He was busy while I was out of country for my job. As to the nature of his business it was of the shopping variety. He sent out ads, posted messages with previous contacts and asked around. In the end he had found four guys. All four were shown my video’s on my profile and agreed to his plan. Me not having any idea what he was doing back in the states, couldn’t wait to get home.
I arrived in the morning. Not sure what to do with myself I checked my XHamster account and found four new invites. They were new accounts and had no picture or profile information. Not thinking anything about it I accepted and started to look at the new videos. I was getting extremely horny so I dropped my friend an email asking when we could play. About an hour latter I got the reply. He said he would pick me up at “the Spot” and we could play that night if I was ready. My reply was ‘what time’. he answered 6 pm and I answered see you then. He send one more email which read. I read your story on Xhamster, it was hot.
Around 4:30 pm I started to get ready. Took a shower shaving my chest , stomach, ass crack and pubic hair. Then I douched out my rectum. I was damn near giddy as the clock approached 5:30. I put on black panties and black sweat pants and my green hoody. The time was now and I was so eager to please him that I practically ran out the door. Driving to the spot I sang whatever was on the radio. When I wasn’t singing I was smiling. Thoughts of my first encounter filled my mind, I was anticipating sucking his thick cock and getting fucked like some slut porn star.
When I got into his truck he smiled at me and asked how my oversea’s trip went. We talked about our lives and made small chit chat. Then I realized we were not going to the same spot we went to last time. In my mind I wondered where we were going but never asked the question. He quickly turned into the parking lot of a cheap motel. Wow, this is going to be great I thought, not that the last time’s accommodations weren’t great. He came out of the office and we parked the car in front of the room. We exited the truck opened the door and went in.
In no time after he locked the door I rushed up to him dropped to my knees and started to undo his pants. I pulled out the thick monster and gobbled it up. I wanted to make it hard in my mouth. Successful orally, I cupped his balls and started to shove the meat down my throat. When I came up for air precum would leak from the slit in the head. Licking it off with my tongue I kissed the head and dove down for another round. He was going crazy and loving it. I sucked and licked his ball sack, all the while the precum flowed. I took care of the dripping and he had decided that he was ready for some of my ass.
I removed my clothes and crawled on the bed. My ass high in the air awaiting his cock. He drenched his fingers in lube and started to stretch my hole out. I waited for him to enter me but he told me to get on my back. Once on my back he grabbed my ankles and lowered himself into position and slowly worked the b**st in. loosening me up with his thrusting wave after wave of pleasure rippled through me. I started to stroke my cock to stiffen it up. Slow and methodical he penetrated and withdrew. I wanted this to last forever. I felt like I had to cum but couldn’t. He kept working my asshole. I was about to cum. He picked up the pace and it drove me closer. Shaking he let out a grunt. I knew he was cumming but begged him not to stop. With a final thrust cum shot all over my belly as I convulsed in ecstasy.
He pulled his limping monster form my hole and walked over to the light switch. Turning on the remaining lights in the room. I just laid there so completely fulfilled and not wanting to move. He complimented me about how great my ass is and said I wasn’t done for the night asking if I wanted to fuck again. I was in no hurry, I wanted to be there with him. I replied just let me know when your ready. He smiled and said “ well that’s the thing. I invited some other guys over and they were all told they could fuck you”. Wow! Is all that bounced in my mind. I was under the impression that me and him meant just that. So now I have been pimped out. Like I said in the 1st story I wanted to do anything for him. All I could say was Okay.
Five minuets after the lights in the room came on there was a knock. With a flick of the switch the lights went out as he opened the door and in came the four guys we were talking about. Prior. With just the bathroom light on to give ambient lighting they all unclothed and approached the bed. The first cock in my face was about 6 inches and had some girth to it. I slid in into my mouth and went to work on it.
“ Damn that’s why he wears panties.” One of the other guys said as he grabbed my little limp cock. Well wait till I get to your cock asshole, bet its small too, was all I thought. The six incher pulled himself out of my mouth and was ready to dive into my ass. I was stroking 2 cocks when mister that’s why he wears panties said “now suck on a real cock.”
I laughed, it just seemed funny how sure of himself this guy was. He shoved eight inches into my mouth. It wasn’t as thick as my friends but it wasn’t as pathetic as mine. I have to admit I was disappointed. He could say anything he wanted because he could back it up. But being the trooper I am, deep throated it and kept stroking two average dicks in each hand.
The six incher entered me. He started pumping away. I was already loose from my man but it felt good. He worked in and out with long and short thrusts. Suddenly he pulled out and shot his load right on my asshole. Using his own and my mans cum as lube he f***ed himself back in me. Breathing heavily he pulled out and I heard the door open and close. Mr. 8 was next followed by the two average cocks. One of the average cocks pulled out and grabbing his dick and my hair he shot his hot semen across my face. Then a blast in the lips. Then a shot in the neck.
After each one finished they just headed for the door and left. There was no that was great, they just left. My friend turned out all the lights and just crawled into bed. I wanted a shower.
“ you should have told me about the panties” he said softly.
I went to get up but he told me to stay in the bed.
“Just lay in all your glory… You Slut.”
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good story!
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