Cuz Connie loves my morning WOOD

I was 21 and a junior in college when my cousin from
the Midwest hit the Big Apple and stayed with us until
she could get a job that paid enough for her to rent
her own apartment, no mean feat in New York. Connie was
a statuesque, full-figured 24-year-old blonde with the
kind of knockers that really sock it to your eyes.
Cousin or no cousin, I was smitten on the spot with the

And I was always hot. Had been ever since I'd hit
puberty. It seemed to me that I had spent enough hours
jerking on my joint to score in the Guinness Book of
World Records. No matter how many times a day I whacked
on my whopper -- and it was plenty -- it always bounced
right back with another boner.

As per usual one morning, I bolted upright in bed while
thinking, "Shit, I've done it again -- I'll be late for
my eight o'clock class." Then I realized it was
Saturday morning, meaning there was enough time to baby
my piss hard-on, which I usually never had time to
accommodate. It was throbbing unusually hard, a throb
that meant it craved instant relief. The house was
still quite. Making sure my door was closed, I began to
humor my hardness.

Even I was impressed by my cock's unusual length and
thickness. Pulling my boxers down, I wriggled out
of them so my cock could breathe free. I admired it,
rising like a mast straight toward the ceiling, pre-cum
glistening the spongy surface of the crown. Pulling a
girlie magazine from under the mattress, I soon became
immersed in a fantasy that involved fucking the blonde-
fringed pussy staring at me with a pink glow of
anticipation. One hand was fisting my cock to a climax
while the other fondled my restless rocks. Then all
hell broke loose.

Just when I was ready to ejaculate a stream of creamy
seed, the door flew open. And there stood cousin Connie
wearing only shorts and a halter top. She muttered
something which I couldn't catch because I was trying
to scramble for something to cover myself. Leaning too
far to one side of the bed, I slid to the floor with a
dull thud.

"Are you okay?" Connie asked anxiously, approaching
closer to find out.

"I'll live, thank you," I managed to stammer while
yanking a sheet from the bed to hide my hard-on.

Connie couldn't help seeing my rigid rod rising like a
flagpole under the sheet. Those blue eyes grew round
and as big as saucers when she realized what she'd
interrupted. "Oh gosh," she murmured breathlessly. "I'm
sorry. I didn't... I didn't know you were... uh...

Still muttering apologies, she turned and headed for
the door. Thinking myself safe, I exhaled with relief
and started climbing to my feet. Then, almost at the
door, Connie whirled around to face me again. "I just
remembered what it was I wanted to tell you!" she
exclaimed so loud it startled me.

I reacted by letting go of the sheet. Both of us
watched as it billowed to the floor; me standing there
in the buff with my boner and balls bared for the whole
world and my cousin to see.

"Jeez!" she gasped, eyes glued to my erection.

I doubled over, trying to hide my f****y jewels. Then I
got a damned cramp and had to straighten up, both hands
desperately trying to hide my cock and rocks, a sight
we both would laugh about later, but not just then.
Connie shook herself loose from the hypnotic state the
sight of my big whopper had put her in. Without another
word about what she remembered, she left the room and
slammed the door shut behind her. My reverie for some
solo romancing with my rod had definitely been
shattered. Only after she left did it become limp as a
dish rag.

I got even that afternoon.

Friday night's the night to really let loose on campus,
and I had done my share of partying the night before.
One Saturday afternoon brew threw me for a loop, so I
decided on a nap before more howling that evening. And
in the middle of my forty winks I had to take a piss.
Half asl**p and groggy, I was oblivious to the sound of
the shower running. Whipping out my joint, I headed for
the john until a loud scream split the air and jerked
me wide awake.

Standing face to face with me was Cousin Connie, as
nude as I'd been that morning, soap suds sliding down
every nook and cranny of that curvaceous and awesome
body, dribbling from her mouth-watering boobs and
frothing around a breathtaking pussy bush. I was so
overcome with the sight that I just stood there
speechless and gawking.

