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The Truck

After our first meeting, Dee invited me over to her place while her husband was away. When I walked into her house, she switched into good hostess mode, and there was no indication that we were about to do anything but visit innocenly. She showed me to the kitchen, where we sat at the table. She poured me coffee and we started talking. It didn't take long before she was telling me, in hushed tones, why she was on the website. Her husband had started having sex with a female friend of theirs. When Dee found out, she was furious. She found out about his profile, which didn't help things. Then sh... Continue»
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A walk in the woods

Dee and I had been talking for a few days. A couple messages, some chats. She was about twelve years older than me, and both she and her husband had profiles on the website.

It didn't take long for us to arrange to meet.

I pulled into the gas station lot, and saw her immediately. She got in the car, and we kissed hello. I put my hand on her thigh as we drove down the street towards a nature park that she was fond of.

We parked in the lot, and got out, walking on the wide paved path that snaked into the parks wooded areas. We talked a bit, small talk mostly. After we had gone about a ... Continue»
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[Story] Getting To Know Her

It was cold that evening. We had been chatting for a couple of weeks, and finally decided to meet. She agreed to have me come over to her place after work. We'll call her J.

It was dark when I pulled up to her building. I had to look hard to find her buzzer in the orange light by the door. When she answered, I announced myself. She gave me directions to her door and buzzed me in.

When I rounded the corner, she was waiting there in her doorway. We said hello nervously. J invited me in and I took my coat off. We sat side-by-side on the couch and made small talk.

After two minutes, she ... Continue»
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[Story] Sunrise

It was barely dawn...just a dim gray light when J buzzed me into her apartment. She met me at the door, wearing only a robe.

It took less than ten seconds after closing the door for me to get her out of that robe.

She started pulling my clothes off, and dropped to her knees. She grabbed my awakening member and slurped it into her mouth. She sucked gently as it enlarged and hardened between her lips. Once I was fully erect, she stood up and took my hand, walking me into the bedroom.

She pushed me on the bed, and bent over me to resume her breakfast of stiff penis. Her long, straight ha... Continue»
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