Very Merry Boxing Day

I felt the need to share with you another of my experiences. This one happened about 6 months after my one night stand with David (see "so much more than an online lover") and a long time before James (see "drive-by blow job) Once again I have changed the names but the rest is real.

I'd been in my flat for a while and spent a lot of time online chatting to other guys trying to get some more fun. Sadly most of the guys I chatted to seemed to be time wasters. They would chat dirty online sometimes even on the phone but seemed to bottle out when it came to meeting up.

I had seen Brian a few times over the past few months but he was becoming more and more pushy about a relationship, I was still only after carefree sex, so we decided to go our separate ways, for a while at least.

Greg and I met in the usual way, we found each other on a popular gay men's social network site and started chatting. We moved up to exchanging a few dirty pictures and then onto wanking for each other on web cams.

Unfortunately we never seemed to be able to find the right time to meet as awe both had k**s for half the week and our free time never seemed to match up.

Finally on Boxing day night I was online and really horny. I was almost to the point of going out to the nearest gay bar to try and pull when I noticed Greg was online. I sent him a message to say hi and sat back to await a reply.

While waiting I was watching some gay porn. Although I was enjoying the scene it was making my need for cock even greater.

Eventually I received the tell tale tone to let me know I had a reply. We started our usual banter, pointing out how horny we both were and how it would be great if we were together rather than chatting online. I think we both assumed that the other was unable to meet up and so avoided the asking.

After a while I suggested we talk on the phone, he agreed and my phone rang a few moments later. We launched straight into talking dirty, I could hear him unzipping his trousers in the background and I knew he would be playing with his cock. This turned me on even more and I did the same, relaxing back on the sofa with slowly stroking my cock.

We were both describing how good it felt playing with ourselves when I finally told him it was a shame he was not with me right now as I needed to feel him inside me. To my surprise and delight he replied "well I could come over and help you with that if you want?"

Without a second thought I told him to hurry, I gave him the address. He told me he would be with me in about 10 minutes and hung up the phone. I sat there in a haze, still playing with my cock and glancing over at the porn which was still playing on my computer.

After a short while my phone rang again. "I'm outside" he said. I was still in a horny haze as I left my flat and walked towards the main door to the building. I opened the door to find him standing there smiling. He looked down and his smile grew into a broad grin. "Now that's a hell of a way to greet a guy". Confused I followed his gaze down and suddenly realised, my zip still undone and as I was not wearing any underwear my hard cock was poking out. The realisation of my situation turned me on even more. Anyone from the other flats could have walked out and seen.

I moved to put it away when he reached out and grabbed my hand. "Don't" he said. I smiled back, "You better come with me" I led him to my flat and closed my door behind him. He walked straight into the lounge and turned to face me as I followed him. Without a word he grabbed me and pulled me close, we started to kiss. His hands were all over me, reaching round and squeezing my ass cheeks as he pulled me close.

I could feel his hard cock against his jeans and I knew I needed to get to it. Still kissing him I reached down and undid his trousers, easing them down and releasing my prize. His cock sprang free. Instantly I reached for it and began to gently stroke it with one hand while undoing my own trousers with the other hand. As my trousers slipped down I pressed my hard cock against mine and began to wank us together. He broke off the kiss and pulled my top over my head before doing the same with his. We both kicked off our trousers and shoes and resumed kissing.

Eventually I couldn't resist any more. I kissed my way down his toned body until I was on my knees, his hard cock in front of my face. As my hands stroked their way up the back of his thighs I parted my lips and kissed the tip of his beautiful cock. I pulled him towards me as i opened my mouth and took his hard cock inside. My tongue massaged against his shaft as I sucked his cock in all the way.

He grabbed the back of my head as he began to thrust in and out of my mouth, fucking my face. I was so turned on my own cock was throbbing. I knew if I so much as touched it I would cum so I resisted, wanting to make the most of the time I had with my sexy lover. I was now alternating between wanking him and sucking his cock, I could tell he wouldn't last much longer at this rate. I was tempted to continue at suck him until he shot his load in my mouth but he had other plans.

He withdrew his cock and stood me up. We kissed again before he turned me around and placing a hand on my shoulder urged me to bend over. As I did so, he dropped to his knees and began to rim my arse. It felt amazing, his tongue flicking over my tight hole before slipping inside. His pace quickened and now he was tongue fucking me. I was in heaven not wanting the sensation to end but suddenly he stopped and stood up.

Before I could turn I felt the tip of his hard cock pressing against my tight hole. Slowly he pressed harder and harder until I felt my arse open and the tip of his cock eased inside. I put my hands out to steady myself against the arm of the sofa as he gripped my waist and slowly sunk his cock deeper and deep into me. It felt amazing as he eased into me inch by inch. Once again my cock was throbbing, I knew I wouldn't be able to hold on to my load for long.

Finally he stopped pushing, I felt his balls against me, I had his whole cock inside, I could feel his cock throbbing as he slowly started to pull it back out. He eased it all the way out until just the tip was in me, before pushing in again. This continued for a while until my arse had relaxed, then he began to pick up the pace, pumping into me. I called out with pleasure as he began to fuck me harder and harder, pounding my arse with his divine cock.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better he pulled out of me completely and froze, I could tell his cock was still close to my arse and I could feel my gaped hole slowly closing. Just before it did he thrust back into me, I was now in ecstasy. He did this 3 or 4 more times, each time waiting for my hole to be almost closed before thrusting back inside me, all the way in until I felt his balls slapping against my buttocks.
Then he gripped my tighter and carried on fucking me harder and faster. Pounding deeper and deeper, I was shouting with pleasure now bugging him to keep fucking me, never wanting it to stop.

Finally I couldn't take any more, the throbbing in my cock had increased and without laying a finger on it I shot my load all over the side of the sofa. It felt amazing and still he was pounding my arse with his cock.

Suddenly he pulled out again, "Turn round, I'm going to cum" he said breathlessly.

I did as instructed, my knees were weak from my own pleasure and I sank to the floor, he grabbed my chin and pushed his cock towards my face. Before I could open my mouth he let out a load moan and a jet of hot semen hit my face.

I opened my mouth to catch the next one but he twitched as it left his cock, it hit me on the chin. Not wanting to miss the chance to taste it , I clamped my lips around his throbbing cock as more jets of cum filled my mouth, hitting the back of my throat and nearly causing me to gag. I held it back and continued sucking on his b**st of a dick relishing the taste of his juice.

Eventually when I had devoured every last drop he pulled his cock out of my mouth. "That was amazing" he said and bent down to kiss me.

Then he stood up and began to dress himself. I slumped against the cum drenched sofa in a contented haze.

"I will be fucking you again" he said as he finished dressing. Then he kissed me again and let himself out.

He was right, he has been back for more, but they are tales for another time ...
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2 years ago
That was fucking hot!
3 years ago
Good story well hot
3 years ago
Damn that was hot.
3 years ago
Wow that was so hot i had to jack off twice and i'm going to do that onemore tie thanks
3 years ago
i wish i was there to see that :)