David fulfilled my fantasies

My time with David was awesome. It was everything I had fantasized about.

We did everything possible to make each other happy. I subbed for him
so he could take pleasure...and my pleasure was pleasing him.

David sent me an email from work one day. He told me to send him
some internet pics of my fantasies that hadn't come true yet. So I
jumped onto the internet and found 10 that I loved and sent them off.

That night we talked on the phone. He said he noticed that every picture
I sent was 2 well hung black guys fucking a white guy. Different positions.
Cocks in the white guys mouth and ass. He asked if that is what I wanted.
I responded with a HELL YES.

He asked me why I wanted that so bad. I told him I hadn't swallowed cum for
a black man yet and I fantasized about it all the time. And that was the last time
we talked about it for 3 weeks. I thought it was a fantasy that wasn't going to happen.

3 weeks passed and I went over to David's house on a Saturday night about 6:30 pm.
We had a few drinks. Made out for awhile. Just building up the intensity as we always
did. He finally asked if I still fantasized about the 2 black guys alot. Of course I replied.
More than ever. David said he had a surprise for me. He told me he had 2 black guys coming
over at 8 pm so I could finally live it out.

That brought a smile to face and he noticed immediately. And then he said we needed to cover
some ground rules before they got there.

We poured another round of drinks and settled in for the "rules". David told me that
neither man would be wearing a condom. That I would be taking them on bareback.
I nodded ok. He said they would not be leaving until each man had cum at least twice.
The first load from each guy would go into my mouth for me to swallow. After that
they were going to go to work on my ass and both would dump a load inside my ass.
He said if they wanted more they could choose to stay...but those 4 loads were then

Again...i nodded approval.

He said to make sure that their first loads were as big as possible for me
to swallow that I would be doing whatever it took to excite and edge them to
keep building a bigger load. That included cock and ball massage, cock sucking,
ball sucking and eating their assholes for them.

He knew I wouldn't say no to anything...even if it was something I hadn't done before.

With that we waited for 8 pm. And then the doorbell rang. <smile>

In walked 2 very handsome very dark black men. Both bald. Well built. Introductions were
made. And their pants came off within 5 minutes.

I was on my knees stroking both guys. Very nice cut cocks. David was talking to them.
He told me that he discussed all the rules with me and I was ready. He looked down at
me and put his hand on my chin and turned it upwards so I was looking him in the eye.
He asked, "Are you ready to do whatever it takes to make sure these guys leave here
tonight without any cum left in their balls?" I nodded yes.

With that david said he would be back at midnight and to have fun. I wasn't expecting
that. He grabbed his coat and headed for the door. And as it closed I realized it
was now time to get to work.

I spent the next 4 hours taking their hot black cocks in in every way they wanted to
give them to me. And rather then 4 loads...they stayed until they had both cum 3 times

When david got home we were just finishing up. Once they left david wanted all the details.
And he got them. We a hot blowjob to boot.

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10 months ago
great story...tell more
3 years ago
this was OK you'vde writtrn better and hotter thanks