Drive-by Blow Job

Well here is my latest offering. Once again the events are true but the names have been changed. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed living it...

James and I had been online friends for years. We both had profiles on a well know social network site for gay men and being reasonably local to one another the site kept suggesting we start chatting. It started as the odd conversation in the local chat room and moved on to instant messenger chats.

After a while we exchanged phone numbers on the understanding that contact would be limited to text messages only and due to the fact that we were both in relationships with women, we would always sent an innocent message to start the conversation.

Time went by and we would often chat about men we'd met up with or fantasies we had. On more than one occasion we had mutual wanks while texting dirty messages to one another. We always talked about meeting up but neither of us made a move to do so.

At 49 he was 15 years older than me but I've never been that concerned about age. I knew he was married but he and his wife no longer had sex.

After a while things began to change, we began to talk more frequently about what we would do if we met up rather than what we had done with other guys. These chats got more erotic each time we spoke.

Finally one day we decided to take the next step, we had gone as far as we could with just words. Unfortunately, due to our home situations finding time to meet was not easy.

One day I was so horny and my girlfriend was at work. I decided this would be the perfect time. I messaged him to see if he was free and was delighted to discover he was available for the next couple of hours. I explained that I had a few things to do but would let him know when it was ok to come over.

Unfortunately the things I had to do didn't go as swiftly as expected and time was ticking away. He sent message after message telling me how horny he was and wanting to know how long I'd be. He even asked for my address so that he could be near when I gave the all clear.

I apologised for the delay but let him know where I was. I was horny too and couldn't bare the idea of not meeting having been so excited to see him. Eventually he began to run out of patience. He sent me a message pointing out that it didn't look like it was going to happen as we only had 15 minutes before he would have to go. He went on to explain that he was parked nearby but was going to go.

My heart sank, Almost the second his message arrived, I had finished up my tasks. I frantically messaged him apologising for the delay and hoping that he hadn't left. To my relief he replied almost instantly explaining that although he had left, he was still close and could come back.

For the next few minutes I paced around with anticipation. The wait seemed to take an age. Finally the silence was broken by a knock at the door. My heart leapt as I moved to open it.

There he was, shorter than I imagined but otherwise exactly as he appeared in the pictures he'd sent me.. I invited him inside and closed the door behind him.

I directed him through to the dining room where I had closed the curtains so as not to be seen by the nosey neighbours. As soon as we entered the room he turned to face me. We both knew that we didn't have time for words and instantly began to kiss.

As we pulled each other close I could feel his cock getting hard through his jeans. I knew I wanted it and began to undo his jeans. As I did so he broke off the kiss and pulled my T-shirt over my head. He began to suck on my nipples, normally this had little effect on me but this time it drove me wild. I pulled off his top and began to caress his body. Now he was undoing the fly of my trousers. They dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them. I slipped my boxer shorts off to reveal my hard cock. He reached for it and began to wank me, slowly at first but quickly building speed. Suddenly I knew that I needed to be sucking his cock and I couldn't wait a moment longer.

I dropped to my knees and pulled his jeans and boxers down in one go. His cock leapt up right in line with my mouth it was a little bigger than mine at a guess I'd say just over 7 inches, it perfect. Without a seconds hesitation I parted my lips and began to lick the tip before taking his magnificent cock into my mouth.

I sucked hard as I moved my head back and forth, flicking my tongue over his shaft as I did so. He was now gripping my head as I moved him in and out of my mouth. He was fucking my face furiously and I was loving it. With one hand I was massaging his balls and with the the other I was wanking my own hard cock.

It wasn't long before he began to moan and grip my tighter. I knew it wouldn't be long before he came. When ever we had spoken of this moment in the past I had always said that I wanted him to cum on my cock while I wanked but now I realised that I wanted his cum mouth more than anything.

Finally he warned me that he was ready, obviously expecting me to move. Instead I pulled him closer and continued to suck on his throbbing cock until he couldn't take any more. I felt his cock pulsate as the first jet of hot cum shot from him into my mouth. More and more followed until I had what felt like a mouth full. It tasted amazing. The sensation was all I needed to finish me off as I shot my own cum all over the floor. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled me up. Bending down he took my cock into his mouth and lapped up the last of my cum.

I tried to keep his cum in my mouth but had instinctively swallowed most of it. All the same as he stood up he began to kiss me and I could taste the mixture of his cum and mine. It tasted amazing. We continued to kiss both enjoying the taste as our cocks rubbed together, covering each other in the last remnants of our cum.

I wished we could have continued on for hours, I could already feel him getting hard again but sadly we were out of time. We rushed to get dressed, stopping briefly to kiss again.

Once we were dressed we said our goodbyes and he left, it had taken years to meet up but now we had, we both knew it wouldn't be the last time.

These events happened just a few months ago and since that day we have met frequently, sadly each time has been rushed but we are both hopeful that we can eventually meet for longer. I have big plans to move on to him fucking me but for now our drive blow jobs keep me going.
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3 years ago
I'm so horny that i jacked off and was still hard has a rock so i jacked off again thaks
3 years ago
Extremely horney after reading
3 years ago
Great story! Well written and so erotic. Can't wait to hear your further descriptions of male to male love!
3 years ago
Mmmm hot and sexy, hope ur plans come true one day