30 Minutes or Less: Special Delivery

I woke up the next morning lying in the same soiled sheets, after cleaning up I remembered that I still hadn't eaten anything. I went downstairs and saw that James had put my pizza and bread sticks in the fridge. How nice, I bet he is a really sweet guy deep down, behind all of his rough sex play. I didn't think that I was into that but I really enjoy myself, maybe we'll delve into a bit more sadism, I thought to myself. I grabbed a slice of the cold pizza, and put the rest in the oven, just then my phone rang, it was the manager of the pizza place.

"Hi, Ms. Sons, my name is Sam, I hear that there was an issue with your order last night, I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience, I've spoken to James and he has told me that he will personally taken care of your orders from now onto keep something like this from happening again."

She sounded sincere,"Sam, please call me Shelli, also I'm very happy with James, he took very good care of me last night and he did tell me that he would deliver for me. My only concern is as to what I'm to do if he is unavailable, because I'm sure he gets a day off every now and then."

"Well we can send whoever happ-"

"No I don't want whoever happens to be working that day, I plan on giving you guys a lot of business, because you are reasonably priced, and the pizza is top quality. I want you to deliver it."

"Ma'am I can't really do-"

"Look, I'm going to tell you the same thing I told James. I'm already pissed just appease me and I'll order from you everyday. Also I tip very well, matter of fact I would like to order now, for this evening. And don't call me ma'am."

"James won't be here tonight, so I guess I'll bring it to you, what time?"

All sorts of thoughts started running through my head, how would I convince this woman to get into my bed? James was easy he has a penis, she may not even like girls.


"That's after we close."

"I know that I'm just trying to make things easy on you. This way you can just go home."

"Anything else Renea?" I could hear the frustration growing in her voice.

"That will be all thank you Sam." As I hung up the phone I could have sworn I heard her mumble the word bitch under her breath.

I got to work right away, I straightened up the house changed the sheets in the guest room, and ate as much of the pizza as I could then threw the rest out. Ordering pizza everyday may actually be a bad thing, I thought thinking about the calories. So I hopped online and joined a gym around the corner from my house, I had been past there a few time but never actually went inside.

Then I started putting together how I would lure Sam into my house, invite her in for a glass of wine maybe, yes...dose the wine, both of ours would be "dosed" I love the whooshy feeling that codine gives you, not to much though, just enough to loosen her up.

At 10:14 she is waiting at the door, I answer before she has a chance to ring the bell. She takes a step back and sucks in her breath, I would have down the same if someone answered the door wearing a silk hot pink nightie.

"You must be Sam, I'm sorry I was getting ready to get comfy with a glass of wine to go with my pizza, would you like to join me?" She was actually very cute maybe about 28 or 29, short blonde hair cut into a pixie cut. She looked to be about 5'2 but her breast were larger than mine, at least a full D.

She nodded her head, then said yes, I put away the dosed bottle of red wine and opted for the white instead, it looked like she would be a willing partner. As I walked out of the kitchen, she sat on the couch I crossed the living room and sat next to her.

"I'm very sorry for being rude on the phone earlier, I just get so frustrated sometimes."

"It's alright," she said as she took a sip of her wine, she then made a sour face.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing really," she shrugged. "I'm just not really not a white wine person."

I placed my hand on her thigh and said, "I'm sorry let me get you some red instead."

She smiled shyly, but didn't move my hand away. Looks like she will be getting dosed tonight and I will too. As I walked back into the living room I noticed that she had removed her jacket. She also had already changed out of her hideous uniform into some little tank top thing that barely covered, her bulging breast. I quickly gulped my wine, and then handed her her glass.

As I sat back down I could feel her staring at my ass, which again was only covered by a silk thing that was invisible due to my ass hiding that little string in the back.

“So,” I said to her, “ how do you like the red?”

“I love it, it's so rich, but it has a little something in it that I'm not familiar with, but this is a very good wine.” She said finishing the glass and asking for another. Not right now I told her, I explained that the richness of this particular red would go straight to her head.

“I'm a wine lover, I'll be fine. If you don't want to get up I'll go get it myself. It's in the kitchen right?”

“I warned you, just remember that.” I smiled behind my empty glass. As she poured another glass, I leaned back and watched her take a huge swig from the bottle. This is going to be fun, she sat back down on the couch hard making her breast bounce impossibly high. I restrained myself from latching onto her nipple, as it slipped from her shirt, she didn't seem to notice it was out.

She started telling me about her day and how the pizza place moved her into the area and she hasn't really made any friends yet. It's just her and her cat, I assured her that I would be here friend, she smiled. I looked down at her breast again it was still out, she followed my eyes, then her face flushed red, she hurried to cover herself. I gently grabbed her wrist to stop her.

“Leave it.” I whispered.

She smiled again, and then I let her hand fall, when it did she grazed my nipple, which immediately stood to attention. She ran her tongue across her lips, swallowed what was left in the glass, and sighed.

