Learning to deep throat on a business trip

Recently I started traveling more for business. What I was most looking forward to was experiencing black cock in the cities I visited.

I had a 4 day trip coming up in about a month to Houston,Texas. I decided to put up some ads on craigslist to see if I could find someone I could connect with before I ever landed and save some time. My first week of posting and responding was turning out useless but in my second week I started an email conversation with a black guy named Craig. His pics showed he was a good looking guy and we spent time on the phone and emailing about my visit.

Craig asked me what would be a perfect situation for me on this trip and I told him I’d love to find a group of black cocks to service. He said he knew a couple guys that may be interested and he’d let me know. Soon thereafter I was emailing, texting and calling not only Craig but two of his friends. This trip looked like it may be a promising one.

I was to arrive in Houston late on a Sunday evening and I had an early day on Monday. Because of my late arrival we decided we would meet at my hotel Monday evening. My flight down was about 4 hours long and I was going crazy thinking about what I had in store for the next night when I got there.

When I landed and turned on my phone my text popped up. A few were about business and one was from Craig. He said he didn’t want to wait until the next night and wanted me to suck his cock tonight. I texted back to let him know I landed. During our brief conversation I let him know I would only have an hour or less once I got to my hotel since I had an early morning. He said he was already in the lobby of my hotel waiting for me to arrive.

About 20 minutes later the taxi dropped me off and I entered the hotel. I saw him right away. 6’3” tall. Very dark. Nice build. Bald. Very hot guy. We made quick small talk and then I checked in at the front desk. Once I had a room key we quickly made our way to my room.

In the elevator Craig asked me if I was ready for some serious fucking the next night with his friends. I told him I was very excited and more than ready. I asked why he couldn’t wait until then and he said his balls were full of cum and he needed to empty them in my mouth. That instantly made my cock hard.

Once inside my room our clothes came off and I was sucking him in less than 3 minutes. He had a gorgeous 9” cock with a thick head on it. I was on my knees in front of him worshipping that cock like I was meant to. Both of his hands held my head as he very slowly slid his cock back and forth through my lips. He told me how good it felt to finally have his cock in my mouth after waiting for 3 weeks.

I ran my hands up the back of his legs to his ass. Ass he held my head in his hands I gripped his ass and he gently pushed his cock a little deeper into my mouth each time. I knew there was no way I could take his entire cock into my mouth. He was just too big for my throat. I sensed he knew it too because he was not forcing his cock into me. Rather, he was fairly gentle but was pushing in deeper each time to see how much he could fit in my throat.

After about 10 minutes on my knees he moved to the chair in the room and had me kneel in between his legs and continue sucking his cock.

“Are you glad I came over now?”, he asked.

“Very much”, I said.

“You’re such a natural cocksucker. I can tell how much you love sucking black cock. How long have you been a cocksucker?”, he asked.

“About 4 years I replied”, I replied.

When he talked I sucked. When it was my turn I would look at him and answer while stroking his shaft.

He asked what it was about black cock that I liked sucking it so much. I told him that I really like sucking cock but there is nothing that compares to a black guy shooting a full load of cum into my mouth. I loved the taste and I love the feeling of a hard black cock throbbing inside my mouth when he is cumming.

“Ah a white boy who understands his role in this world,” he said.

I just looked him straight in the eye and slid his cock into my mouth without saying a word but we both knew what my role was in this world. I was going to make sure his balls were completely empty before he left.

After sucking him in the chair for awhile he moved me to the bed where he had me lay on my back and hang my head upside down over the head. He asked if I thought I could take his entire cock in my throat to which I responded no.

“You haven’t been trained properly,” he said. “If you’re up for it I can help.”

“How does that work?”

“I’ll slowly work my cock into your throat to the point that you are starting to choke. Then pull out and do it again. But when I think you are ready I won’t pull out and I’ll push in further.”

“Holy shit you’ll choke the fuck out of me,” I semi laughed at him.

“You just need my cock past your gag reflex. And when I get there you’ll be fine. You just let me push and you breathe through your nose. When I give it the push to go past your gag reflex you swallow with your throat. It’s the same motion when you are eating dinner but you’re gonna swallow my cock and pull me in while I am pushing.”

I told him I would try but the first few times it just wasn’t working. When he would push my throat would reject it. Craig suggested we take a break for a few minutes and have a drink. It was a well needed rest. lol

Craig had one drink. I pounded 4. Fast. I could feel my head buzzing a bit and I felt more relaxed. He told me when I was ready to try again to get back on the bed in the position I was in. I was ready right away.

He once again started working his cock into my mouth. He’d get to the choke point and I didn’t feel like I was going to choke like the first time around. He pulled out and started again. It felt incredible to have this hot black guy using my mouth. What a total turn on. After 5 or 6 times of getting close to the choke point and realizing I was more comfortable Craig told me it was time.

He was a little more aggressive in my throat the next time and when he felt me starting to choke he gave a throaty grunt and pushed his cock into my throat. He could tell I was struggling a bit but he told me to do a swallowing motion with my throat and mouth. OMG it worked perfectly.

“There ya go,” he said,”now you’ve got the whole thing in your throat.”

He would start to pull his cock out but then shove the entire length back into me. He kept that up for about 10 minutes so I could get used to him in my throat. Finally he pulled all the way out.

“You like swallowing cum but you’ve never had a cock all the way in your throat when it was shooting have you?,” he asked.

He knew the answer since he was the first one to ever get all the way in my throat.

He stepped back up and started pumping into my throat. I couldn’t believe I was taking his entire cock in my mouth. I watched men and women in movies do it but never thought I would be able to do it. I never had my mouth fucked like that.

He told me to get ready to eat his cum.

His rhythm increased until finally he pushed his full length every inch into my throat and held it. I felt him throb and I knew what was coming. I felt a torrent of hot black cum shooting into my throat. All I could think was this wasn’t in my mouth or near my tongue. He was in my throat. I couldn’t even taste him. I could just feel the size of his load.

Craig stayed in me until he was certain his balls were empty. We made small talk and got dressed. As he walked out my door he said “get ready for tomorrow cuz this was just a warm up.”

To be continued…

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2 months ago
My dream exactly :-)
5 months ago
lucky you
6 months ago
oh nice please continue was awesome
6 months ago
One of the best stories to-date! Thanks.
7 months ago
Mmmm, hot story, can't wait for part 2!
7 months ago
so hot!!! glad you learned! part 2?
8 months ago
OMG yes!
8 months ago
It works!!
8 months ago
Hot Hot Hot, I have sucked several black cocks but I cannot deepthroat either, I would love to try this technique so I can deepthroat big black cock mmmmmmmmmmmm
8 months ago
omg hurry hurry