"Iron Pumping Cocktease"

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Without being horny, it would be impossible to be confident. Using your head, you would think, there are all these other guys that are taller, bigger, even better hung, with tattoos and that swagger that the cuties wouldn't even be able to see you. But all that swagger has nothin' on a guy who's different, someone who seems like they know a thing or two about being subtle, gentle. Someone who knows how to listen, and pay attention to what she wants. Because they've seen it all before. The world has no shortage of guys who can't talk their way out of a traffic ticket, but they can bench press a mailbox. A girl doesn't get wet until you get inside her mind, first. Then, she'll let you into her panties.
But what good does that knowledge give you when you're trapped. Like a wolf in a cage, you were born to be wild but somehow, wound up somebody's pet. You try to be happy that you're safe and you're fed, but when the zookeeper is done with you, you're alone. But the a****ls in the zoo have to look good, and so, every now and then, you get to go out side, and be around the other a****ls. You can't help but catch a sent. And sometimes, you can almost taste it.
Being in a cage after a while, you become institutionalized. You see it all around you--ass after ass in spandex pants, the hot bodies... Sometimes the face is even cute. And you just shrug it off, and go back to work. "2... 3... 4..." 70 pounds was good. Maybe I can do 80. But I better hurry. The three meatheads that like to occupy the bicep curl machine will be there for an hour if I don't get over there.
"Kobe's back this Sunday! Did you hear?"
I pull the ear buds pumping Whitesnake's heavy metal from my iPod out and see this dude smiling because of my Lakers workout clothes. "Yeah yeah. I'm excited. This season is going nowhere without him."
He kept on talking but all I could think was, 'I come here to do something about my arms, man. Not talk with dudes.'
"Yeah. We'll see, we'll see."
"Alright," the guy said as he wandered off. I put my earbuds back in. Yeah... John Sykes was a fucking good guitar player.
I'm gettin' tired and I'm thinking maybe now it's time to stretch but I saw her. I call her Katrina even though I don't know her name. She could be Egyptian but I don't care. I've seen her before. Big titties, but that's not even the best part. This girl comes in wearing these spandex shorts, about knee-length. And these shorts are not thick. They aren't translucent, but you can absolutely see her thong--if you can even call it that. Even that is barely there. And she wears her pants so tightly that they enter her ass. And when she turns around, you can see her pussy lips. That little piece of fabric on top of it, and the pants over the panties do nothing to alter the shape of her thick lips. Now I've seen camel toe before, but this chick is special. She parades around and at first glance, appears to be checking herself out in the mirror, but I catch her checking to see if anyone is checking her out. She tugs on her pants' waistband, pulling up to maintain that tight crease in her ass, and under each butt cheek. Her workout? Not apparently strenuous... Wouldn't want to sweat off the several ounces of makeup she's wearing under her salon styled hair.
Once I figured out what she was doing, it was just amusing at first. Fishing for dick. It was funny. But it stopped being funny when I started getting hard. And every night I saw her there, I kept getting hard. I think it was because I decided to stop trying to pretend like I wasn't checking her out. I was in full-on stare and she was eating it up. Smiling, but avoiding eye contact. Loitering by the mirrors, taking exceptionally long breaks in between sets on the thigh machine.
One night, I decided to toss my empty Red Bull can into the recycling canister right by that machine she was prying open with her knees. Holy fuck what a good idea. I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked by. I looked down, and her pussy was popping out, right up against the inside of those pants. Sometimes it's the brown pair, but that night, it was the light purple where you can Really see the rise and fall of the left and right mound. I couldn't think to myself anything but what it would be like to have her hot flesh in my mouth against my tongue. Most nights, it was just seeing her ass in pants so tight and thin, she might as well had been bottomless, and thinking to myself how badly I wanted to stuff my tongue into her ass. When she walks by, she smells good so I know she keeps it smelling good.
Yep. She was a cocktease all right. The one giant downfall is that she appears to have a toddler. And this little bugger is a noisy one. He's so hyper and so loud, I'm sure he's got some kind of developmentally-delayed disorder of some kind. And that's sad. Even more sad is that I think dad isn't in the picture anymore, and this chick is shopping for someone to take his place. That ain't me.
But I would fuck this girl. Be that as it may, it was just a fantasy. Or is it?
On one of the rare nights the gym wasn't busy at all, the black-haired, olive-skinned, brown skin pants wearing T-and-A on legs was putting on a show as usual, only this time, she made it a point to walk to her next machine Right next to me. That was it for me. I was going to go on the hunt.
I must have spent all night "working out" on the lowest believable weights, slowly, with an interminable number of reps as I followed her around that gym. I was in open admiration in the nearly empty space, which felt like only her and I were there. At one point, we were right next to each other--her face down on one machine in front of me as I did some leg exercise that I never do. The whole while, I was spoke in quiet soliloquy about the things I would do to that pussy. I was beyond hard; I was getting wet. It was at the point I could hardly stand up. My whole body was buzzing, and my mouth ran dry, requiring multiple trips to the water drinking fountain so my tongue wouldn't rip my lips off. And each time I did so, she just paced... Back and forth. Turning around, rising up to the tips of her toes, lifting her ass, looking at herself (and whoever else). At one point, she faked a 'hello' to someone in the distance but I looked, and no one was there. She just wanted to make a move in my view.
It was weird but it was also a huge rush. But I asked myself, what's the next step? Where does it all go from here? I had to think...

