My first group suck

As I recounted in an earlier story my new friend David f***efully fed me my first load of my request. At 40 years old I finally decided it was time to give in to my curiosity. My #1 fantasy had become swallowing a full load of cum from another man. As I was still nervous I looked for someone who could be fairly aggressive and dominant and specifically hold my head in his hands and make me swallow his cum.

David did exactly that and I was hooked from the first time. I could not believe what a turn on it was to feel him throbbing in my mouth and then shoot streams of cum into me. God it was exactly what I was hoping it would be and more.

David and I spent the next 8 months getting together quite often. David is divorced but I am still married. But I was completely drawn to him. We would meet multiple times throughout the week and practice different things to pleasure David. I would stroke him, suck him, lick his balls and ass and finally he convinced me to take him anally. He was incredible. Our sessions were always very steamy and always focused on providing him the greatest pleasure possible. In fact I have never once cum with David. It's only about making him cum and I love doing it.

Through our 8 months I have gotten to the point where I believe my role is completely about his cock and cum. David reminds me very often that the single most important thing I can do for him is to swallow his cum. We talk about it often and I feel like a man on a mission. Even though my wife and I still have great sex I am completely drawn to David. When I am not with him I can still taste his cum and I can't wait for the real thing.

About a month ago David asked if I would do something for him. He reminded me that he did me a favor our first time together when he f***efully fed me. I was intrigued to find out what he wanted me to do. David told me that 2 of his buddies were coming back to town for a weekend fishing trip. He said he had told them about me and he wanted to know if I would suck all 3 of their cocks.

I was stunned. Shocked. Scared. Don't get me wrong I had fantasized about something like that for a long time. I just didn't think it would ever happen so when it presented itself I was pretty nervous. He could tell my apprehension and told me not to rush to a decision since they wouldn't be back for almost a month. I was relieved.

David didn't bring it up again at all. He probably would have left it alone had I not said something. About a week after he asked me we were at his house and I was sucking his cock for him. I had been thinking all day for the whole week about his request. So I asked him what they had in mind if we got together. He finally confessed that he had a fantasy and that it was to see how many loads of cum the 3 of them could shoot in my mouth through a whole weekend. The most I got so far was 2 loads from David if we had enough time. But it was usually only one load. David and his 2 friends, Mark and Steve, had been talking about how hot it would be to plan for a weekend to remember. I asked David what they thought could possibly happen. He told me that they could each cum 3 times throughout the weekend. As soon as he said it I knew I wanted to do it. David called his friends and the weekend was set.

The next 3 weeks we all chatted online, sent nasty e-mails and talked on the phone about what we were going to do. I told my wife prior that I was going fishing with the guys for the weekend and David and I departed for the airport to pick up the other 2 on a Friday morning. Then it was a 3 hour drive to the ocean hotel/casino that we were calling home for the weekend. I took turns making out with Steve and Mark in the car and they were very good at talking nasty to me and building for the moment we got to the hotel. I had only made out with David before but I enjoyed myself alot with his friends.

We arrived at the hotel about 3:00 PM. We quickly checked into 2 rooms and all of us got together in the room I shared with David. Once together we all undressed. They sat in chairs and on the bed. David asked me if I was ready to make his fantasy come true. I said yes. And with that I started on a weekend marathon of cocksucking. I made my way around the room and sucked each cock. They moved me around in different positions and fucked my mouth. They called me names and told me they were going to fill my throat with cum all weekend. And they did.

I sucked them all to completion and swallowed every drop. We then went down and had dinner and gambled for a bit. Later we went back upstairs for another round of cocksucking and each man shot another load in my mouth.

Saturday David sent me to Steve and Mark's room about 10:00 am and sucked each of them off again. We fucked off the rest of the day and regrouped for more sucking Saturday night where they all came again. By Saturday at midnight they had cum 11 times together. It was by far the best weekend of my life.

When David and I were alone in our room after Steve and Mark left we crawled into bed together and made out while I stroked him again. He told me to get on all fours and put my ass in the air. Then he spit on my asshole and his cock and placed his dick against my ass. We spent the next hour with David giving me a fantastic assfucking. He told me how hot it was to watch me suck all 3 cocks and swallow all that cum.

He finished with me laying on my back...legs up in the air...his cock in my ass and his tongue in my mouth. David asked if I enjoyed what I had done. I replied with a big smile and an emphatic yes. I told him I realized I loved swallowing cum more than anything. As we talked his cock grew thicker and fucked me a little harder. He asked if I would do it again. I told him I would do anything...anywhere he wanted me too. And he pumped his cum into my ass. He stayed inside me until he was soft. We feel asl**p with him on top of me.

Sunday we had to bolt for the 3 hour drive back to the airport. But Steven and Mark both got one more blowjob in the car. After we dropped them off I told David I looked forward to them coming to town again...but if he had anyone else for me to play with I was more than ready anytime.
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6 months ago
Damn I love this!!
1 year ago
Thank you
1 year ago
hot story
1 year ago
This is my fantasy too. Mouth is watering.
3 years ago
hard to believe that you still have good sex with your wife; you are very clearly completely gay
3 years ago
I would enjoy doing that and more thanks
3 years ago
I need to do that. yum
3 years ago
Very sexy story. So HOT!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Yes... fill my holes and cum all over me... 3days of cock sucking would push me over the edge...mmmmmmmmmm
3 years ago
would love to do that for a few more men too . mmmmmm