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[Story] the first one:)

This is a story about my friend, Rachel

My first time was with my boyfriend of 9 months. We were both 16, and we loved each other so much. We talked about having sex before, and we both thought we were ready, so we decided that if the chance came up, we would do it.

One night I went over his house to hang out. His mom left the house to go out, so we were home alone. We started kissing and making out on the couch, and he put his hand up my skirt, and i had my hand on his crotch. We were getting really into it, so I asked if he wanted to, and he said yes. We got a condom out of my purs... Continue»
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Do I know my partner well enough?

If you’ve only just met your partner, haven’t been going out with them very long, or perhaps don’t even really know them, then sex may not be a good experience because there won't be much trust between you. If you've never even kissed the person you're with, then you're definitely not ready to have sex with them!

Sex can leave you feeling very vulnerable afterwards in a way you might not be prepared for, so it’s better to be with someone that you know is likely to be sticking around. Usually, you’ll have better sex with someone you know really well, are comfortable with, and who you can t... Continue»
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Are you doing this because YOU want to?

Or are you thinking about having sex because someone else wants you to? Maybe you’re not sure you’re ready, but your partner is keen? Or perhaps there's a bit of ‘peer pressure’ – all your friends seem to be having sex, so you feel you should be too?

Do any of the following sound familiar? -

“You would if you loved me!”
“It’s only natural!”
“Everyone else is doing it!”
“Don’t you want to make our relationship stronger?”
“You’ll have to do it sometime – why not now, with me?”
“I'll be gentle, and it'll be really great, I promise!”
“I'll only put it in for a second...”
If you re... Continue»
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So how effective are condoms?

There's lots of myths about how effective condoms are. If they're used correctly, condoms are about 94% - 97% (depending on which study you look at) effective at preventing pregnancy and they're nearly 100% effective at preventing transmission of HIV. Some people say that certain viruses can 'pass through' latex - that's not true.

They won't help against crabs, though, and some sexually transmitted infections (like herpes) can be caught through oral sex with someone who is infected, so you need to use condoms for this, too.
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