I couldn't catch anything... The zookeeper would leave me for slaughter, among other problems. But I hate condoms. I can't cum in them because I can't feel anything. Or couldn't I? One day, I was buying a lotto ticket at a gas station when suddenly I noticed these new "ultra thin" condoms but one famous brand and I thought, "are these for real?" I decided to try them out. I hid all but one, where I tried it out in the shower at the gym and I could feel everything. The hot water, my hand and it felt good to cum in one. These were the real deal. But now came the next question--how do I know she's game? And where could we make this happen?

There's a unisex bathroom at the gym with a shower and a locking door. I finally came up with the idea to write a note on a post-it, wait for "Katrina" to leave a weight machine and then upon her taking her things, hand her the note, telling her she dropped it. Then, after a brief set of reps on some machine, retreat to the unisex bathroom and wait. The note was going to be simple. "Unisex Bathroom will be unlocked after cleaning in 2 minutes." I carried the note and the Ultra Thins in my workout pants pocket, after taking them out of my hiding place every single trip to the gym until I saw her again. Finally, I saw her. It was showtime. This time, my turn.

I watched her in the mirror from the assisted pull up machine lay down on her stomach in the calf extension machine, set the weight to her usual 20 pounds--the minimum--look around, and start lifting her ankles. I jumped down out of my machine to check the unisex bathroom and luckily, the door was unlocked. The trick to this is to look like you may have left something by accident so people hanging around talking or coming and going to the lock rooms just continue to ignore you. As soon as I made my way back to the workout area, I kept my eye on her as I approached the water fountain. Then, as I searched for another machine to use, I noticed "Katrina" collect her things in preparation to leave the machine she was using. I waited for her to turn her back and at the moment she took a step away, I followed in pursuit.
"Ma'am? Ma'am?? Ma'am???" I said repeatedly, but she never turned her head. It is loud in there but I felt she was just trained to hear things and not respond so as to not break her cover that she was watching everyone in there. Finally I tapped her on the shoulder, "Ma'am?" She turned and looked at me with those cutting eyes and without flinching, I handed her the folded post it note. "You dropped this," I said. She took it from my hand and I turned to walk away.
Quickly, but without running, I grabbed the first open machine I saw, sat down and started doing something on it. I was shaking like an idling Harley Davidson, and watching out the corner of my eyes. This could go very wrong, I was thinking. It could have backfired with some employee asking me about that note. But already, I was ready. I'd play it off with a simple 'I just saw it on the floor, and thought they dropped it. I didn't read it. Didn't belong to me.'
Yeah, that was going to work Outside. But what if I was waiting in the bathroom and one of them showed up to ask about it? Again, I don't know is a great answer. So it'll be important to look like I'm doing something in there I should be doing like getting ready to take a piss.
One minute passed. Then the next. I stopped using the triceps press and looked around. No sign of Katrina. I popped up, wiped down the machine with my towel and headed for the hallway to the locker rooms. I entered the unisex bathroom, avoiding all eye contact en route and let the door close behind myself.