“What is it?” I asked her returning my hand to her thigh.

“Well you've been so nice to me, and I'm staring at your chest.”

She was close to tears, OK the dose was taking her in the wrong direction, I had to bring her make to my side of the line. I placed my hands on each strap of my nightie and let it fall down, I then reached over and helped her out of her tank.

“See now I'm staring at yours too.” She smiled again. She swooned a little, “I told you to slow down with the wine, its very potent.”

A d***k/high grin spread across her face, “I can't drive like this.”

“No you can't would you like to spend the night?” I asked her.

She put her head on my shoulder, and nodded. I helped her up the stairs and laid her on the bed.

“You don't want to spend the night in the jeans do you?”

She answered by rolling her her side to side. I undid the button and zipper, she had to lift her hips so I could properly remove the jeans. When she did the wonderful aroma of her moistening pussy wafted towards my nose. I finished taking off her jeans, she was wearing a pair of black and pink striped boy shorts. Her legs were d****d over the edge of the bed, so as I pulled myself to my knees, my nose landed squarely in her pussy. She let out a soft moan, I knew at that point I was in. I didn't want to scare her so I, lightly rubbed her clit through her soft cotton panties. She started panting right away, I let her feel the heat of my mouth through the cotton. I couldn't really understand what she said through her moans but it sounded like she said please more.

I left her pussy alone for now, I had to get my mouth on those breast, I kissed my way from her belly button up to her breast, starting with the left one, I sucked her nipple into my mouth and gave it a little squeeze with my teeth, she grabbed my hair, so I stayed there letting my tongue roam her aureola, and nipple, until she let me move to the right one. I may have moved to fast though because she stopped me and looked at my face, she tried to get up but was to weak.

“Sam, are you alright? I'm trying to help you fell more , comfortable since you'll be spending the night in a strange place.”

That seemed to calm her. I moved her onto the bed completely and let my hands explore her tiny waist and flat stomach, she was beautiful. I worked my way, slowly back to her wet panties. I started to pull them down but she got to them before I could and took them off herself, “Do you want this?” I asked her. She nodded, “No I need you o tell me you want this.”

“I want you Shelli, please do with me what you want, please make me cum.” She was begging! I think I might enjoy her more than James. I let my tongue penetrate the outer lips of her pussy and slowly sank it in deeper. She grabbed my hair again and held me there and ground her wetness in my mouth and nose. I tried to lick up every drop, she let go as she started to get close to orgasm, I guess she wanted my to finish her, I pulled her clit into my mouth and suck it like a I was trying to pull a g**** through a straw. Her body tensed and then there was a sweet release of her juices, she didn't squirt but my face was covered in her wetness. I brought my face to hers, she looked at me, then kissed me, she said she wanted to know what she tastes like, I kissed her back and put my fingers back in her pussy.

“Would you like to sit on my face?” She asked me, I quickly turned around and placed my pussy in her mouth. Her tongue was amazing, her tongue ring rubbed my insides and it was euphoric. When she found my clit with her ring I almost passed out. I instantly came but she didn't stop her hands found my breast and she rubbed that hard, harder than James had done. She may be a closet freak, we will have to play more.

When she let me go I reached into my nightstand and pulled out my double ended vibrator, “Can you scissor with me or do you want me to fuck you?”

“Fuck me please.”

I switched to my double sided strap on, I put her on all fours, and tongue her to orgasm again, before sliding my dildo in her dripping pussy. She dropped her hips, I picked her back up and slapped her ass.

“If you do that again, I'm putting this in your ass.” She moaned, but I felt her legs lock into place. I put all 10 inches of my fake cock inside of her slow at first but when I felt the cock in me bouncing and hitting my g-spot, I started going faster, she dropped her hips again, which may the cock pop out again. This time I slapped her ass twice, “Sammie, what did I tell you?” I slapped the cock on boy cheeks, and she moved her knees apart to accommodate. I remembered what James had done with my ass the night previous, so I gave it a try, I placed my tongue on her back door, it immediately released. She was definitely relaxed, I explored her hole with my tongue, she rocked back and forth but didn’t drop her hips. Once I thought she was ready I slid my cock in with ease, I was going slow but she slammed her hips back ramming the cock deep in her ass, she was grinding, with a 10 inch cock in her ass. She came again and again, watching her cum, made me cum more. Soon we were both screaming and grinding each to bliss. I don't know when we fell asl**p, but I woke up to her licking my pussy, I held he there until she made me cum at least three more times.

She left a little later without a word, strange but I'm OK with that. I'm definitely looking forward to my next delivery.
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2 years ago
mmm that got me hard @ wanting to get my own dildo out and fill my ass while i jack my cock
3 years ago
very erotic , makes me wanna open a pizza shop
3 years ago
wow awesome
3 years ago
nice story ;)