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Are you doing this because YOU want to?

Or are you thinking about having sex because someone else wants you to? Maybe you’re not sure you’re ready, but your partner is keen? Or perhaps there's a bit of ‘peer pressure’ – all your friends seem to be having sex, so you feel you should be too?

Do any of the following sound familiar? -

“You would if you loved me!”
“It’s only natural!”
“Everyone else is doing it!”
“Don’t you want to make our relationship stronger?”
“You’ll have to do it sometime – why not now, with me?”
“I'll be gentle, and it'll be really great, I promise!”
“I'll only put it in for a second...”
If you recognise any of these phrases, then you should think carefully! These are not the right reasons to have sex. A partner who says things like this is probably trying to put pressure on you and might not really care whether you’re ready or not – this person doesn’t respect your feelings, and they’re probably not the right person to have sex with.

Nor should you have sex just because your friends are saying things like :

“You mean you’ve never done it?!?”
“I lost it when I was twelve. . .”
“Yeah, I’ve had sex loads of times. . .”
“You’re a virgin, you wouldn’t understand. . .”
“No-one’ll be interested in you if they hear you’re frigid.”
“It's amazing - you don't know what you're missing!”
It may feel like your friends are all more experienced and knowledgeable, but who knows if its true! Many of them will only be saying this sort of thing because they think everyone will laugh at them if they admit they’ve never really done anything! Besides, being sexually experienced at a young age doesn’t necessarily make someone mature or sensible.
Posted by qistinadaniel97 3 years ago
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2 years ago
i feel you...
it actually opened up my eyes a lil...
so goes to the saying, oneself is rewarded for every choice has been made
3 years ago
You should wait until both parties want it. Do it because you feel like you should, isn't good.
There was a study that found that girls that had sex before they really wanted may have long term relationship issues.