So much more than an online lover

It had been a while since my first time with a guy and although I met up with Brian a few times after that amazing night, we eventually drifted apart. He wanted a relationship and I wasn't ready to come out let alone start dating a guy exclusively.

He eventually met someone else and they got serious. Although I was happy for Brian, it did leave me with a huge problem. I had to find myself a new fuck buddy. I had only recently found out how much I loved cock and I wasn't ready to give it up.

I hadn't long moved into a flat of my own having finally broken up with my girl friend. So I had all the time in the world to watch gay porn and wank. I had even started experimenting with things to use as sex toys, big carrots and cucumbers were fast becoming my substitutes for having a hard cock inside me. I would lube my arse with baby oil and fuck myself with them. It was enough to ease the ache for a cock for a while.

Finally one night I decided I couldn't do without a real cock any more. I had recently set up a profile on a well known gay social website, which I knew was widely used to arrange meetings for sex. I logged onto the local chat page, announced my arrival and sat back to see if anyone would get in touch.

After about an hour of small talk and random time wasters I got an invite for a private chat. I accepted and started to chat to a guy who seemed to be as horny as i was. His name was David and he was very keen to meet up. He invited me to his place, which was when things started to go wrong. I don't drive so I said I couldn't go to him but he was more than welcome to come to my place. As it turned out, he had had a drink and was unable to drive. I was gutted as I was dying for a fuck and chatting to him had really got me horny.

To cut a long story short we both accepted the fact that we would not get what we wanted that night but tried to make the best of it. I'm not normally a huge fan of cyber sex but he definately knew what to say to turn me on. We had a horny night telling each other what we wanted to do to each other. After a while he announced that he was close to cumming. I told him I wished I was there to receive it. He offered the next best thing and invited me to watch him on webcam. I accepted without thinking and was suddenly watching him wanking his cock. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. His cock was huge, he was wanking it with both hands. I was practically drooling while I watched him tugging away, furiously wanking my own cock.

Eventually he came, I watched in awe as jets of spunk shot from his hard dick. I wished he was cumming all over me instead of the floor, I felt my own orgasm explode from my dick as I imagined receiving his. I knew we had to meet and soon. As we both had a lot of cleaning up to do and it was now early morning rather than late night we said our goodbyes, but not before agreeing to meet online again soon.

Over the next few day we seemed to miss each other a lot. We would leave each other messages, short ones at first but becoming longer and more explicit as time went on. As the messages became more graphic we eventually started accompanying them with photos, he sent me shots of his hard cock. I would return the favour by sending him shots of me fingering my arse.

Finally one night about 2 weeks after our first horny cyber fuck we both found ourselves online at the same time. I had had a few drinks and was really horny, I asked if he was horny too. He turned on his webcam to prove he was. Once again I was looking at his magnificent cock, I knew I had to have it. I didn't waste any time, my hands were shaking as I typed. "please tell me you are free tonight. I need you to fuck me".

The wait for his reply seemed to take forever, I could feel my cock throbbing, I was so turned on. Suddenly I saw him reach for his keyboard and start typing. Then the words appeared on my screen "How do I get to your place?". My heart skipped a beat, I couldn't believe it. I quickly typed the directions from the nearest obvious landmark near me. I included my mobile phone number and told him to ring me when he was in the car park outside. He told me he'd be 15 minutes, and vanished from my screen.

The wait seemed to be over in seconds, before I knew it my phone was ringing. Nervously I answered. "I'm here." he said. I could tell from his voice he was a little nervous too.

The door to my flat was directly opposite a fire-escape. I directed him to it and opened the door. I looked down on him as he climbed the stairs. He was tall, average build with short slightly greying hair and glasses. I showed him in without saying a word and followed him inside, closing the doors behind us. I directed him straight ahead to my bedroom.

We stood facing each other next to the bed. He was taller than me but not by much. I looked him up and down, i could see the outline of his cock through his jeans. I could also see it was starting to get hard.

Suddenly all my inhibitions vanished, I stepped towards him and kissed him on the lips. He instantly parted his lips and slipped his tongue into my mouth. We stood for some time kissing and caressing each other. He must have been able to feel my hard cock throbbing inside my trousers. I could feel his against me, it was driving me wild.

He took off his glasses and placed them on my bedside cabinet, I took this as a sign that things were moving along nicely and took off my t shirt. He began to rub his hands over my chest as I unbuttoned his shirt. I slid his shirt off his shoulders and it dropped to the floor, wasting no time I went for his belt. As I opened it he began to unbutton the fly of his jeans. I could feel the excitement build in me as I waited, I could feel pre-cum leaking from my own cock. I was so horny I thought I could have cum there and then but I held it in.

Finally he unleashed it. He pulled down his jeans, he was not wearing underwear. His cock seemed to spring out, rock solid. I smiled and dropped to my knees. I couldn't hold myself back any more, I had been craving this for weeks and finally I had my hands around it. I had never seen such a magnificent dick in my life, it was easily 8 inches in length and just about the right girth without being too wide.

I parted my lips and took the tip into my mouth. As I ran my tongue over the head I tasted pre-cum oozing from him, it was divine. I opened my mouth wider and took as much of his mighty shaft into my mouth as I could. While I sucked him I started to wank his shaft with one hand while I struggled to undo my own trousers with the other. I finally managed it and managed to slip out of them without letting his cock out of my mouth.

