The Choices That We Make.

So we were going to meet. After emails were exchanged we were going to meet. Nervous does not describe the thoughts of what were going through my mind. The thought of meeting a guy off an internet ad would normaly send chills up my spine. He seen my videos. What was I thinking. I confirmed the plan and made arrangements for him to pick me up. I bathed and cleaned my self inside and out. Looking in the miiror I asked my self if I knew what I was getting my self into. my six foot over weight self just stared back at me. My reflection of a 40 year old who wanted to be used as a fuck toy stood before me. My mind was made up. I had always wanted to try anal sex with a guy. Sure I had toys but it wasnt the same. I got dressed and went out the door.
He Parked his truck in a lit area and I knew it was his. I walked up and we did the "are You...?", "I'm ..." thing. I got in his truck. We went to a spot that he selected. Talked a little then I just got down on my knees and pulled out his cock. Now it was average length, but oh my god was it thick. I took it into my mouth and it was like putting a red bull can in my mouth. I dove deep I that cock, coming back up and sucking on the head. His precum was oozing and dribbling on my tounge. I knew I could make him just by giving him head if i wanted to. I wanted to. However, I had other plans for that thick peice of meat. He layed back on his truck. I didn't want him to see the panties I had on so I took them off together with my sweat pants. as he lay there I took him into my mouth and tried to keep him close but not to cum.
Finally he motioned me up on the bed of the truck and I got on my knees with my ass high in the air. What happen next supprised me. I thought he was just going to lube me up and use me. He gentally lubed my hole. using a dildo he slowly inserted and began to push it in and out of my ass. Ok so I said I never had anal sex before. Well I had never had another guy fuck me with a toy either. It was amazing. I craved it more and more and my body was shaking from the pleasure. I mean I can't even describe how good it felt. It sent waves of pleasure throughout my entire body. Slowly he tugged on my shorter and not so thick cock. I couldn't handle it. I expected him just to do his thing and then go. It turned out to be an entirely different experiance. The way he was making me feel I wanted to be his bitch. I would have done anything he asked right then. I felt myself cum and I still wanted to do whatever it took to please him.
He entered my ass with his thick cock and all I could think about was how great it was. i pushed back agaist him. His cock sliding in and out of me. I was In ectsatcy. All that was going through my mind was pleasing him. Then it happend, he pulled out and shot his juices all over my leg. It was hot and I felt it warm my skin as it flowed down my leg.

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3 years ago
great story thanks for posting
3 years ago
very hot - thanks
3 years ago
Oh this brings back some very Good memories! I want you agian!
3 years ago
looking for friends.
3 years ago
very hot story