"Getting an eyeful?" she finally asked testily,
grabbing a towel that only hid her pussy. Her
magnificent boobs were still brazenly bare and had me
licking my lips.

"Tit for tat," I k**ded. "You saw me and now I see
you." I proceeded to beam a steady stream of piss into
the bowl, aware that my cousin's eyes were hypnotized
again by my cock. Then I finished and flopped the long
length against her leg while the toilet flushed. "Until
we meet again, okay?" I asked, scooting out of the
bathroom before she had a chance to answer.

The sight of all that stimulating nakedness had me hard
again and longing to finish what I had started earlier
that morning. Only this time it was Connie's cunt and
glorious globes instead of the girlie magazine
inspiring me to greater heights as I banged on my
boner. I visualized her cunt being fucked by my cock in
that shower where her fingers were probably right this
instant frigging her hot clit while she remembered my
dong. My head was buried in those boobs with warm water
trickling down out bodies while of her fingers fondled
my balls and one of mine probed her hole... Then my
balls began contracting, and I knew my fantasy was
about to reach its finale.

The damned door opened again!

Shit, I'll never be able to get rid of this load, I
remember thinking as I grabbed for the sheet once
again. It was my cousin again, this time wearing only a
damp towel and the smile of a seductress. Or was it my
imagination? Just in case it was, I scrunched the sheet
more tightly around my cock, which had the effect of
making it look even longer and thicker. Connie's tits
were heaving under the towel. I actually could see the
nipples poking the towel outward as they hardened.

"Is that sheet really necessary?" my cousin finally
asked in a breathless voice.

"Is that towel really necessary?" I challenged.

She replied by letting the towel slide to the floor.
And then my cousin stood before me in all her
magnificent stark nudity. I swear my eyes were as big
as half dollars as I drank in the fantastic sight.
Those firm round boobs stood out from her chest like
melons, the nipples as hard as marbles. My eyes
traveled down the flat, concave valley of her stomach
to the gorgeous wheat-colored pussy patch between her
trim thighs.

I ripped the sheet from my rigid rod.

From the bottom of her golden bush, I could see
Connie's flushed and puffed pussy folds, all pink and
slick with the need for cock. But for me, the look on
Connie's face was the best stimulation of all. Those
glazed eyes riveted on my rod told me she was as horny
as hell!

Reaching down, she released my fingers from around the
thick, swollen shaft of my cock. Replacing my hand with
her own, she began a slow, steady stroke up and down my
shaft, her tongue u*********sly licking at her lips as
she stroked. Then she bent lower and gave my piss-slit
a loving lick. Electrical charges ripping from her
tongue's tip to my dick had me lurching toward the

"You like that, don't you?" she purred. Before I could
tell her I did, she ovaled her mouth and absorbed the
whole shaft into her throat. It was a first for me --
no cocksucker had ever been able to take it all before.
When she began slow, laborious sucks, my fingers dug
into the bed sheets as I sucked in air between my
gritted teeth. The longer she sucked, the more my body
burned, her head bobbing rhythmically on my boner like
a precision machine. Then my ass began rising to push
each thrust deeper into her throat as I urged her to
accelerate for that long-overdue shoot-off I'd been
working on ever since the morning.

Just as my body tensed like steel for my cock to spurt,
the blastoff was postponed again. My cousin opened her
mouth and let my slippery shaft slide out. "What's the
matter, don't you like the taste of jism?" I

She smiled at me, running her palms up and down my
chest, stomach, and crotch. "I'd rather have it
exploding inside of me," she explained.

Climbing on the bed, she straddled my crotch, giving me
a close-up view of her wet and juicy gash. Fisting my
cock, she raised herself up and gradually lowered her
cunt onto my long dong. What a sensation! I began
clawing the sheets again as my meat mashed its way into
her hot, steaming snatch. When it was buried in her to
the hilt, I could feel her groin churning at the
sensual pleasure of being plugged so full. Then she
began humping up and down.