I took a look around the dimly lit room. I looked at the shower, and the bench there for wheelchair patrons to use, just like the kind in the men's showers. I looked at the trash can and then the toilet. People use this bathroom but it's in so much better shape than the men's bathroom stalls. I heard the handle twist and my heart tried to torpedo my throat. I turned around after jumping, and there she was. She looked outside for a minute, and then quietly shut the door. I reached in to push the handle's button to lock it. She stood in front of me, pulling her towel through her hands, watching to see what I was going to do or say next. Knowing what I was going to do, my dick inflated like an emergency slide to a passenger jet.
"I want to show you something," was all I said. She didn't say a word, but the raised eyebrows said, "oh you do?" With my right eye, I watched her face and with my left, I watched my hands push down the waistband of my gym pants and lift out my hard, six inch cock. My balls were tight against the base, and I massaged the head to let its veins pulse under the heavy pressure of my thunderous heart beat.
"Mm," she said.
I reached out for her hand and led it over to the underside of my penis, letting her soft fingertips stroke the skin. "Katrina" took hold, albeit hesitantly, as I reached for her ass. Oh God it felt so good in the palms of my hands. So smooth and full. I wanted to dig my fingers into that crevice so much. And then I noticed the fragrance entering my nose, the sweet smell making me feel as though I were intoxicated. She just kept slowly stroking my cock.
I pushed my pants down and pulled off my shirt before looking at "Katrina." She didn't do anything, so I pulled down her brown spandex pants, revealing her thin, black, thong panties on top of her loins. Her pants suspended between her knees, I reached between her thighs and pressed my index finger up against her hot sex in panties, feeling for her clit. I couldn't find it, so I just rubbed her thick lips in a circle. At first, all was quiet but then she started to exhale out of her mouth, shuttering. All those times she paraded her ass around the gym, I'd wondered how wet did she get herself, thinking about all these guys looking at her, picturing her naked. I wanted to feel her moisture. I wanted her slippery pussy oil on my fingers to rub together. I wanted to taste that salty, tart oil on my tongue.
I knelt down before her, using my pants and shirt under my knees on the floor and began to kiss her panties. This didn't do much but it was about the anticipation. By now, pre-cum goo was hanging by a long clear string from the open slit on the tip of my cock, the semi-softness giving the oil a chance to ooze out. I wanted to grab it, and rub it into my cock head but I needed to focus. I needed "Katrina" to feel good so that she would let me do what I wanted to her.
As I kept tonguing the black lace where the stubble of her shaved pubes were, I was holding onto that ass, wishing I could see it. It fucking felt good and the warmness of her skin pressed up against my fingertips as I let them crawl deeper inside to the g-string of her thong was was making my dick rise again. Time was short so I need to take the next step. I took my fingers up to the waist of her panties and rolled them down, tugging on the string in between her ass cheeks. In front, the lace wrinkled from taught to slack, as the waist band began to pull the lacy covering down and away from the black split between her two brown pussy lips. Fuck it was so hot. I looked up at her face, but her head was back, eyes seemingly closed, as she caressed her own neck with her hands. I looked back down, surveying for any signs of wetness and I thought I might have seen a little something, but then I looked down into her panties and oh my God that was hot.
Goo, clear and thin, stringing itself between a little shiny dark spot in the base of her panties and the meaty opening of her cunt lips. My heart pounded even harder, realizing I was turning this chick on. I slid my tongue against top end of her opening to grind that clit, 'cause I knew she'd be ready and she was. Her knees buckled, so much so I was convinced it was only her spandex pants looped around her lower thighs that kept her standing. Pushing up her pelvis into my mouth while standing on her toes with her knees bent, I had even better access to her pussy with my tongue. I grabbed that ass with one hand while pushing down her panties and spandex pants even further.
"Katrina" straightened up to adjust her legs, letting her pants and panties drop to the floor. While backed away, I used my hands to guide her hips. I wanted her to turn around. Now facing the door, I pushed on her lower back to bend her over. Her hands were on the door and I had her beautiful, naked ass in my face. I took both of my hands, palmed each of her ass cheeks and pushed them apart to see that asshole. Her beautiful brown knot was clinching tightly, pushing now white cream inside of her pussy up to it opening. I took my right middle and index fingers to push inside of her and it was hot. Her muscles grabbed my knuckles, drawing me in. God she was tight. This chick was going to feel good taking my cock, which was so hard and thick it felt as though it was going to explode.
While guiding my two fingers in an out of her slick, juicy lips, I stuck out my tongue and tickled her asshole. It made her kegel muscles clamp down on my fingers so hard, I thought my bones would break. But I used my biceps to drive my straightened wrist right back into her messy sex while French kissing her ass.
"Katrina" never said a word the whole time but she was breathing hard and moaning. Then suddenly she whispered it. "Fuck me. Goddamn it fuck me."
