30 Minutes Or Less: Final Course

I called Sam later that evening, she answered right away.
“Hey sweetie!” she answered.
“How are you this morning?”
“I'm very relaxed, I wanted to see if you want to come over for lunch today?”

I thought about I for a second,
“Yes, I would like to come over. I'm excited to see your place. And I can't wait to see your kitty.”
“Hmmm, Zazzy is excited to meet you as well.”
“I'll be there around 12?”
“Yeah that sounds great.”

I showered and threw on the most respectable micro mini that I owned I wanted easy access. I arrived promptly at noon. She opened the door wearing just an apron. I almost died, she was gorgeous. I pretended that she was fully clothed.

“What's for lunch?”
“Grilled chicken, on a bed of fresh spinach.”
“Sounds healthy, are you sure you work at a pizza place?”
“Yes but dessert is a red velvet cake filled topped with a cream cheese frosting with dark chocolate drizzle.”
“WOW! I didn't know that you were a chef.”
“Yeah I actually graduated from culinary school, but I haven't really found any good work. So I took the pizza job. I still get to create but within certain restrictions.”
“Amazing, so where is this little kitty?” I asked after the most delicious meal I'd ever had.
“She's probably hiding upstairs, she is a little shy at first but she play if you keep at it.”

She lead me upstairs to her guest room, when she got on all fours to look under the bed her round little ass poked into the air, I sucked in my breath.
“Is she under there?”
“No.” she sighed.
“That's okay,” I said reaching down, while she was still under the bed, “I'll play with this kitty.”

She let out a soft little moan, I almost came just feeling the heat coming off of her dripping pussy. I had to taste her. I pulled her from underneath the bed, and I dove in, letting her wetness go all over my face.
It tastes better than before, I love it. I kept licking her over and over again, until she made me stop. I wanted to keep going, I could eat her forever. I then heard a knock on the door, I looked at Sam, she was in no shape to answer the door. She was smiling and barely conscious. I wiped off my face then went down stairs to answer the door. I passed Zazzy in the hall and gave her a wink.

To my surprise James was on the other side of the door.
“Why are you answering Sam's door?”
“Why are you knocking?”
“WE work together, now answer my question.”
“We meet and had lunch together, she is upstairs taking a nap.”

He looked at the stairs, then leaned in to kiss me. I pulled back knowing that I still taste like her. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in, he held me against his mouth, his tongue searching. He let go and then stared at me, I looked away, he knew. He started for the stairs.

“James no”
“No? NO!?” He walked back towards me and very calmly said “No one tells me no.”

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me along behind him as we went up the stairs, Zazzy saw us and ran into the bathroom and hid. He opened the door to her room, when he saw she wasn't there he turned and looked at me furious.

“Guest room,” I squeaked out.

He pulled me down the hall, when he saw that she was in there he threw me to the bed. Sam sat up, and stared and James the same way I had when I answered the door.

“What are you doing here?” she gasped.
“I came to check on you, I called last night but you didn't answer.”
“I wasn't here, I'm fine you can go now.”
“Why is SHE here?” he grunted in my direction.
“Because she's my friend, James please leave now.”

James didn't leave instead he walked towards Sam and pushed her down to the bed, and straddled her pinning her to the bed. He the grabbed both her wrist in one hand and pulled them above her head. With his other hand he removed his belt and tied her wrist together. Once he felt that she was secured he moved to me.

“What am I going to do with you?” He said as he looked around the room, he saw the silk curtain tie backs, he counted them, “Undress please.”

I looked at Sam she nodded. I quickly started to unbutton my shirt, he stopped me,
“Slower and leave on that skirt, just pull it up.”

I did as he said, he then tied my hands behind my back and repositioned Sam in the same fashion. He picked each of us up and ordered us to our knees.

“Take off my boxers.”

We looked at him confused, with out hands tied there was much we could do.

“With your mouth,” he picked up his belt and flicked it once like a whip. “and do it quickly or you'll get the belt.”

I stood on my knees and mouth my mouth on the elastic band, Sam did the same, he stood there almost at full attention.

“I'm not hard yet, make me hard.”

Sam moved her mouth towards his semi-erect penis. He stopped her, “With out touching me.”

I understood, I did my best to crawl to Sam, I began to kiss her, letting my bare breast rub against hers, she let out a little moan as her nipples stood erect. I leaned down and took one of her soft pink nipples between my lips. She moaned louder, she pushed back and took my breast into her mouth. I became instantly wet, I looked over at James. I could see his erection growing, almost there. Sam did her best to push me to my back, James helped me down, she put her tongue on my clit and there was an explosion of ecstasy. She had put in a vibrating tongue ring, with every lick I came hard. She then put her pretty little tongue as far inside of me as she could and she flicked it around, make my pussy throb, and making me moan and cum even more.

