David set me up thank you very much

David sent me a text on Tuesday night about 8:45 and told me to meet him Wednesday morning at 10:00 am. The address he gave me wasn't familiar but I didn't question very much of what he did because we have had such hot time together. Owning my own business makes it easy to get away and meet David when he needs me so this wasn't anything rare to get a text from him.

I used the maps on my iPhone4 to find the address the next morning. I was about 5 minutes early but didn't see his car. I texted him but got no response so I decided to knock on the door anyhow. To my surprise Damon, an awesomely hot black guy that David had over to fuck me a month earlier, answered the door. We both smiled...said hello and he invited me in. Once inside I saw he had a friend with him. His friend was no one I knew. Damon introduced him as Anthony and we shook hands.

I asked Damon if David was on his way and he replied..."David isn't coming." I just kind of stood there in silence and Damon walked to the counter to pick up a piece of paper and hand it to me. It read:

"From now on you belong to Damon on Wednesday's at 10 am. Do a good job and have fun. David"

That was it. I looked at Damon with an obvious question mark on my face. "You liked when we fucked you last time didn't you?" he asked. He was referring to a month earlier when David helped me live out a fantasy and set me up with a group fuck with all black cocks. "I loved it", I replied.

"We are going to do that every week now", he said. "Every Wednesday you'll show up here and be my nigger cockwhore. What do you think of that?"

"Seriously?" was all I could muster.

"Are you ready to get started bitch? Cuz Anthony needs to have his cock sucked so he can be to work at 11". He motioned towards Anthony who I noticed was already sliding his pants down. He had a gorgeous cock and once he steeped out of his pants I heard Damon say.."now get over there and suck my boy's cock bitch".

Without a word I went to the couch and knelt between Anthony's legs and slid his cock into my mouth. I felt his cock harden in my mouth. He was at least a solid 8" cut and very thick. For the next 25 minutes I took turns sucking his cock and balls. When I had his balls in my mouth I would jack his cock and listen to both of them talk nasty to me.

While I sucked Anthony I noticed Damon sitting on a stool close by stroking his cock. He was constantly talking which I loved. Asking me how much I loved sucking black cock. Asking Anthony if he liked my mouth. He told Anthony that he could use me anyway he wanted. Anthony immediately tested that by standing up in front of me and turning around. He bent over and had his ass directly in front of me and told me to eat his ass.

Before I could start I heard Damon say, "put both hands on his ass and open him up so you can get your tongue in that asshole faggot." It was such a huge turn on to give his asshole a tongue bath. While I had my tongue buried in his hot asshole I heard Damon say, "I remember how much you loved to eat cum bitch. Are you ready for a hot load down your throat?"

"Hell Yes", was my response.

Anthony stood up to face me. He told me to reach around and put both of my hands on his ass and not remove them until he told me too. I got a firm group and he put both hands on my head and told me to open my mouth. He slid into me and pumped my mouth like it was a cunt. Damon stood next to him and jacked off. I heard him tell Damon to fill my throat with a load of cum. "This white boy needs a load of nigger cum".

A few minutes of pumping and Anthony said, "Get that throat ready motherfucker. You're going to get a full load". I felt his cock start to throb and he pushed into me a little deeper. And then I felt several very thick long ropes of cum shoot into my throat. He held my head in his hands and his body shuddered. He stayed in my mouth for about 2 minutes until I had swallowed for him.

Anthony stepped back and to my surprise Damon jumped in front of me and told me to open my mouth which I did immediately. He jacked a load of cum directly into my mouth.

Once they were done they dressed and Anthony had to leave for work so he headed to the door. I was a couple minutes behind him. Before I left Damon said to me, "Every Wednesday motherfucker...you be here so I can feed you more nigger cum."

I smiled and headed for my car. Once inside I grabbed my phone and send a text to David. It said....
Thank you!!

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6 months ago
awesome love big cum loads myself
7 months ago
Very nice!
11 months ago
Awesome! Love thick cum loads!
1 year ago
well I hope we will be getting weekly updates..lol... great story
3 years ago
wow, great story! more chapters? any fucking?