I didn't need text to go with that. I kept licking her ass while using my hands to feel for the package in my gym pants. I yanked it out of the pocket and tore off one end of the plastic wrap. The minute I backed away, she turned and walked over to the shower and lowered the bench. I watched her ass while I rolled on that thin condom and while stroking my cock, watched "Katrina" lay down on her towel on the bench, one leg up and the other bent at the knee, with her foot on the floor. I pulled her closer to me by her hips, crouched down and pressed the head of my smooth, latex laminated cock up against her slippery cunt and pushed down against the opening.
Good God it was hot. Her breathing got loud through her mouth as I felt my dick spread the muscles inside her cunt. The heat spreading up my dick like a hot bath on a cold day, I was going to go balls deep in this little cocktease. My shit was all the way in past the edge of the condom, her lips wetting the base of my shaved dick when I pulled back and pushed in again. I felt like a train trying to go up hill, but slowly, I was going from a slow back and forth to a good, rhythmic pace. Her body was shaking already. One hand grabbing the edge of the bench by her head, the other hand pressed up against the wall to maintain her balance. This chick was cumming already! I saw the vein in her neck thicken as it pressed against her skin and just when I thought she might scream, I bent down and pressed my mouth against hers. Our lips were only pressing together, but she was having an orgasm, using my face to muffle what would have been the scream that would have brought gym security!
I slowed down to let her enjoy that orgasm. It was easy to keep from cumming myself with this condom on but it felt fucking good. The tip was loose now from having been fucking her steady for a minute or two. I leaned back up to rub her pussy with one hand as I bucked my hips forward, the tip of my cock banging up against the end of her pussy on the inside. I looked down and the shit looked so good, I wanted to cum right then and there. This was the moment I had pictured in in my mind for weeks. Months! And now here she is, her naked ass getting tapped by my balls swinging against it from the dick she's been getting hard stuffing her naughty space.
I freed my hands to pull up her shirt and bra in one push, exposing her big, possibly fake tits to my eyes. Her flat brown nipples and little areola was enough to make my dick twitch. I knew I was flowing pre-cum now and I just wished it was possible to let her suck it without the condom on. I wanted her to taste that hot oil pushing its way up through from the bottom of my dick. It was at that moment, I was going to let her see it.
Without warning, I pulled out and pulled off the condom, tossing it in the wastebasket behind me. I let her watch me walk over to the shower drain and pound my cock while she reached down and fingered her pussy. She took her other hand to rub her clit.
"Face me," I gasped. She turned around on the bench her ass hanging off of its edge, thighs spread and swollen, moist pussy calling me back. Then all of a sudden, she backed up on the few inches of room she had on the bench to put her sneaker-covered foot up onto the edge, so that she could stick a finger inside of her asshole. Oh God, that was too hot. I lifted up my hips, bending my knees, curving my back, and preparing to squeeze the head of my cock. It started twitching, my asshole was contracting and hot, thick fucking cum was surging through my cock until it jumped out of my dick hole. The first spurt was nothing compared to the second, which jumped several feet into the air and away from me. I noticed that but I kept my eyes on hers, saying with my face this is because of you
"Katrina" smiled and so did I, as I worked to push out the rest of my cum still inside. She sat up to stand and step over to me. She stroked my balls with her hand as she kissed me. She said, "that was fun."
I smiled and chuckled. She turned around, grabbed her towel to wipe off her hands before looking over at our clothes over by the door. I watched her ass as she walked over to pick up her panties. Her pussy under her ass in between her thighs still slick from her own cum, she lifted one leg to step inside of her underwear before repeating with her right foot. Pulling up the thong up inside of her ass, I was beginning to get light headed and even drool. She was just so sexy.
Without making any sudden movements, I grabbed my shirt to put it on, trying not to miss watching "Katrina" put her spandex pants back on. Since she was wearing sneakers, though, she had to sit on the porcelain throne for a moment to pull off her shoe. I helped her pull off the other sneaker before going to put on my pants, which didn't need any shoe removal on my part because of the wide leg openings. Her fucking sexy feet had black toenail polish and a silver ring around her longest toe before slipping it back into her thin, brown spandex pants. She put her socks back on before standing up to pull her pants up over her panties.
"We shouldn't leave at the same time," I said. "I'll see you?"
She gave me a wry grin and said, "Yeah."
I grinned back and cracked the door to look outside. Seeing that no one would see "Katrina" in the bathroom with me, I left as she put her shoes back on.

I showered and came home to go on about my business, but on the way, thought about what would happen if we saw each other again. Or if I had company and she saw us together. I eventually decided that the best thing to do would be to come up with this story about witnessing some kind of brawl in the locker room, prompting me to cancel my membership and workout at my old gym. Which was good, because I didn't want to ruin a perfectly awesome night of hot sex thinking about bullshit. Life is too short to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy it while you're young enough that you can.

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