“That's enough, good girl Sam.” He said as he kissed her and pulled my juices off of her tongue with his own.

James lifted my spent body and placed me on the bed face down, ass in the air. When his thickness penetrated me I almost fell over. He braced himself by grabbing my arms that were still tied behind me, he pounded into me over and over again, cumming from penetration is so much better than cumming from clit stimulation. It was the best fuck I've ever had, I didn't want him to stop and he didn't he grabbed my hair and pulled back hard I let out a scream, that's when he untied Sam.

“Shut her up, anyway you can.”

Sam climbed into the bed and started kissing me, he pulled my hair again, I let out another cry. “Not good enough,” he moaned as he pushed his cock deeper inside of me. Sam thought for a second then she pushed her hips into my face, I started licking, and probing with my tongue knowing that I couldn't ever make her feel like she made me feel. James pulled again, I moaned because of the pussy that was filling my mouth.

“Good girl Shelli, good girl,” he said petting me. He then pushed my face into Sam's wet cunt grinding my face into it. Sam was in to much pleasure to resist James, she grabbed the back of my head and pushed, James let go, and pulled Sam in and kissed her. He put his hand on her breast, pinching and pulling on her nipples.

He turned me over, he then put his mouth on my nipples, he put my nipple between his teeth and pulled, it was fantastic. The pain, the pleasure, I started to fade out.
“Go get them,” he said to Sam and I thought I saw him wink at her. Did I imagine it or could they have planned this whole thing?

Sam cam back carrying a small black box, when she opened it, inside where shiny black felt lined clothes pins. I could see where this was going, I wanted to stop but I didn't at the same time.

“James, please” I begged him, knowing that it didn't matter what I said, this was going to happen and Sam was going to help him. Sam leaned in and kissed me as she placed the pins on each nipple, James finally pulled out of me, and moved his face down to my throbbing pussy. He blew on my clit, it was so sensitive, I shivered, he licked it, I came. He then grabbed each side of it between his thumb and fore finger and placed a clothes pin on it as well, barely leaving it showing, it blew on it again, I came again. He left me like that, as he approached Sam.

“Get on the bed,” Sam looked at him confused.”GET ON the bed.”
“DO IT!” Sam crawled back onto the bed, “good girl, present yourself.”

She turned around and put her ass in the air. I hadn't noticed before but I could clearly see the bruises that lined each ass cheek.

He grabbed his belt, “How many would you like?”
“For what sir?” That's when it clicked she was his submissive.
“For allowing this little bitch to taste you without my permission.”
“Sir you said that I could.” She told him.
“I said that you could enjoy yourself once, I also told you to invite her over for lunch and for YOU to taste HER.”
“Yes sir, I understand. 20 please sir.”

He looked down at me, “Is 20 enough for what you did to her?” I nodded. “If you would have said no I would have given her only twenty, but I'm going to give her 30 instead. You won't disobey me again will you?”
“No sir.”
“Count them, you count the odds,” he pointed at me, “my beautiful Sam you count the evens.”

We counted back and forth until she had taken all 30, he leaned in and caressed her ass, kissing it and soothing it. He spread her cheeks away from each other, and placed his tongue at her back entrance soft pressure, letting his tongue ease in. Once he had his tongue in he wiggled it all around, and she moaned but she didn't move, he pushed in one finger and continued licking. He kept doing this until his whole hand was in her ass, I had never seen anyone get fisted in front of me before, she seemed to love it. He obviously like it too, the way his cock was jumping and twitching. He saw me staring at his cock, with his free hand he pulled the clothes pins off of my nipples leaving the one on my clit.

“Suck it.”

I got on my knees and did as I was told, when my mouth touched his cock he pushed my head all the way down the length of his shaft. I could feel the head pass the back of my throat he groaned and twisted his fist still inside of Sam, he held my head there until he shot his entire load down the back of my throat. When he finally pulled out after going soft, I coughed and gagged but kept everything down. He removed his fist from Sam's ass and looked at her and then me.
“Sam do you think that you can follow my orders next time.”
“Yes sir.”
“Then let me introduce you to your new plaything, Shelli. Shelli would you like to be Sam's new plaything.”
“I want to be your plaything,” I said looking up at him from my knees.
“Aww,” he said and placed his hands on each side of my face, “you will be, but Sam will be your master, she will no longer be my little slut.”

I looked at Sam, what was my option?

“Yes, Sam I want to be your slut.”

James grabbed the clothes pin on my clit and said, “How do you think you should speak to her now that she's your master?”

“I'm sorry Mistress Sam.”

Sam leaned in kissed James and then me and removed the clothes pin, gently. What have I gotten myself into now? I think I like my special delivery team, they are going to keep me well fed and well sexed.
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3 years ago
this is great but where is part 2??