to move. I felt Mo on top of me pushing to be inside of me. He was dry humping me in my sl**p. My eyes sprang open, he looked down at me but didn't stop, he was close to coming. I pivoted my hips so that I was in line with him, his cock rubbed right against my sweet spot, I made him slow down.

We locked eyes the entire time that he was grinding on me. He bucked his hips back and forth, making sure that he hit my clit with every thrust.

He leaned in and whispered,“I can feel that you are wet. Do you want me in you?”
I let out a breath, “I'm a virgin.”

He moaned and I felt his pace pick up again, this time I couldn't slow him down, as the friction on my clit grew hotter, I came again and again. By the time he finished I came 3 more times. We lay there panting, his heaviness pressing on my chest, I looked at him as he let his head rest on my ample.

He turned his head so that he could see my face, “Cousin, I'm so sorry but I've been wanting to do that with you for a very long time.”
“Cousin, don't be sorry, that felt so good. I didn't know that it could feel so good if someone else did it for you.”
He laughed and put his head down again, listening to my heartbeat, he said, “ I love you Baby Cousin.”
“I love you to cousin.”
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3 years ago
Great story, is it true?
3 years ago
thanks part 2 is coming soon! prob not til tonight, (9-24-2011)
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
not bad not bad at all