Those big boobs jiggled sexily as she bounced her
gushing snatch on my stiff prick. Her cunt muscles were
contracting around my joint, squeezing the hard shaft
as if trying to milk the sperm right out of it. I held
onto my cousin's sassy ass and panted loud gasps of
joyful ecstasy at being the passive partner in a
dynamite screw with a relative who really knew the

Our sweat-soaked crotches rubbing, grinding, and
pounding against one another, Connie's cunt-cream
spilled down over my stiff dick to sop my already
soaked bush. I finally felt my balls tightening,
telling me I might get that blast to the stars after
all. "Better fasten your seat-belt -- I'm just about
ready!" I yelled.

Connie gritted her teeth, her tight pussy continuing to
work my cock over, squeezing and caressing it until I
took a deep breath and aimed a rough upward thrust into
her hot hole.

My erect cannon exploded, firing burst after seething
burst of sperm into her climaxing cunt. Connie kept
right on pumping her body up and down my stiff staff
until my load eventually streamed back out of her
burning beaver. Both of our crotches were bathed in the
combined juices of male and female release. Then I
realized Connie's own biggie was only about to begin.

She rode my burning boner with complete abandon,
panting and moaning wildly as the sensations of pure
sexual pleasure shot all through her trembling body.
When her entire being had been totally devastated by
burning, all-consuming spasms, she collapsed while
still on top of me, panting heavily as our slick bodies
clung together with spent, sticky lust.

"What Midwest male taught you all those maneuvers?" I
finally asked, my long dong now limp and still
glistening with wet release as it hung down my thighs.

"Are you broad-minded enough to know?" she asked.

"Try me," I insisted.

"I learned all those maneuvers from my b*****r, your
cousin, and my father, your uncle," she told me,
waiting for the usual shocked gasp of surprise.

There wasn't any.

I was far from finished and did some of my own
maneuvering to make a muff-dive on that picture-perfect
pussy. Filled with creamy cum, it was an awesome
mouthful. I began licking eagerly while my cousin let
out a gasp and spliced her thighs so wide I thought
they'd split. Then I really cut loose on her cunt,
licking those puffy folds clean and lapping circles
around her clit before dipping deeply into her hole to
revive the rosy tissues. My tongue curled into her cunt
and Connie's groans resounded around the room. I must
have been making the right moves, because Connie was
maneuvering so she could go after my cock and revive
it. And we became embroiled in a sizzling French-style
sixty-nine, the first one I had ever tried.

I took to it like a duck to water, my tongue pumping in
and out of my cousin's hot slit while her mouth moved
up and down my rod. More of those tingles firing my
body from head to toe again. I could feel Connie's own
body temperature rising, hot to the touch, legs
wrapping around my torso to thrust me deeper into her
twat. My body burning like a bonfire, I shuddered
violently from the sensations her sucks were causing
and really socked it to her, my cock jettisoning big
wads of jism deep into her throat while her lips
clamped tightly to take every drop.

97% (23/1)
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1 year ago
good that her brother and dad taught her.
1 year ago
There's nothing like having some hot, lurid, wanton sexy whore-type take a man to the "wood shed"! Tthe only type "whore" that is worthy is one that only does it to her family blood-related male members, like her father, her brother and her uncle. My kind of whore; my only type of girl worthy of my dick. I DO NOT use the term "whore" derogatorily--I use it as a totally loving term of endearment, love of incest union couplings, and consummations.

An excellent story from the perspective of the sex; Connie is a nymphomanic sex-bucket!! She does it right, and correctly! She keeps it in the family--exactly like all the good girls and women should do!
2 years ago
lol that was fun great end
2 years ago
Great story and very humorist at times.
3 years ago
Well done, they had no choice but to get er done and done well it was too
great story !
3 years ago
I had to finish reading...arousing and the humor made me smirk...Thank you for sharing... :)
3 years ago
Loved it. The different terms you used for a cock and pussy used often switching it made it even more sexier. Definitely got me wet. Ty. :D
3 years ago
Very good