He started to moan and gripped my hair with one hand while steadying himself against the bed with the other. I increased my pace and seemed to settle into a rhythm which enabled me to open my throat without gagging. I was deep throating him now taking almost all of his amazing cock into my mouth, my own cock was throbbiong with so much excitement I was scared to touch it. I wasn't ready to cum yet, I wanted to savour every minute with him.

By now he was grabbing my head with both hands and fucking my face, it felt incredible. He was groaning with pleasure, I could feel his cock throbbing inside my mouth. I knew he would cum soon if we carried on like this. For a moment I wrestled with the dilemma, did I want his cum now, in my mouth or did I want see if I could take this massive cock in my arse. I decided to go with the second option, I needed to be fucked and I was dying to see what he would feel like inside me.

He must have read my mind because he slowed down and took his hands off my head. He withdrew his cock from my mouth and guided me to stand up. He kissed me again, this time we embraced naked, it was great to feel his pulsing hard cock pressing against me, it was dripping with spit and pre-cum. As we kissed we positioned ourselves on the bed. Lying side by side at first, then he moved on top of me. I spread my legs and wrapped them around him. As we kissed he began to grind against me. It was then I realised his cock was long enough to fuck me in this position.

Without breaking our kiss he moved slightly, clearly thinking along the same lines as me. He started to rub the tip of his cock against my hole. The remains of my spit and his pre-cum lubed me up a bit but I quickly realised I was going to need more. I broke of the kiss and told him to open the drawn next to the bed. He reached over and did so. Reaching inside he pulled out a tube of lubricant. He pulled his body away from mine and squeezed some lube into his palm. I looked on mesmerised as he coated his mighty cock with it. Then he squeezed a small amount on two fingers and started to rub it into my arse.

While rubbing in the lube he started to finger me. I instantly let out a groan of pleasure. One by one he added more fingers until he had 3 inside me up to the knuckle. He was easing them in and out of me and I loved it but I knew it wasn't enough, I wanted his cock. Finally I managed to speak. "Please fuck me!!!" I begged.

He must have been waiting for the invite because he moved like lightning, back into our previous position, my legs wrapped around him. This time as I felt the tip of his cock against my arse I knew I was ready. Slowly he eased it into me. I felt a pop of pleasure as the ridge of his helmet entered me. He kept slowly easing his rock hard cock into me. I felt surge after surge of pleasure the deeper he went. After what seemed like an age (albeit a very pleasurable one) he stopped, I could feel his balls against me, I had taken it all. I thought it would hurt but instead it felt amazing. Over the next few minutes he eased his cock in and out of me, taking care not to hurt me. He slowly began to increase the pace until he was fucking me at quite a fast rhythm. I could barely make a noise I was revelling in how good he felt. I had known that first night when I saw him on webcam that I wanted him to fuck me and now as I lay there feeling his huge cock pounding into me as his balls slapped against me with each stroke I knew I had been right.

As he fucked me he reached for my cock, I hadn't noticed how hard I was. As he started to wank me he started talking. "You love it don't you?" he said. I just about managed a "yes". "Tell me what you want?" "Just don't stop fucking me! Your cock is amazing" I answered.

I couldn't hold it in any more, the realisation of what was happening became too much. As he thrust his massive cock into me he pulled back my foreskin and my dick erupted. Jets of hot cum shot from me, hitting him in the chest. He leaned forward to kiss me, I could feel the warmth of my own cum against my skin. Suddenly he tensed, I knew he was about to cum even before he announced it. "Where do you want it?" he asked. "My mouth" I whispered. An empty feeling suddenly washed over me as his cock left my arse. He quickly moved over me. No sooner was he in position than he let out an almighty groan.

I tried to get my lips around his cock to make sure I got the whole lot in my mouth but I was too late. His cock exploded, hot spunk hit me in the face, jet after jet. I managed to catch some in my mouth, it tasted just as good as I knew it would. I began to suck the rest out of his pulsating shaft. I continued to lick and suck him until his hardness began to subside.

He looked down at me and smiled, "Oops, I missed, sorry. We seem to have made a bit of a mess". I grinned "Trust me, don't be sorry. I loved it" I reassured him. He moved and wiped some of my cum off my stomach, He raised his fingers to his mouth and licked them. "Mmmm, delicious" He said. He moved again and we lay side by side kissing again.

Finally he sat up and moved towards the edge of the bed. "I should go" he said and stood up. "Would you like to shower first?" I asked. "To be honest I love the idea of driving home covered in your cum" he said and leant over to give me another quick kiss.

I just lay there in a haze and watched him dress. Eventually when he had finished he leant back over and kissed me again. "Thank you for a very enjoyable time" He said. "I should be the one thanking you" I said laughing.

We said our goodbyes and he showed himself out. I lay there on the bed still reveling in the pleasure. I often look back on that night, I am so glad I invited him over.
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3 years ago
you gotta invite me over sometime!
3 years ago
memories...arent they great to have..i often think back to the days of my youth. enjoy it while you can. it goes by in a blink..then your my age...55
3 years ago
Yes Yes Yes Yeh that was fantqastic i would love to do that with yu thqnks
3 years ago
Oh yeah! You write beautifully. My first time took my breath away!
3 years ago
Great story - wanking all the way
4 years ago
Loved your story, reminded me of my 2nd time - it does feel great doesn't it!
4 years ago
Nice! I felt like I was there watching (and wanking)
4 years ago
Yes thats what i want to do just like that thanks