My first time with black cocks

David made all the arrangements. He asked about my fantasy and several weeks later
he made it all happen. I was on my knees in front of 2 gorgeous black cocks stroking them
to hardness. What I didn't expect was that david was going to excuse himself and leave me
alone with these guys.

It was 8 PM and david said he would be back at midnight. He left with a smile and a wink.

Even though we had been introduced I had no idea what their names were. All I knew is they
were very good looking with great cocks. They brought me to my feet and told me to get them both
a beer. They followed me into the Kitchen and bar area. Once both had a beer we all sat at the bar
and talked.

They asked me to tell them how this night came to be. I told them that david wanted to know my deepest fantasies that we hadn't acted on. He instructed me to find pics and send them to him. Every pic I sent
was a white guy taking on at least 2 hot black cocks at the same time. Both men smiled.

I asked where david found them. One man said david found him on adult friend finder and he brought the
other man along. They chatted a few times...then got on the phone. And finally david met both for coffee at a local starbucks where they talked about the plans they had for me.

They asked david if my mouth and ass were both available to them. He nodded yes but only as long as
the first loads of cum from their cocks had to go in my mouth to be swallowed...and they could not use condoms when fucking me. Just hearing them tell me the details had me incredibly horny.

They asked what I wanted since it was my fantasy. I told them my biggest thing was to give them both very long blowjobs in various positions to help them build the biggest loads possible. I wanted to switch from sucking their cocks to having them face fuck me. But the single most important thing was that when they were ready to cum the first time that they had to keep their cocks inside my mouth so they would cum into my throat so I could swallow it all. After I got 2 loads from them I told them I was open to anything they wanted.

One gentleman stood up and motioned me towards him. I expected him to push me to my knees but instead he guided my hand to his cock so I could stroke him and with both hands he pulled my head to his and slid his tongue into my throat. It was a great make out session while I jacked him off and I was soon joined by the other man...who I also kissed while I jacked him off. I knew it was going to be hot.

While I made out with the 2nd man the first moved to the couch and stripped off all his clothes. He laid back and told me to come to him. He opened his legs so I could get in between and get to work on his cock. His hands found there way to my head and he eagerly fed his cock into my mouth.

The 2nd man stripped naked and both started their verbal fucking of me. "We're gonna feed this white boy some nigger cock tonight" was a phrase that got me even hotter.

I spent the next 90 minutes in multiple positions sucking and stroking those gorgeous cocks. I spent time on my knees sucking their balls only while they told me a hot cock sucker I was. one man laid on the bed and told me to suck his balls some more. I was on my knees pleasing his balls while his legs were in the air. He raised his legs some more and pulled his balls up higher. He looked me in the eye and said..."you know what to do". I assumed he wanted my tongue in his ass so that is exactly what he got.

His friend got on the bed on all fours and told me to spread his ass and put my tongue inside him. Both of them got their assholes thoroughly eaten.

They placed me on the bed...on my back with my head hanging over the edge upside down for them. They took turns throat fucking me. I could feel their balls slapping my nose and eyes as they fucked my throat like it was a cunt. When one was close to cumming he would pull out and the next guy would slam his black cock into my throat. I knew their loads were just going to keep building with this routine.

They moved me into various positions throughout the house and kept their cocks and balls in my mouth. I heard one man ask , " are you ready to eat some nigger cum faggot?" They took me back to the bedroom and laid me on my back again....head over the edge upside down...and started their throat fucking routine again. Their thrusts into my throat got deeper this time. Their cocks felt like a piston hammering my mouth. One would get close and pull out so the other could get his cock in my mouth.

I knew their efforts this time were not to keep edging but to deliver their cum into my throat. They took turns face fucking me for about 10 minutes when finally one man told me to get ready to eat his cum. The other told me to start swallowing as soon as I felt his cum in my mouth and that he was not taking his cock out until I had swallowed every drop.

I heard a loud grunt and directions to "eat that nigger load motherfucka". His cock sank into my throat and nearly choked me. I distinctly felt 8 large bursts of cum into my throat. He used his body to push my head into the bed so I could not move. He emptied his balls into my throat and I swallowed every drop.

Once he was satisfied that all his cum was gone he pulled his cock out. His friend told me to get off the bed and onto my knees in front of him. As i knelt in front of him his hands grabbed my head while he slipped into my mouth. The first guy got behind me and held my hands behind my back. Once again my throat was being fucked deep by hot black cock with the intent of delivering cum into my throat. I was somewhat surprised that the size of the 2nd load was larger than the first. He pumped cum into me for what seemed like forever.

They both tasted great. It was exactly what I had hoped for. After a 10 minute break they were ready to give me the ass fucking of a lifetime...but that is for the next story.

92% (72/6)
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9 months ago
my holes are gaping ...
11 months ago
This is a great scene!
1 year ago
I'm glad to hear that.
1 year ago
Reading this makes my asspussy so wet!
1 year ago
wow.. what a great story.. got me so horny
1 year ago
very hot!!!
1 year ago
Very nice! I've only had 2 black cocks simultaneously once, years ago, but my current black boyfriend has 9.5" and makes exceptionally good use of my throat!
2 years ago
OMG, that is really hot! Fuck, I absolutely love to suck black cock and I dearly love to be fucked by big black cocks! There absolutely is something very special about BBCs. Thanks for posting! Tris
2 years ago
thanks Time to go to the book store, I'm all hot and bothered.
3 years ago
Great i want to spend night with bunch of black guys
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story. Would love to be used by 2 Blackmen. I have only had one at a time, many times. I guess we are both sluts for Black cock.
3 years ago
Great story. I came just as they were blowing their loads into your mouth YUMMY. Wish you could taste mine one day.
3 years ago
Very fucking hot lucky you
3 years ago
you are hot baby hope to tastes you one day
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago